Will Movers Move Guns, Ammo or Gun Safes?

Will Movers Move Your Guns and Ammo

Ya, I Photoshopped it.

The last time I watched movers move a gun cabinet was a few years ago at my brother’s former house. He has a very large gun safe where he keeps his… um, food storage… and I didn’t take a picture of the movers at the time. So I had to make my own.

Anyway, the movers wouldn’t touch his safe until he showed them that all the ammo was removed. And then he had to show them that all of his “food storage” was unloaded. I asked them quite a few questions at the time because I was curious why they were required to do that.

Can movers move your gun safe or gun cabinet?

Here’s what I learned: most moving companies will move gun safes as long as there is nothing inside that is flammable or explosive. Which means yes, they will move your guns. But you’ll have to pack your ammo, gunpowder and C4 separately and haul them in your own vehicle. They’ll also move gun cabinets with the same rules. You just have to make sure that they’re set up to move something so large and heavy.

If you’re preparing to move to another city or state, a lot of things should be on your mind. Most of all, moving your stuff would be your top priority.

It’s simple; you’ll only need to call a moving company to get the work done. Yet, if you own firearms or ammunition, there might be a nagging question occupying your thoughts.

Will movers move guns, ammunition or a gun safe?

This article will answer this question and others that you might have.

Can a Moving Company Legally Move Ammunition, Guns, or Gun Safes?

The nature of what the company will be moving should determine whether or not it can legally move it. In this section, we’ll find out how moving companies usually deal with ammunition, guns, and gun safes.

Moving Ammunition

When talking about live ammunition, moving it is a big deal due to the dangerous nature of gunpowder.

As a result, most moving companies won’t transport it for you. This is why you’ll have to arrange moving ammunition on your own, which we’ll discuss later on.

Moving Guns

Even though movers can’t deal with ammo, moving unloaded guns is a different story. If you have plenty of firearms that you won’t be able to move on your own, then this isn’t a problem.

Luckily for you, there’s no law against moving unloaded guns. Therefore, most movers will be happy to do it for you. Before you hire a company, it’s a good idea to check if they have experience with moving guns and firearms.

Moving Gun Safes

Gun safes are usually larger and bulkier than regular safes. This is why you should pay more attention when choosing your moving company.

Again, there’s no law against moving gun safes. But it can be a little hard to find a company that’s prepared for moving safes as heavy as gun safes. If you’re wondering about the average weight of a gun safe, it’s usually around 800 lbs.

It’s only a matter of looking for the best moving company that’ll take extra care when handling your gun safe.

Gun Transport Laws

Before you prepare these items for transport, make sure you know all the essential laws. For instance, if you’re transporting them within the same state, then there shouldn’t be any problem with it.

Nonetheless, if you’re going to cross state lines, then make sure you consult an attorney before moving. Many states don’t have laws against transporting guns and ammo as long as they’re being moved properly.

Despite that, you can’t be too careful when it comes to following state law. This way, you’ll be sure that everything is well-planned for moving.

How to Prepare Ammunition, Guns, and a Gun Safe to Be Moved?

Whether you’ll move them on your own or using a company, there are some steps you should follow to prepare your ammo and guns. Let’s figure out how to get each item ready before moving.

Preparing Ammunition

The most crucial step when preparing ammunition for moving is to remove it from your firearms.

After that, you should make sure you place it in boxes where moisture can’t reach it throughout the trip. As you know, moisture is ammo’s first enemy, so keep it in moisture-absorbing packs.

The next step should be labeling each box with the type of ammo inside. This will help you later when you unpack.

Preparing Guns

Before packing your firearms, there are several things you should do to ensure they’re safe for moving.

Start by removing any ammunition and switching the safety on. Don’t hesitate to pay too much attention when it comes to securing your gun. Even if it’s not loaded, treat it carefully and don’t point it at anyone.

After that, write down the make, model, and serial number for each one of your guns. This information is essential for when you hire a moving company.

Later, when the movers come for your firearms, don’t place these documents with the guns. They should be with you for the duration of the move.

If you don’t want to pack your guns in the safe then you can put them in some locked hard cases. Again, this is where having your guns’ information is important as things have been known to get “lost” during a move. (See our top picks for the best hard pistol cases and hard rifle cases.)

Preparing Gun Safes

There isn’t much to do to prepare your gun safe before moving except for a few things.

  • Remove all the guns that you’ve been keeping inside the safe
  • Make sure you unbolt the safe if it’s bolted to the wall or the floor
  • Remove any obstacles in the path of the movers such as furniture, rugs, etc.
  • Measure the doorways that the movers should pass through
  • Record the safe’s weight and let the movers know prior to their arrival
  • Let the movers know if there are any stairs in their path

How to Pack Ammunition and Guns to Be Moved?

Now that you have everything prepared, it’s time to pack. You should pay extra attention to these details when packing. This way, you’ll be certain that your ammo and guns are secure enough for moving.

Packing Ammunition

As we previously pointed out, you should pack ammunition in safe storage boxes and label each one with its contents.

Remember not to pack ammunition with guns if you plan to transport them on your own. Instead, you’ll have to keep your ammo in your car, safely tucked in the trunk or your glove compartment.

Packing Guns

Packing your guns is a fairly simple process. All you have to do is make sure that your guns don’t rattle in their boxes to prevent damage.

First of all, you can keep each gun in its designated padded case. If you don’t have any, then you could wrap every gun in bubble wrap. You could also use other materials like foam.

After that, you should place all your guns in moving boxes. Label each box as ‘household items’ without sealing it yourself if you’re hiring movers.

When it’s time for the movers to pick up these boxes, they’ll take inventory of their contents. Then, they’ll seal them before loading them to the truck.

From then on, these guns will be their responsibility to safely transport them in a locked truck.

Moving Ammunition, Guns, and a Gun Safe on Your Own

Now that we’ve discussed preparation and packing, let’s talk about how to move each one of these items on your own.

Moving Ammunition and Guns

Like we mentioned before, you’ll need to move ammo in your car or van since moving companies won’t. To do that, make sure that you don’t place ammo and firearms in the same compartment.

You can put ammunition in the trunk or the cab of your car.

As for the guns, it’s best to keep them in any locked compartment in your vehicle. This compartment shouldn’t be within the driver or passenger’s reach according to the gun transport law.

You can keep those guns in the trunk, or a locked case attached to the roof rack. Don’t move your guns in a gun safe because they might be prone to damage. Also, it might be against state law.

Moving Gun Safes

In our opinion, your best bet is to move a gun safe using a moving company. Movers with a background in gun moving will be more reliable, more trained, and will handle your safe with more care.

However, if you have a good pick-up trunk and think it can save you some cash, you can move it on your own. To do that, you should keep a few things in mind.

First of all, make sure you have some of your friends over to help you out as it can be hard to do it on your own. Then, wrap the gun safe with enough bubble wrap to secure it for moving.

Next, use a moving dolly to carefully load the safe into the awaiting van or truck.

The Importance of Knowing How to Properly Move Guns and Ammunition

No one can deny the importance of knowing the proper way to transport these items. Paying attention to details and making sure all is legally clear should save you much trouble.

The following points are more reasons why you should know this information.

  • Ensures that your ammunition and guns are protected
  • Keeps you and those around you safe
  • Makes sure you follow local, state, and federal laws

Some Parting Thoughts

It’s likely that you might need to relocate at some point in your life.

Moving the entirety of your firearms shouldn’t be a difficult task, especially if you hire movers to do it. While there’s no law preventing the transport of guns, some moving companies might have policies against it.

Never mind, you can always find a reliable moving company to get the work done. Before you arrange to hire one, make sure that you do proper research on all your options.

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