Which Gun Safe Moving Equipment is the Best?

Gun safe moving equipment rentals can come in really handy when you need to move a safe. With most medium-sized safes for rifles weighing over 1,000 pounds, this equipment can make your life easier.

Trying to move a heavy firearm safe in or out of your home/office is a cumbersome procedure. It can lead to severe accidents which can cause injuries to you or other third parties who may be trying to help.

Why would you want to risk your health and that of others when there are professional equipment available?

Advantages of Gun Safe Moving Machines

sample gun safe moving equipment

There are lots of benefits associated with getting the right moving equipment to transport your firearm safe. If you have come across a large sized gun safe you really like, don’t let its transportation discourage you. Here are some of these benefits:


Suitable moving equipment can help transport gun safes of any size to any part of your home as quickly as possible. These machines are engineered for all kinds of scenarios that may come up once inside your home including climbing/descending stairs.

Even if your apartment is on the 100th floor, you should have no issues getting your safe up there.


The safest way to transport a large gun safe into your home is via renting of moving equipment for rifle safes. These machines are specifically built to help you roll up heavy safes into any part of your home with minimal effort.

You may be able to do it manually if you get the right number of people. However, this can lead to lots of injuries to your personnel.

Best Gun Safe Moving Equipment Brands

There are different brands of equipment makers in moving industry. Some of the most popular in the market today comes from the Airtow line of equipment.


Airtow is one of most reputable brands in the gun safe moving equipment industry. Rockline Products Inc. is the parent company behind the popular brand. The manufacturer has a wide range of drop-deck trailers which can be used to move safes of all sizes with minimal effort.

These trailers are specially designed to be non-tilting and always-level to help pick up and drop off safes efficiently.

They are also built to be ground-level so your firearm safes can be dropped off and picked up quickly.

Airtow’s drop-deck trailers are some of the most reliable on the market today and remain highly sought after.


LectroTruck is another leading brand in the moving equipment industry. Its impressive line of products is assembled in the United States with the highest quality standards.

The machines are engineered to easily move heavy firearm safes on and off stairs with no stress. They are also great for moving safes into and out of pick-up truck beds with the push of a button.

If you are looking for the right equipment to transport security vaults for guns weighing 1200 pounds and upwards, think LectroTruck.

Secrets for Getting the Best Gun Safe Moving Equipment

Congratulations on your decision to use professional equipment to move your gun safe. However, there are important tips that can be incorporated to make this adventure as pain-free as possible. Please pay attention to them.

Get the Right Equipment

picture of a rifle safe en route to the owner

The right gun safe transport equipment is necessary if you have realized you can’t move it on your own. The heavier the safe, the more critical it is that you get the perfect equipment.

Professionals rely on steel rollers, electric stair-climbing equipment, pallet jacks, and a host of others.

With the wrong moving equipment, you may as well transport it with a couple of your buddies. This is because it will just be as stressful as moving it manually. The best way to ensure you get the right equipment is to know more about your firearm safe.

How much does it weigh? What are its physical dimensions? Does it have some parts which can be removed such as the doors?

Getting every bit of information about your preferred gun safe model will guarantee your odds of success when moving it.

Get the Right Moving Strategy

can you spot how easy this huge safe is being moved into the garage?

Using a flawed strategy to transport a 2000-pound gun safe can be a real hassle even with the right equipment. In essence, the moving strategy is as important as the quality of equipment, if not more.

Using a flawed strategy to transport a 2000-pound gun safe can be a real hassle even with the right equipment. In essence, the moving strategy is as important as the quality of equipment, if not more.

There are proper handling techniques which should be incorporated when moving large safes weighing thousands of pounds. Make sure you plan well in advance so you can iron out all the nitty gritties before the actual moving date.

Improvising as you move along during transportation of your safe will always be an option. However, this can present lots of problems. Unless you have tons of experience moving heavy items, your chances of getting stuck at some point is high.

The right way is to anticipate and think through every move you make with your ultra heavy safe. This will ensure you get solutions even before a problem comes.

If you think sheer force will help move your heavy gun safe, you are in for a shock. It presents a high probability that someone on your team will get injured.

Get Professional Help

image of gigantic rifle safes being transported

Most of us have little to no experience in moving large rifle safes. However, that shouldn’t stand in your way of getting that large-sized safe you are really crazy about.

The smart option is to get help from professionals with years of experience moving similar items. Even if you have the best gun safe moving equipment at home, you will probably need professional help.

These professionals have first-hand knowledge in the movement of these items and can eliminate failure.

They can come up with the right moving strategy to get that safe inside any part of your home with minimal effort.

Gotten stuck during the transport process after going solo? No problem!

A professional safe mover can sort out the problem quickly to save you lots of time and energy.

Wherever you live, there is bound to be professional movers in your area. These movers tend to have the necessary moving equipment as well as the expertise. Your gun safe should land in your home as quickly as possible with no injuries as long as you hire one of them.

However, make sure they specialize in actually moving gun safes. Some “moving companies” won’t move guns, ammo or gun safes. Check on that before contracting with them.

The Bottom Line

Relying on gun safe moving equipment is the best way to move heavy security safes for guns into your home. Sometimes, the shipping company will bring your safe inside any part of your home by default after purchase.

If not then you should look into hiring a professional safe mover with the right array of equipment. Your life will become so much easier.

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