Best Pistol Cases

Hunting for the Best Pistol Case?

We’re here to help. We want you to find the best pistol cases for you – whether that’s a hard case for one handgun or a large range bag for your entire collection. Below you will find more information on the different types of pistol cases and what to look for while doing your research. Enjoy!

Types of Pistol Cases

There are a few different types of pistol cases. There are soft cases, hard cases multi-gun cases and cases that are designed to allow you to discreetly carry your weapon without making it obvious that you’re carrying a gun (Covert Cases). Of these four types, we’re going to focus on the hard pistol cases in this review. But a brief overview of each will help you determine if a single gun hard case is what you want.

Soft Pistol Cases

Soft pistol cases are primarily used to transport your gun to and from a range in areas where a locking gun case is NOT mandated. The soft pistol case allows for easy & quick access to the handgun. Most of them are made of a soft nylon outer and a very plush interior padding – like lambswool or synthetic wool. A soft pistol case offers very little protection for your gun. They keep it from getting scratched but that’s about it. It is also a very bad idea to store your pistol or revolver in a soft case for any long amount of time as they tend to attract moisture and most guns will rust in a soft case. If you do plan on long-term storage you need some sort of deseccant to keep moisture down – unless you like having a rusty gun! You can check out our summary of the best soft pistol cases here.

Hard Pistol Cases

The ultimate in safe & secure gun transportation options. A hard case usually has a very stiff polyethlyene or carbon fiber infused outer shell. This protects the contents from crushing or other damaging strikes. The inside of most hard cases is a contoured foam or customized foam padding. This keeps the handgun securely in place and free from scratches (and accidental discharges if dropped). Security goes a step further with most hard cases as lock tabs are common – holes where you can put a padlock or gun lock cable. Hard pistol cases, like soft cases, are also for short term storage and transportation. While offering more security and protection than a soft case, they are still prone to moisture issues and are quickly stolen if left unattended – obviously since they are designed to be portable. Again, you can store your handgun, pistol or revolver in a hard case but you should plan to have a way to wick moisture, keep it in place and keep it hidden. For long term storage a gun vault or gun safe is recommended. Check out different hard pistol case reviews here.

Multi-Gun Cases

If you have more than one gun you want to transport to the range or with you during travel, a multi-gun case is a good option. The cases we review below are designed to carry only one or two guns at a time but there are cases that are made to carry many guns, with magazines and extra rounds. There are cases that are designed for 2, 4, 6, 15 and even up to 20+ guns. Check out our summary review of the best multi-gun pistol cases.

Discreet / Covert Carry Cases

There is another type of gun case that is designed to secretly transport your weapons without making it obvious that you’re carrying a gun. These cases take the form of first aid kits, tool boxes, day planners, fishing tackle boxes, musical instrument cases and other secure boxes designed to covertly carry your pistol. You’ll have to check the legality of these types of cases for your use and in your state, but you can check out our summary of the best covert pistol cases here.

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