Holosun HS510C vs EOTech XPS2 Showdown – Which Is the Winner?

If you are fond of speed shooting sports, you may need to have a sight that can give you a single point of focus.

Perhaps, red dot sights can help you place your target as well as the reticle on a similar optical plane. Nowadays, there are several sights available on the market.

However, you need to acquire one that features various beneficial qualities, such as ease of use and fast acquisition. In this guide, we will talk about two of the best holographic sights today.

Let us find out which has the most loved features between Holosun HS510C vs EOTech XPS2.

The Winner: Holosun HS510C

After we have gone through the features of each holographic sight, we come into the conclusion that Holosun HS510C is better than the EOTech XPS2 in terms of lens clarity, reticle, size, battery life, durability, and price.

No doubt that EOTech is prominent when it comes to Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS). But then, the makers of Holosun 510C Elite made an alteration, and it resulted in superior features. Anyway, it depends on your preference, but we encourage you to find out their differences.

Holosun HS510C Multi-Reticle Circle Dot Open Reflex Sight w/Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, & QD Mount HS510C
  • HOLOSUN RED DOT SIGHT - The HS510C sight is a versatile open reflex optic designed for long gun applications; It is at home on carbines, PCCs, and shotguns due to its durable design; This gun sight has an aluminum housing with titanium hood for added shock resilience and includes a QD absolute co-witness mount (1.41" dot height); This red dot sight is packed with Solar Failsafe, Shake Awake, MRS (Multi-Reticle System), Red Super LED with up to 50k hour battery life
  • MULTI-RETICLE SYSTEM - This Holosun red dot sight is equipped with MRS to let you select a fast sight picture for shorter distances with a 65 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot; The large circle allows for a hold-over reference and helps guide your eye to the 2 MOA dot; The large ring can be deactivated leaving just the 2 MOA dot for an uncluttered sight picture and increased precision
  • SHAKE AWAKE TECHNOLOGY - Extends battery life by deactivating the optic's LED while not in use; Shake Awake offers settings from 10 minutes to 12 hours depending on the model and can be deactivated altogether if preferred; The slightest touch of the optic instantly reactivates the LED so your Holosun reflex sight is ready when needed
  • SOLAR FAILSAFE - If your battery fails, this red dot sight has a backup power source when natural or artificial light is available; Solar Failsafe is activated while in Auto Mode where reticle intensity is automatically adjusted: in brighter conditions, you have a brighter reticle and in lower-light conditions, the reticle will step down in intensity to match any lighting conditions
  • SPECIFICATION - Reticle: Red 2 MOA Dot & 65 MOA Circle; Light Wavelength: 650nm; Magnification: 1x; Parallax Free & Unlimited Eye Relief; Power Source: Battery; Battery Type: CR2032; Battery Life (Hours): 50000; Brightness Setting: 10 DL & 2 NV; Window Size: 0.91x1.26; Housing Material: Aluminum & Titanium Hood; Surface Finish: MAO; Adjustment per Click: 0.5 MOA; W&E Travel Range: ±50 MOA
EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sight, Ring with Single Red Dot Reticle, black
  • EOTECH XPS2-2: Holographic Weapon Sight in black with 68MOA ring and (2) 1 MOA dot reticle
  • Mount: Compatible with both 1" weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails
  • Adjustable Brightness: The XPS2 has 20 brightness settings for use in any lighting scenario
  • Compact Design: Leaves more rail space for rear iron sights or magnifier
  • EOTECH HWS Prestige Warranty: Comes with 10 year limited warranty

Areas Considered for Comparison: Holosun hs510c vs EOTech

In this guide, you will better understand the unique features between Holosun vs EOTECH according to the following:

Built Quality and Toughness

Both sights are made to be durable. The XPS2 is capable of providing a pinpoint precision even if it is partly damaged as it is housed with heavy-duty aluminum. It comes with protective hoods and adjustment knobs, just like the HS510C, making them tough enough to handle stress.

With the titanium-alloyed hood, the HS510C is also shock-resistant. However, it is quite inferior when it comes to being waterproof as it can only withstand 1 foot compared to the other, which can be submersible up to 10 feet of water.


Although both items are made of high-quality aluminum, only the HS510C is made of titanium covers. That is the reason why Holosun is dominant when it comes to durability.

However, what is good about the XPS2 is that it has passed the US Military drop tests as well as tried in extreme conditions. Specifically, since it is a closed system, it is a good choice in muddy and snowy situations compared to the HS510C, which is not because it is made of an open lens system.

Power Option (Battery/Solar and their Quality)

The Holosun reflex sight contains a CR2032 battery that can allow you to use it up to 50,000 hours while EOTECH can be used up to 1000 hr with its CR123 or lithium battery. Not to mention, the HS510C is equipped with a solar panel so it can work even without a battery.

Much more is that the Holosun can give you 10 daylight brightness and 2-night vision settings while the EOTech has 20 daylight brightness settings without any night vision setting.


The Holosun reticle is exceedingly well-defined and very crisp. It comes with multiple reticle systems allowing you to have three reticle choices, including a 2 MOA dot, a 65 MOA ring, and Holosun circle dot reticle. These options can help you acquire both up-close and off-distant targets quickly and precisely.

On the other hand, XPS2 is made of holographic technology. That is why EOTech is known for its fuzzy reticle, which results in a grainy appearance when you focus through the optic. Anyway, the EOTech reticle includes an MOA dot reticle and 68 MOA ring.

Lens Clarity

The lens of the HS510C is very clear. Unlike other red dot sights, it does not give you green or blue tint. This makes you have a cleaner and better sight on your target. Since the XPS2 is a holographic sight, the front lens doesn’t provide a red reflection, though it is also extremely clear.


Both the HS510C and XPS2 have mounts that set the sights up for an absolute co-witness. However, the mount in HS510C is detachable while the XPS2 is already built-in.


If you want a budget holographic sight, you may opt for the HS510C. Although prices may vary, the XPS2 is quite expensive, costing you about 50 percent more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Did EOTech fix their problems?

Yes. The XPS2 has no night vision capability making it inferior from the HS510C. With its XPS3, such a feature was included allowing users to see in low-light conditions.

However, the xps2 and xps3 have no side button operations and detachable lever making the exps2 and exps3 models a perfect idea if you want those features.

Check the EOTech 512 vs xps2 comparison for further understanding.

  1. Where are Holosun optics made?

Holosun optics are made in China. If you ask, it is a Chinese company specializing in red dot sights just like the HS510C.

  1. Why EOTech models are expensive?

Being designed and manufactured in the USA, EOTech products are tested to be made of high-quality materials, making them quite costly compared to China-made products.

Read this article for some budget-friendly reflex sight comparison.

  1. Are HS510C and XPS2 water-resistant?

Yes. However, in terms of submersible depth, the XPS2 can withstand up to 10 feet while the HS510C can only tolerate about 1 foot.

  1. What are the differences between a red dot and a holographic sight?

When it comes to sending a hologram back to you, the red dot uses the front glass with an LED emitter while a holographic sight doesn’t use the front glass; instead, it has mirrors and a laser.

Final Thoughts

Now that you already know the differences between Holosun HS510C vs EOTech XPS2, we bet you already selected the former as your choice of sight. Don’t worry; you gain victory in terms of power option, reticle, lens clarity, co-witness, and price. For durability, the XPS2 deemed better.

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