What are the Best Gun Safes Made in USA?

Gun safes made in USA are some of the most rugged, sturdiest, and reliable on the market today. There is this misconception that all safes found online and offline are made here in this country.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there are lots of American gun safe brands but only a few of them actually make their safes here.

With the cheaper labor available overseas, manufacturers are shipping jobs to China, Philippines, and other South East Asian countries.

While this may make sense to them in the bid to cut down production costs and boost profits, some of us are patriotic to a fault. We would rather spend our hard-earned dollars on models made in this country with American labor.

Advantages of USA-Made Safes

Chinese-made firearm safes may be slightly cheaper than their American counterparts. However, there are several reasons why many people choose to pay more on gun safes made in America. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

American Steel

Sample american steel used for gun safes

There is a significant difference between American steel and Chinese-made steel. In fact, if you have played with gun safes for a while this is quite obvious.

After a minute of looking at an American-made and a Chinese model side by side, anyone spots the differences.

You don’t have to be a genius at all!

American steel experiences lower oxidation levels compared to those made in China and other parts of the world. This gives it superior quality so it can last many decades always looking like new.

The steel material integrated into American-made safes is tamper-resistant and comes with significant levels of thickness. It is rare to find a Chinese-made model which is 10-gauge or even 12-guage.

Additionally, most American made rifle safes are manufactured from steel plates which are 8x thicker than those found in imported models. Getting into these safes via drilling and other forced-entry attacks is virtually impossible.

Environmental Friendly

American manufacturers are committed to enforcing environmentally-friendly practices during manufacturing. There are tough environmental laws which prohibit firms from engaging in operations which emit excessive greenhouse gases.

So each manufacturer is bound by law to respect the environment whether they genuinely believe that or not.

On the contrary, have you been to any major Chinese or heavily industrialized city in South East Asia in recent times? There are stunning levels of air pollution because most local laws make no provisions for environmental friendliness.

If you are conscious about climate change and believe it is our responsibility to save the planet, American-made safes are for you.

Multi-Layered Security

One sticking point why locally made safes are popular among gun owners is the multiple layers of security. With the availability of sophisticated hand tools to burglars in recent times, you can’t afford to leave anything to chance.

American gun safes are built with layer after layer of security to make them resistant against various forms of forced entry-attacks. From durable steel plates to multi-layer edge enforcement, these safes are very durable.

Contrary to popular belief, thieves are not stupid and most of them can spot a strong quality made in USA safes from a mile away. Many of them will simply ignore your safe and move onto something else when they realize it is American-made.

American Engineering

pictured of an american made rifle safe

The United States has the highest engineering standards in the world. From automobiles to electronics and gun safes, we can proudly hold our own against anyone and triumph over stuff manufactured overseas.

Many of us with expensive guns and ammo we can’t afford to lose do not hesitate to spend extra money on top quality firearm safes.

Remember, pistol and rifle safes are also used for the storage of valuable possessions such as cash and jewelry. So why would you gamble with the security of your guns and other expensive possessions by purchasing an inferior quality Chinese-made model?

There are numerous US-made brands available so you should have no problems getting any size of firearm safe you want.

Superior Customer Service

So you have just been locked out of your gun safe or you are facing another problem that requires an urgent solution. Would you rather call a manufacturer located halfway across the world with customer support staff that barely speaks English?

Or prefer someone local in the same time zone that understands all your problems and has solutions ready for you?

American companies are bound by law to provide customer service. With the low profit margins and huge level of competition available in today’s marketplace, every American brand wants to outdo its competitors.

This usually leads to 5-star customer service because most of these gun safe brands want to retain you as a customer and get a recommendation from you to potentially new customers.

You can be sure that no matter which problem you encounter, your American manufacturer will be glad to provide solutions.

Can you confidently believe an overseas brand will do same?

Investing in America

As Americans, we take a lot of pride in our beautiful country and recognition as the largest economy in the world. We have only come this far due to our unmatched entrepreneurial spirit and the belief in building our own businesses.

USA-manufactured gun safes are usually from manufacturers who started small and expanded through sheer hard work.

Many of us seek inspiration from these successful stories of the American Dream.

Why would you want to hand off your hard-earned money to overseas brands to bolster foreign economies to our detriment?

American workers are treated with respect and paid wages they deserve to live comfortable lives. By investing in gun safes made here, you are contributing to boosting our local economy.

This will help our friends and relatives continue to work with dignity the best way they can.

10 Most Popular American Made Gun Safe Brands

There are lots of American made gun safe brands offering superior storage solutions for gun owners from all backgrounds. After detailed tests and reviews, these manufacturers provide the best gun safes on the market today.

Here is an alphabetical order.

The Bottom Line

If you want the peace of mind that comes with super-reliable gun storage, you should target gun safes made in USA. We are sure you know all the reasons why these ones are better than overseas models.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to compromise you security by choosing an inferior safe. True, a similar-sized Chinese model may cost a few hundred bucks less but it won’t give enough resistance during robbery.

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