5 Best Gun Safe Hygrometers With Superb Accuracy

A gun safe hygrometer is a device which can be installed in a firearm storage safe to measure and report internal levels of humidity  at any point in time.

Excessive humidity remains one of the biggest threats to the safe storage of guns and other personal effects.

Therefore, you can’t afford to take your eyes off the ball when it comes to monitoring atmospheric vapor levels in your safe.

Variations in temperature can lead to a buildup of moisture which eventually settles on guns, ammo, and other personal effects such as jewelry.

This inevitably leads to rust, corrosion, mildew, and other unfavorable conditions which can cause irreparable damage to your valuables.

It’s no secret that metals such as steel and aluminum have been the most dominant raw material in the manufacture of handguns, assault rifles, shot guns, and other types of firearms for many centuries. 

When these metallic components are allowed to come into contact with oxygen and water, corrosion and rust inevitably kicks in.

If you live in a tropical or sufficiently humid region, investing in the right desiccant to keep your guns dry is imperative. 

The stakes become even higher for those with safes containing firearms mounted in their garages or basements.

Garages and basements are usually not climate-controlled and therefore moisture tends to build up quickly in mounted safes. leading to quick physical deterioration of your precious guns and ammo.

OK so you have installed a banging dehumidifier in your gun safe and everything looks good. 

But, how do you know your guns are still not being exposed to too much moisture? This is where the need for a digital hygrometer springs up.

Best Gun Safe Hygrometer: Quick Comparison

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Top 5 Gun Safe Hygrometer Models For Sale

Finding the right gun safe hygrometer enables round-the-clock monitor of the conditions in your safe to ensure that guns and other valuables can thrive during storage. 

However, there are thousands of different types out there, with each manufacturer touting its models as the best.

Well, to eliminate the guesswork out of your search, here’s a list of the top 5 hygrometers for gun storage safes available for sale at the moment.

Wrenwane Humidity Monitor Hygrometer 

the Wrenwane Hygrometer Humidity Monitor Indoor Room Thermometer Fahrenheit Or Celsius White pictured is the best gun safe hygrometer

The Wrenwane Humidity Monitor Hygrometer leads the pack of our recommended models for your gun safe.

With an elegant yet simple finish, this gun safe hygrometer monitors the humidity levels on your firearms without over-complicating things. It comes in an attractive white unit with no sophisticated controls to confuse you.

The display is bright and clear with readings appearing in super large digits you can’t miss. Even those who own gargantuan storage safes with enormous depths have no problems reading the values on this model.

With just 2 buttons, this is the least sophisticated model on the market. The fact that it comes with zero instructions means you can’t make mistakes no matter how hard you try.

The Wrenwane Hygrometer displays temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. So whichever part of the world you live, making sense of its readings won’t be an issue.

It operates two LR1130 batteries which are shipped at absolutely no cost with each purchase.


  • Elegant yet non-sophisticated white finish
  • Accurate readings of Relative Humidity in percentage points and Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Bright display with super large digits to showcase readings
  • 1-year No Questions Asked Return Guarantee


  • The screen isn’t back-lit
  • Would be great if it had a clock too

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La Crosse Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer 

the La Crosse Technology 302-604S Silver Indoor Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Station with MIN-MAX records & Comfort level icon is another awesome hygrometer for gun safe

The La Crosse Technology 302-604S can be a great way to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your rifle safe. It is aptly manufactured with the right features and vigorously tested to ensure accurate readings.

This specialized model measures Relative Humidity  in percentage points. It also reads Room Temperature in both Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit.

In addition, the La Crosse’s stylish finish can add some flair to the look and feel in your rifle safe.

The current temperature and humidity recordings are easy to read and understand. These figures are displayed on its 2-inch LCD screen which is hard to miss.

Worried about how to mount this hygrometer? No need to be because It can be easily hanged on any wall inside your gun safe.

It records the maximum and minimum values of your room temperature and relative humidity in any given 24-hour period.

The La Crosse ships with free CR2032 batteries for immediate setup and use.


  • Accurately records Room Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • 2-inch LCD display for reading its measured values
  • Easy mounting options


  • Operates CR2032 batteries which aren’t as popular as AA batteries

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AcuRite 01080M Pro Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Monitor with Alarms

noticed how the AcuRite 01080M Pro Accuracy Temperature & Humidity Monitor with Alarms displays its readings?

The AcuRite 01080M Humidity Monitor is one of the most sought-after models on Amazon today. With lots of raving customer reviews and counting, you can buy this model with confidence.

The hygrometer measures Relative Humidity ranging from +/- 2°F, +/- 2% RH with excellent accuracy. It also reads indoor temperature and humidity from -4 to 158 degrees F.

This keeps you in the loop about the real state of your firearm safe in terms of Humidity, Temperature, and Relative Temperature.

Do you want to be alerted whenever the humidity level in your safe reaches a certain threshold? Buying the AcuRite 01080M gives you that as well.

You get to program custom high and low humidity levels. When the internal conditions of your safe reaches those points, the loud built-in alarm starts beeping automatically.

This hygrometer is always working behind the scenes and measures atmospheric conditions every 10 minutes. It also stores and indicates the various high and low figures within the past 24 hours.

What else can you hope for in a hygrometer for your gun safe?


  • Highly accurate hygrometer which measures +/- 2°F, +/- 2% RH
  • Scans and records conditions every 10 minutes
  • Programmable alarm for specific high and low temperatures and relative humidity
  • Indicates high and low figures within the last 24 hours.


  • No back light for readings in the dark

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Pictek Hygrometer and Thermometer

spotted the awesome features of the Pictek Indoor Humidity Monitor Hygrometer Digital Thermometer Monitor Home Weather Station with LCD?

The Pictek Hygrometer can be a great choice if you don’t want to miss anything regarding Temperature and Humidity. It can be the perfect hygrometer for a security safe of any size.

It is designed to measure Humidity and Room Temperature of any firearm storage unit from 32F to 122F. Additionally, you also get to know the RH of your safe from 1% to 95%.

This is enough to ensure that your guns never get exposed to high levels of moisture without your knowledge.

A comprehensive history of high and low temperatures recorded inside your safe on a daily basis is efficiently stored for referral. You also get the same figures for Humidity within each 24 hours.

With this in mind, you’ll always be on top of unfavorable atmospheric conditions in your gun cabinet to prevent damage to your guns.

The Pictek Hygrometer and Thermometer features a 3.2-inch LCD display for every gun owner to keep tabs on the state of his or her safe’s internal environment.

The humidity sensor is highly advanced with stunning accuracy of +/- 1%. If you need to recalibrate for any reason, the attached step-by-step instructions makes it easy.


  • Measures Relative Humidity of 1%-95% and room temperature from 32F to 122F
  • 2-Inch LED display for easy and accurate readings
  • Impressive humidity sensor accuracy of +/- 1%


  • It would have been perfect if the screen was back-lit for night readings 

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Meade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermo Hygrometer

image showing the Meade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Thermo Hygrometer

The Meade Instruments TM005X-M is a simply designed yet highly functional hygrometer. It’s been reviewed by over 600 customers and counting. If it was anything less than great, why would everyone be splashing their cash on it?

If you require reading your safe’s conditions from afar, the jumbo LCD screen can be a real life saver. The numbers are bold and in very large fonts for easy reading for everyone.

It features a wireless sensor that taps up and records Temperature and Humidity from up to 100 feet away. This makes it perfect for mounting in 50 long gun-capacity safes and even larger models.

Own an even larger capacity gun safe that requires more firepower to keep tabs on internal atmospheric conditions?

The display has the ability to record information from 2 additional sensors sold separately. This is a great feature for avid gun collectors with large stashes who require Relative Humidity readings with minimal room for error.

The built-in memory records the maximum and minimum figures for Temperature, Humidity, and Relative Temperature on any given day.


  • Huge display for easy reading even from several meters away
  • Get Humidity and Temperature figures for up to 100 feet away with its advanced wireless sensor
  • Bold digits for recorded Temperature and Humidity figures 


  • There have been some complaints about Meade’s customer service

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Best Hygrometer for Gun Safe Shopping Guide

All hygrometers are not made same. Some models can make your life so much easier compared to others.

So, how do you find the best fit for your gun storage cabinet in order to maintain the physical and mechanical condition of your weapons and other valuables?

Reading Accuracy

The most important factor to consider when looking for any type of hygrometer is reading accuracy. For instance, if the Relative Humidity in your security safe is 75 percent, you wouldn’t want a model that reads 35%.

Wrong readings can give you a false sense of security and peace of mind when you should actually be scratching your head to find a solution.

Going through the customer reviews submitted by current owners on Amazon is a smart way to find out whether a particular model is accurate in terms of readings.

However, the best way to verify accuracy is by calibrating via the salt method.

Calibration every six months or so is actually recommended after you purchase any type of hygrometer. This will guarantee continuous accuracy of its readings.

Ease of Reading

sample pic of lady struggling to read

What is the use of having the most accurate hygrometer for your pistol or rifle safe when comprehending its readings is even a problem?

In fact, if you are going to struggle to read your safe’s hygrometer then you may as well not have one at all.

This is because you might never know when the Relative Humidity in your storage safe has reached unhealthy levels. How will you figure out a solution when you aren’t even aware of the problem?

Make sure you get a type with clear-cut usage instructions. The readings should be crystal clear, without any ambiguity.

Also, the numbers should be large enough for you to see it from afar even if your eyesight isn’t the best.

Getting a back-lit model can actually be a good idea if the safe is anchored in an area with less than perfect lighting.


Well, the size of your hygrometer should also be taken into account when shopping. You wouldn’t want a bulky model which will end up competing for space with your guns in the safe.

We recommend that you choose a portable type that can be easily mounted in your safe with minimal footprints.

Remember, size has got nothing to do with accuracy. So don’t be fooled into thinking you need the largest version in order to keep tabs on the safe’s atmospheric conditions


hygrometer mounted in a large gun safe

If you’re shopping for a gun safe digital hygrometer, you should think about where and how to mount it.

Failure to mount any model properly can jeopardize the accuracy of your results. If a particular hygrometer seems like it’d be a struggle to mount, you should probably move on.

The good news is that manufacturers are putting in a lot of effort to make mounting a breeze. Some brands actually design their hygrometers with fasteners which makes them easy to fix anywhere in your safe.


The Bottom Line

If you are serious about protecting your guns and valuables from excess moisture, you need a hygrometer.Period.

After extensive research, these are the best models available for sale today. Go through our reviews to decide on the most suitable one for your guns.

After all, this could be the best gun safe accessory you will ever buy.

Have any comments or suggestions? Feel free to drop them below.

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