5 Best Corner Gun Safe Models for Tight Spaces

Corner gun safes stand out due to their minimal footprints and ability to stand anywhere at home. They are sought after by gun owners with a couple of firearms but minimal space at home.

Finding the right model for any corner in your home can be a daunting task. This is mainly due to the huge numbers of firearm safes on the market today.

Our definitive comparison table below indicates the individual features of the best 5 corner cabinet gun safe models available today.

By going through them, doing a few comparisons, and reading the detailed reviews that follow, you should find the perfect one for you in no time.

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Best Corner Gun Safes : Quick Comparison



Rifle Capacity


Best Choice Products Large 5 Rifle Digital Gun Safe
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V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)
image showing the V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

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Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet
the famous corner hutch gun safe Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

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Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

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Paragon Lock and Safe – 8 Rifle Safe 5.4 CF Gun Cabinet with Internal Lockbox Safe
the minimalist Paragon Lock and Safe - 8 Rifle Safe 5.4 CF Gun Cabinet with Internal Lockbox Safe is seen here

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Top 5 Corner Gun Safes That Give The Best Bang For Your Buck

If you are serious about snagging the best corner hutch rifle safe, you should look no further than the 5 models reviewed below.

They come with awesome security features and minimalist footprints to ensure effortless mounting in any corner at home.

Best Choice Products Large 5 Rifle Digital Gun Safe Electronic Lock Storage Steel Cabinet Firearm

check out our top rated corner gun safe

The Best Choice 5 Rifle  is a corner rifle safe suitable for storing up to 5 rifles at home. Don’t let its small footprint fool you because this unit is exceptionally constructed for the security of your guns.

It features a powerful electronic lock which very easy to program with your preferred pass code. It gives secured storage against intrusions from children and burglars who may get into your home while you are away.

It is constructed from heavy-duty solid steel which can hold its own against major methods of break-ins. This safe is extremely durable and designed to withstand the test of time.

An interior lockbox suitable for storing ammo and other valuables in addition to the 5 rifles comes with the safe.

It also ships with 4 manual keys so you can lock it manually if you prefer that over the electronic lock.


  • Well constructed with heavy-duty steel to keep your guns safe from intruders
  • Internal lock box for storing ammo and jewelry
  • Easily mounted in any corner inside your home


  • Not certified by the California DOJ

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V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

image showing the V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

The V-Line Quick Access Keyless Safe is our number one pick for the best corner hutch gun safe.

From the superiority of its build to the carefully crafted dimensions and other features, we believe no other unit on the market today is better equipped for your guns.

The Keyless High Grade lock keeps your contents firmly locked and out of the reach to kids and burglars. It is resistant to various forms of break-ins used by intruders to get into many gun safes available for sale today.

This unit features 2 extra padded locks to provide further security for guns, ammo, and other valuables.

One of the highlights of this gun safe is the flexible mounting options it offers. The front or top opening access means it can be easily mounted on the wall or hanged upright.

Additionally, it features pre-drilled holes that make it a breeze when mounting on the floor of any corner at home or elsewhere.


  • External steel construction in a clamshell design
  • Top security mechanical locking mechanism to deter thieves
  • Strong finish which keeps your safe in mint condition for many years


  • The safe looks a little flimsy
  • Too small for storing large firearms

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Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

the famous corner hutch gun safe Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet

The Stack-On GCB-908 is a great entry-point option for gun owners who want to store a few rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Designed to accommodate 8 long guns, this safe can serve you well at home even if you have little space.

With dimensions of 10x21x55 inches, there should be no issues fitting it at any corner of your home. The top shelf is removable and gives a significant amount of extra storage for keeping personal effects such as jewelry, passports, and cash.

The shelf has been deliberately located at the front area to ensure rifles can be stored along the back wall of the safe.

Additionally, the bottom has been effectively padded with foam to guarantee your guns don’t get scratched during storage.

Mounting on any corner of your home is easy, thanks to the Flush Mount Bottom design. Additional mounting hardware ships with this unit at no extra charge.


  • 3-point locking system which integrates a key-coded, double bitted lock for enhanced security
  • 8-long gun capacity
  • Minimalist footprint in your home
  • Signature non-marring barrel rests which ensures easy storage of scoped rifles


  • If you need to store more than 8 rifles, this isn’t for you

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Barska Quick  Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska Quick Access Rifle Safe has everything it takes to become your go-to corner safe for guns. If you own 4 or 5 rifles and a few extra handguns, this model could be just what you need in terms of storage.

The external case is manufactured from strong metal with special reinforced steel brackets on the door. This gives it a strong base to withstand prying and other forms of forced entry employed by burglars.

Want to mount in any corner of your home? This unit already comes with 4 pre-bolted mounting holes for your comfort. It also comes with a full bolt-down kit so you won’t have to spend a penny more than the price of this safe.

Guns and valuables are protected by a biometric lock. This case is drill-resistant to keep your lock firmly in place even after multiple drilling attempts. It’s also fast – with average open times in the 2.5 second range!

The Barska Rifle Safe is one of the few corner safes with biometric access. It also smartly has a backup key, just in case.


  • Top quality corner security safe made from strong steel with additional security features
  • 4 pre-bolted mounting holes for easy mounting at home
  • Minimal footprint to stay out of your way.


  • Price is a little steep for those with lower budgets

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Paragon Lock and Safe – 8 Rifle Safe 5.4 CF Gun Cabinet with Internal Lockbox Safe

the minimalist Paragon Lock and Safe - 8 Rifle Safe 5.4 CF Gun Cabinet with Internal Lockbox Safe is seen here

The Paragon 8 Rifle Safe is a really a no-brainer if you require optimum storage for a few long guns . While it may not be the most stunning option out there, it gives adequate protection without making a huge dent in your wallet.

Once bolted in a corner at home, you should be able to sleep better because of the quality of its lock alone. The independently certified lock by Underwriters Laboratories is digitally programmable to deter unauthorized access.

This gun cabinet comes with 4 steel locking bolts measuring 1-inch each. In addition, you also get 4 extra thick steel dead bolts of 1-inch each to give your safe that sturdy presence.

Unless burglars are able to break into your home via sophisticated tools with unlimited time on their hands, the contents should be safe from burglary.

The Paragon 8 Rifle Safe also comes with ball-bearing adjustable hinges that give extra security against forced-entry.

This model’s ability to fit in the smallest of spaces is one of the reasons why many gun owners are so crazy about it.


  • Strong digital lock which has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Four 1-inch steel locking bolts and Four 1-inch solid steel dead bolts to prevent prying
  • 18-gauge powder-coated interior and exterior
  • Strong steel drill-resistant hard plate


  • Safe is only delivered curbside by the shipping company so you are responsible for getting it inside your home

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Best Corner Safe Buying Guide

It takes a well-informed gun owner to find the most suitable corner hutch gun safe for his or her needs. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to any kind of safe.

Here are the factors you need to consider during your search.

Dimensions of Your Corner

The first factor you should consider when looking for these types of firearm safes is the dimensions of your corner. It is important to make sure the unit you are interested in fits your corners.

That is why it will be a good idea to decide which corner you intend to mount well in advance.

Based on that, you should know whether to go in for a particular safe or not. As long as you get one that fits perfectly in your preferred mounting corner, your limited space at home shouldn’t be a problem.


The next step is to decide how much storage you need and choose an appropriate unit that meets it.

For instance, if you require storage for 5 rifles then it is important to purchase a model with enough capacity. It is even smarter to choose a model that gives you extra storage than your current needs.

This will ensure you won’t have to buy another safe if you get a few more guns in future.


Most corner safes are priced anywhere from $150-$1,000 depending on the quality of construction and dimensions.

Before purchasing any model, make sure you weigh your budget against the features on offer. Sometimes, spending a little more than your pre-determined budget could give you a significantly superior safe with larger storage and security.

Locking Mechanism

A corner gun cabinet is still a security safe so the locking mechanism should always be top notch no matter the style. Is your preferred model powered by an electronic lock? If yes, verify that it is easy to program and can withstand various break-in methods.

If you are choosing a firearm safe that operates a mechanical lock, find out if it is strong enough to withstand forced-entry.


The importance of a strong external construction cannot be overemphasized. Choosing a model manufactured from solid steel is always advisable.

You should also look for extra security features such as steel hinges, steel locking bolts, and anti-prying steel hard plates.

This will give you the level of security your guns deserve to prevent any unauthorized person from getting in while you’re away.

The Bottom Line

We believe the Best Choice 5 Rifle Safe is the best corner gun safe after our extensive tests. After going through customer reviews all over the web, we are even more confident that this unit can meet your corner storage needs.

However, the other 4 units reviewed here can be equally great for storage in any corner of your home. It is just a matter of choosing what is best for you depending on your specific preferences.

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