Best Gun Safe in Basement – 7 Factors to Consider

The gun safe in basement storage option is relied upon by many gun owners for storing their firearms and ammo. If you have limited space in your main house or simply want to hide your firearm stash further, your basement will always be an alternative.

Advantages of Gun Safe in Basement Storage

There are several advantages available if you decide to store guns safely in the basement area of your home and here are a few.


Space is the number one reason why many gun owners look into the basement location in the first place.

Most people have so much stuff in their living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas of their home. Therefore, bringing in a large rifle or firearm safe may just not be feasible.

Basements are made specifically to give you additional space. If you are struggling to find a place in your main house, why not bring your gun safe into your basement and save yourself the hassle?

You are bound to get more than enough room even if the safe is fairly large.

Further Away From Intruders

picture of gun safe being rolled upstairs from basementMounting a rifle safe in the basement gives even further protection for your guns. The basement is usually designed to be the furthest area of your house compared to the living room and bedroom.

As long as the necessary home security locks are in place, it should be more difficult for a thief to get to that part. This gives intruders another layer of resistance to overcome in order to be able to reach your safe and steal your guns.

There have been instances where burglars steal a whole gun safe away in their pickup trucks.

Basements are usually connected to the main house via stairs. Sure, it will always be difficult to transport a heavy safe from any area of your home. however, rolling up a 1000-pound rifle safe from the basement into the main house and out of your front or backdoor will require even more effort.

Most burglars will not have the time or resources to steal away your large gun safe if it’s in the basement. After trying to pry it open unsuccessfully for some time, they will just switch their attention to something else.

Flexible Mounting Options

Your firearm safe will always be vulnerable if left just standing on your wall or floor. This is why it is always advisable to anchor it firmly.

Your basement gives you a lot of flexible mounting options for a security safe carrying guns and other valuables. Whether you decide to mount your safe on a wall or floor, you should have no problems.

Most basements are strong enough to hold even the heaviest safes without problems so don’t be afraid to bolt it down.

Conceal Your Firearm Safes

image of firearm safe in a home basementThinking of making adjustments to your home to hide your guns from kids and thieves? Your basement may be the best option.

Burglars with powerful tools may eventually succeed in getting access to your gun safe if they have unlimited time.

What if they can’t see the firearm safe in the first place? How are they going to try to break in?

Most basements are large enough for you to make the necessary adjustments to hide your guns better.

Just consult your contractor to find ways to take the security of your handguns and rifles to the next level.

Best Basement Safe Shopping Tips

If you are looking for the best gun safe for your basement, there are important factors to consider.

These factors will ensure that you find the right model that gives optimum security for your guns. It will also prevent you from making avoidable mistakes which can come back to haunt you down the line.

Here are the important factors to consider:

#1. Security

It would be foolish to invest in a large expensive safe for your basement that has weak security features. Your guns, ammo, and other valuables should get a sense of invincibility when locked up in that particular rifle safe you want.

Any model which fails this basic security standard should be avoided because it’s not worth buying.

Investing in a safe with the right security features to keep your guns at bay is critical during the shopping process.

Always choose one that is made from low-gauge steel with additional features such as hidden hinges and anti-pry doors.

Also, make sure the lock itself is encased in premium steel whether it is electronic or combination.

The more advanced the security features of a particular model, the more you should think about buying it for your basement.

#2. Size

The size of the firearm safe you intend to purchase for your home should always be considered. One of the reasons why many gun owners have become big fans of storing their safes in the basement is the usually unlimited space.

You get enough space to install some of the top medium to large-sized rifle safes. However, what is the point of getting safe that is too large to go through the doors in your home?

Are you going to enlarge your home doors before bringing in your safe? Or would you rather settle for a slightly smaller one that fits through those doors?

Make sure you think through the size of your preferred firearm safe and cover your basis before ordering any model.

#3. Weight

typical gun safe in basements are shown hereIt is an undeniable fact that most hard-to-breach rifle safes come with considerable weights. This is usually due to the quality of the steel exterior as well as the weight of doors, and concealed hinges.

The presence of other security features such as deadbars and live locking bolts also tend to increase the overall weight of any safe.

Make sure your basement stairs are strong enough to support the weight of the gun safe you intend to bring in. Ask your contractor for advice if you are not sure.

You wouldn’t want your staircase caving in and causing injury during transportation of your firearm safe.

#4. Is Your Basement Gun Safe Waterproof?

Most basements are prone to flooding during natural disasters. By the nature of their construction and plumbing, that part of your home is usually the most susceptible to flooding.

It makes sense to choose a firearm safe which can withstand water for a significant amount of time.

This will ensure that your guns and other valuables stay dry even if your basement gets flooded for some reason.

#5. Fire Resistance

A fireproof pistol or rifle safe should be a priority when choosing a model for your basement.

fire resistant models come with a specific fire-rating which may be factory or independently certified. The rating gives you an idea of how long they can withstand fires and within which temperatures.

Remember, the basement is usually one of the last places firefighters are able to reach when there is an extensive fire. Additional fire protection for your guns can come in real handy in the event of a fire incident.

#6. The Shipping Terms

You should pay attention to the shipping terms when you are buying any firearm safe of significant size.

Will it be left on the curbside of your home or will the delivery company actually bring it inside your basement?

Finding a safe that is guaranteed to be delivered inside any part of your home you prefer can save you lots of frustrations.

#7. Climate Control

Have you installed climate control your basement? If not, then you should know that your guns could be exposed to lots of moisture. This can lead to rust, corrosion, and mildew on not just your weapons but other personal effects as well.

The good news is that you can invest in an effective dehumidifier to control moisture and keep your guns in good condition.

The Bottom Line

The gun safe in basement storage option continues to be popular among gun owners. This is because it offers you lots of advantages compared to other alternatives for storage.

As long as you have a considerable gun collection or plan to add more guns in the near future, this area of your home should be leveraged for your storage needs.

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