5 Best Rimfire Scopes for .22LR That Actually Help

Unlock the full potential of your .22LR rifle when you have the best rimfire scope. Sure your .22LR can shoot up to 50 yards, but often it feels like it isn’t enough. This is especially true for people who’re into hunting, plinking, or people who want to improve their accuracy.

There’s a ton of .22LR rifle scope in the market, and we’ve compiled the 5 top-rated rimfire scopes there are today. Look no further because, in this honest review, you’ll have everything you need to know about .22LR scopes. Let’s dive straight into the discussions.

5 Best Rimfire Scopes for .22LR Reviewed

The 5 best rimfire scopes that are currently available in the market are stated below:

1. Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II 3-9X40 BDC150

Things We Liked

  • Bright and fantastic image quality
  • Fantastic zoom range for different scenarios
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Up to 100 yards of field view
  • Compact and lightweight rimfire rifle scope

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Image quality for shooting under 25 yards is compromised, which makes it not suitable

Despite having a large objective lens, it’s still a pretty compact rimfire scope and very lightweight. Weighing only 13 ounces, and with a length of 12 inches, you won’t have a problem carrying this baby around.

And despite its size, it features a remarkable 3 to 9 times zoom with HD quality images. The selection of zoom magnification makes sure that you can scope through different scenarios without any problem. You can expect top-notch crisp and clear images in the zoom range all the time.

Even if you’re in low-light conditions, you can still expect the scope to work impeccably. The optics are multi-coated, which helps maximize light transmission even in low-light. And the best part about this is, the images look sharp, and nothing can get past you. It also provides you with a vast field of up to 100 yards.

Moreover, its optic chambers are water and fog proof and highly shock resistant. In terms of durability, you can expect that the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II won’t go down anytime soon. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, it’s a rimfire scope you can use even under extreme weather conditions and worthy of being an investment.

Key Takeaway

The Nikon Prostaff Rimfire II will give you a good run for your money, and it’s an excellent addition for your rimfire rifles.

With its accurate and precise optics, you won’t have a hard time making this your personal favorite and one of the best rimfire scopes you’ve ever had. And with its incredibly durable and sleek design, it won’t let you down.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II


  • Provides professional-grade and high-quality scope for excellent image quality
  • Priced reasonably without compromising its amazing features
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Fog proof and waterproof
  • Perfect for medium to long-range shooting


  • Bulkier than most rimfire scopes

Another one of the best rimfire scopes for the money is the Vortex Optics Crossfire II. It’s a professional-grade and high-quality scope, making it one of the frontrunners for the best .22LR scopes today. Packed with a ton of features and fantastic image quality, buying this baby will be worth every penny.

Don’t worry, because the Vortex Optics is priced reasonably without sacrificing its amazing features. There are multiple reticle options, and it also includes multi-coated lenses, which are water and fog proof.

If there’s one thing you should remember about the Vortex, it’s the perfect scope for medium and long-range shooting.

The scope provides terrific accuracy, giving sharp and crisp images even under low-light conditions. And the anti-reflective coating helps transmit light properly without creating too much glare that’ll affect your vision. It has an excellent field view that can reach from 12 to 42 feet even at 100 yards.

What makes the Vortex one of the best scopes today is the reticle, which was crafted delicately. Etched with a precise laser, the glass reticle makes sure to withstand and tolerate pressure as much as possible. The scope’s crosshair is also designed to have the perfect combination of accuracy and visibility.

You won’t have a hard time having precise control over your rifle, because this rimfire scope provides wind adjustments and fast elevations. The integrated locking mechanisms make sure you won’t change your settings accidentally anytime.

Key Takeaway

The Vortex is always the best scope for .22LR’s today, priced reasonably considering the full range of features it has. Created with a high level of craftsmanship, you won’t regret using this rimfire scope on your .22LR.

3. Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9×40 Rimfire Scope


  • Beautiful matte black finish
  • An anti-glare coating that won’t give away your location
  • Durable lense carefully crafted
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Perfect for use regardless of conditions


  • Lens cap not included

The Leupold is one of the top-tier scopes to have, made with durable materials, and features some of the best innovative features .22LR scopes should have. This rimfire scope was specially designed for rimfire ammunition, and you won’t ask for more with this scope.

There are a lot of features the Leupold has, which is why it’s been receiving a lot of praises for being one of the best .22 rimfire rifle scopes. Its objective lens can magnify up to 3 to 9 times without sacrificing image quality regardless of the field view in various zoom settings.

In terms of eye relief, regardless of the magnification setting, you won’t have anything to worry about. It won’t strain your eyes and compromise your vision and field of view. However, the only draw-back with the lens is it doesn’t come with a lens cap.

And the scratch-resistant lens is multi-coated, which can resist even the most abrasive damage compared to most scopes in the market. In terms of the scope’s durability, it is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum and has been tested to ensure its performance even in the harshest conditions.

It can withstand the regular wear and tear and mount it on the rifle whenever and wherever you like. And its scope is also water and fog proof, which makes it ideal for any condition. The scope has a beautiful dark matte finish, giving it an elegant and stylish finish that prevents glaring and giving your location away.

Key Takeaway

There’s a ton of exceptional features that the Leupold holds, which makes it an excellent .22 scope recommendation for anyone. It’s also very durable and functional without being priced unreasonably.

4. Bushnell 614124 Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Adjustable Objective Riflescope


  • Great picture quality
  • Can work on any weather condition
  • Features a BDC reticle
  • Made of durable materials
  • Anti-reflective coating


  • Heavier than most rimfire scopes

The bullet drop compensating reticle and its adjustment features of the Bushnell is everything you want from it. This feature makes sure that the image you’re focusing on stays the same size, regardless of when you’re zooming in or out. It provides 2 to 7 times magnification, perfect for short and medium range.

And the reticle is one of the great features of the Busnells because it can provide up to 125 yards of additional view without compromising your vision. Most importantly, the scope offers quick and accurate adjustments in every single click.

When it comes to the picture quality of the Bushnell, it’ll never be an issue. Anti-reflective coating helps make sure that ambient light gets through, making sure the image is bright and clear. Because of this, the Bushnell rimfire scope is perfect for bringing around regardless of the weather condition.

It is O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged, and it is entirely water, dust, and fog proof, making sure no foreign particles can get in the scope. You can immerse it underwater, and it’ll remain dry inside out. And you can leave it under humid conditions, and the scope will never fog up.

You don’t have to worry about the Bushnell rimfire scope breaking down anytime soon, because it’s made with durable materials. It’s the perfect rimfire scope to have around, regardless of any condition you expose it to.

Key Takeaway

The Bushnell is a familiar brand when it comes to optics, and it’s no surprise that it’s made its way to list as one of the top-rated rimfire scopes to have today. For 65 years, Bushnell makes sure that they make only the most reliable, durable, and affordable rimfire scopes in the market today.

5.    Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope


  • Great price
  • Fantastic sleek and beautiful finish
  • Hydro field lens coating
  • TrueZero windage for 100% accuracy
  • Provides an amazing filed view


  • Heavier than most

If you’re looking for a rimfire scope that features an excellent design, the Simmons is all that you’re looking for. It has a durable, sleek, and sophisticated finish, and provides flexible and light handling without encountering any problems.

The Simmons only weighs at 10 ounces, having only a length of 12 inches. Although it’s slightly heavier than others, its durability and design make up for it. You won’t have a hard time mounting the rimfire scope because it comes with a set of mounting rings to help you through the process.

You won’t experience any eyesore nor injury, because it offers 3.5 inches of eye relief. It also provides excellent recoil to make sure your eye won’t be injured. Most importantly, it also provides a sure-grip technology that lets you seamlessly make adjustments even with gloves on.

And the TrueZero windage features make sure to lock your target with 100% accuracy. It also features HydroField Technology that lets you use the fully coated lens under any type of weather condition. And it can offer a field view of up to 5 to 31 feet at 100 yards.

Key Takeaway

If you’re on a budget, the Simmons Truplex is the best option today. It packs impressive features for its price and has a lot of advantages you’d want for a one the best rimfire rifle scope.

Rimfire vs. Centerfire: Which One for Me?

The main difference between rimfire and centerfire is how its system functions. Rimfire ammunition hits the outer rim of the cartridge base to ignite the primer. While centerfire ammunition hits and ignites the center primer directly.

Today, many people prefer centerfire than rimfire. Rimfire was initially sought after in the past, and if there are rifles that fit it, they already collect items. It’s perfect for many rookie shooters into small games. However, some small-caliber weapons still make use of rimfire ammo, like:

  • .17 Hornady Mach 2
  • .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire
  • .22 Short and Long Rifles
  • .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

Rimfires are usually cheaper and provide lower recoil than centerfire. However, it’s harder to look for rimfire these days because times have changed, and many prefer centerfire.

Centerfire, on the other hand, is more expensive but easier to obtain than rimfire. Whether it’s for a pistol, shotgun, or rifle, centerfires are always an ideal choice for large gaming and defense.

How to Select Rimfire Scope – Things to Consider

Rimfire scopes are useful attachments to have on your rifles. It makes using your guns more meaningful. Here are some tips to help you select .22LR scopes in the market.

· Adjustable Parallax

Adjustable parallax ensures that every shot hits the target accurately. With the right parallax, you won’t have a hard time targeting smaller objects, especially if you’re into hunting smaller game. You can adjust your scope according to the distance you need, regardless of your range.

If you’re looking into improving your accuracy, regardless of the target you’re going after, you should always make sure to have a reliable and adjustable parallax.

· Dedication

There are a lot of rimfire scopes to choose from in the market, and most of them can fit most rifles. However, if you want more accuracy and stability, dedicated rimfire scopes are always the right choice.

A well built .22 dedicated scope performs better than others. This can be attributed to the fact that it is ranged and explicitly calibrated for .22 rounds. If you don’t want to go wrong with your purchase, it’s always advisable to get dedicated scopes.

· Lens Coat

The coating of your lens prevents light from reflecting on your scope and giving away your cover. Most scopes today are multi-coated, which means that there are anti-reflective films installed on the lens. Make sure to get a scope that transmits light very well, and doesn’t reflect on the lens.

· Lens Size

The size of your lens can affect a lot of things, such as how much weight it’ll add to your rifle and how comfortable it’ll be for your eyes. Whether you want a small or big lens, you need to make sure it’ll not affect your performance.

Some lenses below 32mm often reduce the quality of your vision, which is why you want to stay clear of this area. On the other hand, lenses that are 42mm are too bulky for most .22LR rifles. It’s always best to get a lens somewhere between 32mm to 40mm.

· Magnification

Rimfire scopes provide different magnification options and select one according to your needs. Make sure it can stabilize your image, and that it won’t affect the accuracy of your shot.

· Weight

You want to make sure to select a rimfire scope that is lightweight, or at least, won’t throw off your balance and aim when you mount it on your rifles. A proper rimfire scope shouldn’t significantly affect how you handle your rifle and your speed of movement.

If you choose a heavy rifle, you’ll have a hard time, especially if you’re hunting small game or fast-moving objects.

How to Maintain Your Rimfire Scope

Rimfire scopes require regular maintenance for optimum performance. It makes sure that its multi-coated lenses and high-quality body will be intact, and won’t compromise its performance.

Having a smudge or speck of dust on the lens can significantly affect the sharpness and brightness of your image. Luckily, maintaining rimfire scopes is easy.

  • Make sure to use a brush to remove any smudges or dirt that might have accumulated on the edges of the scope
  • Use a soft cloth to remove particles away from the lens
  • You can use a cleaning solution for aggressive cleaning, making sure to eliminate hard to remove smudges or specks of dirt.

Once you’re done using your scope, make sure to always put back the lens cover. Doing this helps prevent any dust from accumulating in its surface, and affecting its functions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best rimfire scopes:

1. What is a proper scope for a Henry .22?

The Henry .22 is perfect by itself because it’s a rifle that provides smooth performance. It can shoot up to 25 yards without a scope and any problems. It’s accurate by itself, and you don’t need a scope for short-range shooting.

And the Leupold rimfire riflescope is always a perfect addition to the Henry .22, especially if you want to do some medium to long-range shooting. It’ll help provide accuracy on your shots and reach a wide range of distance without compromising field view and performance.

2. What is the best scope for the .22LR target shooting?

.22LR scopes are always a perfect companion for people who love some target practice of small game hunting. It’s cheap, and its ammunition is readily available in the market. The Nikon rimfire rifle scope is the best scope to have around.

Every shot you fire using the Nikon remains stable. You won’t have a hard time viewing objects from afar, because the Nikon can provide a wide range of view without encountering any problems.

3. What is a proper scope for a .22 magnum rifle?

Some scopes function well for specific purposes, whether it’s for hunting or target practice. The Simmons Truplex rimfire scope is always a perfect scope for .22 magnum rifles because it is ideal for outdoor activities.

It can view up to 50 yards and is entirely water, fox, and dustproof. And it’s an ideal scope to have on the outdoors, regardless of the weather condition it’s exposed too. Not only that, but the scope is pretty lightweight, which makes it a perfect addition to many 22 magnum rifles.

4. What is scope parallax?

Scope parallax creates an inconsistent view when you look down on your rifle scope. The crosshair of the rifle moves across the target each time you move your eye position. It’s always important to make sure you compensate and adjust your parallax.

Final Words

Finding .22 dedicated scopes are hard to find these days, considering how there are a lot of new rifles coming around. For many rifle enthusiasts, it’s always a burden to find the best one, which will be durable and fit the requirements you’re looking for.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on the best rimfire scopes in the market.

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