3 Major Shotshell Crimp Problems and Solutions for Them

Shotshell crimps are the frontmost layer of a shell. When the trigger is pulled, the primer leads to ignition in direct contact with the gun powder.

High-quality powder burns in an effective manner and is responsible for shot trajectory. This builds pressure through the wad, and the shot is then fired through the crimp.

Inaccurate wad lengths and poorly structured crimps are the leading cause of poor crimp designs. One must ensure to choose the ideal segmented crimp (6 or 8 loops). Post-reloading is when the shotshell crimp problem occurs. Longer wads can be compressed at the lower section near the powder.

Shotgun Shell Crimp Styles & Performance

One can either opt for the modern-day star-fold (6 or 8 segments) crimp or the old-school roll crimp. Due to smokeless powders being used today, shooters can achieve more effective wad pressure.

One can choose between 6 and 8 folds by identifying the original number of folds on the hull.

Roll-crimps, on the other hand, are ideal for the bulky black powder that would need to be rigidly shoved in the shell.

The rolled-designs are prone to crimps post-reloading due to the excessive pressure built by the heavy powder. This also affects shot velocity and shot power for long distances.

Shotshell Crimp Problems – Reason, Effect and Solution

Even mild deformities in the crimp design can lead to the annoying shotgun crimp problem.

The circumference and alignment of these starter crimps must be in sync with what the hull uses.

If your crimp is not placed on the fold itself, then very rarely can you achieve a high shot accuracy. But if the crimp has an additional circular layer to cover up the fold entirely, then you can expect exceptional performance.

If your shotshell crimp depth is not in sync with your wad length, then you can make adjustments yourself.

Move the initial wad structure upward by approximately ¼ inch and place a fiber material in the gap. This must only be done if the wad length is longer than usual. Make sure that the fiber material has a hole to avoid any interaction with the primer.

It would be wise to use 6-fold crimps for more effective shots needed during hunting activities, whereas 8-fold crimps are equipped with the skill to hold components of the gun shell in a more compact manner, making them perfect for less intense shooting activities. Now you decide how can crimp fold affects long-range shooting.

The best solution is to purchase and implement a shotgun press that is compatible with both kinds of crimp configurations. Hornady is very well known in this area.

Versatility in shooting equipment is one of the most valuable traits a shooter can have.

Final words

The crimp depth of a completed reloadable shotshell is vital to analyze on-point ballistics and safety. Extra-low crimp depth will reduce your shot consistency, whereas extra-deep crim depth will sharpen your shot consistency more than what your weapon is equipped to bare. It is of paramount importance to maintain your chamber pressure within desire limits to avoid any mishaps.

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