5 Best Reloading Dies for Accuracy That Actually Help

Reloading dies are important pieces of equipment for you to reload your gun properly. They will provide accuracy, safety, and efficiency to your gun control.

To avoid problems like jamming, misses, imprecise targeting, and unstable rounds, you need the best reloading dies for accuracy. With so many choices out there, it’s easy to become confused about which is the best.

That’s why we’re here to help you find some great reloading dies on the market. We’ll tell you about some of the top brands, what to look for when buying, the types of reloading die, and the top brands out there.

So sit back and relax. With our detailed reviews and buying guide, you’ll find the perfect reloading dies for you.

5 Best Reloading Dies on the Market

Here are the reloading dies that we think are the best in the market. Below, we are going to review them in detail.

1. Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set: Best for the Money

Things We Liked

  • Carbide dies, so no need for lubricant
  • Factory crimp die improves accuracy
  • Package includes 4 dies
  • Perfect depth is maintained by bullet seating tool

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Factory crimp doesn’t work on lead ammo

It’s not possible to talk about reloading dies and not mention Lee. A trusted brand in the die industry, Lee’s deluxe carbide set is perfect for 380ACP, 9mm Luger, 38 Special, 45 Colt, and others. This unique product is the perfect set for anyone who’s looking for accuracy in every reloading session.

The model number for this die set is 90966, and you can check latest price on Amazon here.

In this 4-die set, you’ll get a range of reloading dies. This set includes a full-length hard diamond polished sizing die that has a decapping unit. With this, you can reshape and resize the cases easily to the recommended dimensions.

When you’re charging the case with powder, you’ll need a die that is used for expanding, and it’ll help you in expanding and Bellying the case mouth. To make sure you have good depth of the bullet at all times, you’ll be getting a bullet seating die.

Also, it has a 45-degree chamfer, which will allow mechanical feed fingers and will improve operator clearance. And Lee is giving you their distinctive crimp die that’ll give you factory shape. This will ensure your bullet does not move away from the proper depth or that it won’t go back out. It also helps in improving accuracy.

There’s no need for a lubed case for Lee’s carbide sizing dies. It has great durability, which means you’ll be saving money in the long run. You won’t need to spend money frequently on new ammo.

This particular deluxe set by Lee includes a powder dipper, Lee’s famous datasheet, and a proper shell holder, all neatly arranged in a plastic box. The load data sheet is very easy to understand and includes all the well-known powder brands in an arranged way.


You can get good use out of this carbide 4-die set. As these dies can be used in a number of guns, you’ll be able to utilize them to the fullest.

2. RCBS Full Length .300 AAC Blackout Die Set

Things We Liked

  • Durable due to hardened steel
  • Inside surface is precision drilled
  • Hex lock rings make it easy to screw in
  • Vents prevent damage by trapped air

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Need to lubricate as it’s not made of carbide

Another popular and trusted brand in the industry is RCBS that produces precision reloading equipment. This set of reloading dies are made with materials of the highest quality. These dies are made of steel that’s hardened and match the quality of some of the finest guns.

The model number for this one is 22401, and you can check more details on Amazon here.

If you’re a hunter and looking for reloading dies that can be used to reload quickly, then this is the one for you. The insides of these dies are drilled to precision. Not only that, but they have also been revamped to match the quality of the first-rate gun mechanism.

What we love about this die set is the hex lock rings and that it is large and adjustable. This makes screwing in the dies super easy. You can also lock in your settings in the press when you want to get a repeatable position.

These FLR dies have vents, and they are used for bottleneck cases. And these dies will make sure that the case doesn’t get damaged if the air is trapped or if there’s an excess of lubricant.

Also, another feature of the RCBS die is when you’re doing the full-length sizing, you won’t have to change the length of the case body because it has a minimum tolerant headspace. The set includes a seater die that has a roll or taper crimper that is built-in for your particular caliber.

This hand polished and hardened RCBS die has been made to endure years of usage. And you can be assured that it’ll work fine even after years of rough use caused by sizing of case.


These hardened steel dies will be any hunter’s best friend. The vents and the hex lock rings are the real winners of this die set.

3. Hornady 544207 Match Grade: Best 223 Die Set

Things We Liked

  • Strict tolerances neck size bushings
  • Knurled spindle lock
  • Elliptical expander
  • Set includes a full-length sizing die, and seating die

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Need lube to operate
  • Bushing has to be bought separately

This Hornady match grade die is for the .223 Remington. If you’re a pro shooter, it’ll give you superb precision, quality, and boost your confidence to win every match.

The model number of this item is 544207, you can check more details on Amazon here.

You can be assured of its fine accuracy as the neck sizing bushings are held to strict tolerances. They are also self-centering and interchangeable, which ensures that you won’t end up oversizing your case necks or that you are not going to overwork the brass.

With its knurled spindle lock, you can change the neck sizing bushings quickly and easily. The sizing die has a precision polished elliptical expander. This will help decrease the friction and the case neck stretch. With the elliptical expander, as part of the match die, you’ll get a decap pin.

That can be replaced, which will allow changes according to your preferences. The O-ring spindle adjust gives small tension during fine adjustments. It also has the ability to hold its position once the settings are in place.

The seating dies of the Hornady 544207 has a built-in crimper, floating bullet seater alignment, and a locking retainer spring. To make sure that the bullet and case are pre-aligned before seating, it also features a seating stem.

If you’re not sure what to get for your .233, you can close your eyes and get this one, and you’ll be reloading your ammo with the best 233 die set.


Hornady’s Match Grade dies will not disappoint you during matches. The neck size bushing with the elliptical expander produces superior dies with improved accuracy.

4. Lee Precision LP90695 308 Win: Best Reloading Dies for 308

Things We Liked

  • Carbide dies don’t need lube
  • Factory crimp improves accuracy
  • Set includes 4 dies and additional tools
  • Easy to read instructions

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Full length resizing tends to slip

This die set by Lee Precision is appropriately named the Ultimate Rifle Die Set because this one has absolutely everything you would need in a die set.

The model number for this is LP90695, you can check more details on Amazon here.

Let’s start with the basic full-length resizing die. It’s a carbide die, so no need to use lubricant every time you use it. And it is designed to resize fired brass into industry dimensions. Lee’s carbide FLR always results in the top-notch cartridge.

The second die in the box, the Collet Neck sizing die will not need any lube and will last you a lifetime. It’ll decrease the number of run-outs by tightening the mandrel, which will make it fit better. This will also give you superior precision and maximum accuracy.

Lee’s custom reloading dies resizes the neck of the case without touching the body hence giving it the perfect fit for your gun’s chamber. Next up is the bullet seating die. It is a reliable die for adjusting the seat. And it also assures you that your bullet will be at the perfect depth each time you use it.

Last but not least is the factory crimp die, which will further improve the accuracy by giving a consistent and steady higher start pressure. It’ll also guarantee you that you’ll be able to safely crimp your bullets even if you don’t have a crimp groove. This Factory crimp will give your finished cartridge a factory-like result.

Moreover, Lee is well known for reloading dies for 308, and this ultimate die set contains all you’ll ever need. This set of dies is easy to use and gives a professional performance, so it’s perfect for both beginners and pro shooters.

As a bonus, you’ll be getting a powder measurer and a shell holder along with Lee’s popular and easy to understand color-coded datasheet.


If you get this set of dies for your 308, you’ll be set for a long time as Lee’s special collet neck dies increases accuracy and durability of bullets. And their factory crimp is a real treat for the dies.

5. Hornady Match Grade New Dimension Bushing 2-Die Set

Things We Liked

  • Can be used in different calibers
  • Elliptical expander
  • The set comes with decapping pins
  • Built-in roll crimp

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Bushing has to be bought separately

The last one on our list may just be the best reloading dies for the money. This Hornady set comes with a full-length sizing die and a seating die.

The model number for this one is 544399, which you can check on Amazon here.

To reduce friction on the casings, it has an elliptical expander, which is precision polished. And as this is a bushing type die, you’ll be able to make a superior quality bullet than with other dies. The neck sizing bushing is interchangeable, and as they are held to strict tolerances, you can be assured of its high-quality accuracy.

This die will accommodate many different calibers, bullets, and cases. 6mm Creedmoor, 260 Rem, 308 Win, 388 Lapua Magnum, and many others will get service out of this versatile reloading die.

Hornady’s Match Grade dies have the seating die, which has an adjustable screw and a built-in roll crimp. The retainer spring locking helps in improving the stability as you seat and crimp your casings.

Just like the other Hornady reloading dies we reviewed, this one also has a seating stem that helps you pre-align the bullet and case before seating. It also comes with a few extra decapping pins and a VLD.


The elliptical expander, adjustable screw seating die, the retainer spring locking, and the seating stem all come together to give your preferred gun excellent reload every time.

What Is a Reloading Die?

Reloading is the process by which you can resize, decap, and expand cartridges by putting the reloading dies onto the reloading press.

So this is one of the vital parts required for the production of every cartridge you reload.

A lot of people choose to reload instead of buying for varying reasons, which include performance, superior accuracy, hobby, etc.

You can get reloading die sets of 2 or 3 or 4. All dies use the same process, the only difference lies in material quality and performance.

Types of Reloading Dies

Let’s get to know the types of reloading dies.

  • Resizing Die

Resizing die can be made of either carbide or high-quality steel. This die comes in the shape of your desired caliber. It will size the fired bullet back to its factory dimensions.

  • Bullet Seating Die

The second most important die in the reloading process is this die. This die provides support by holding the cartridge. It uses a floating element that can be found at its core to do that. This die helps to position the bullet before the final press when putting it in the case.

  • Factory Crimp Die

This die is more commonly used with pistol bullets as opposed to rifle rounds. Crimping is the last step of reloading. And crimping is tightening the neck of the case around the bullet to the same amount as factory ammo.

  • Case Trimming Die

Case trimming dies are used to resize the case, which has been stretched and has become longer by using the brass. By trimming, you can bring back the case to its specific size.

  • Collet Dies

Reloading die brand Lee makes these collet dies that compress the case neck with a precision mandrel to assure you of a perfect fit with as little run-out as possible. This increases the life of cases and saves money in the long run.

  • Powder-through Expanding Die

This is an optional die mainly used in progressive presses. What it does is it funnels the powder in the new resized case.

Things to Consider before Choosing

Below we are going to tell you about the factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

  • Number of Dies in a Set

As you’ve seen in the article, die sets come in 2, 3, and 4. If you have bottleneck cartridges, a 2-die set will be enough. But for straight cases, you’ll need the 3-die sets.

Sometimes the crimp is built-in with the seating die, and sometimes they come separately. For that, you’ll need a 4-die set. If you’re not sure, then go for the 4-die set as it’ll have everything you’ll need.

  • Type of Die

You need to know which type of die you need. There are many different kinds of dies out there, and you need to choose the one that is appropriate for your needs. The kind of die you will get also have to match the type of ammo you’re planning to reload.

  • Materials

Dies are mainly made of either carbide or steel. Sometimes other materials are used, but they’re not common. Getting the right material will make sure that you’re getting top quality die, which will last longer.

We recommend you get carbide dies as they don’t need lubricant for operating and produce beat quality products. They can be a tad more expensive than the steel dies, but they’ll definitely be worth it.

But if you want to save the cost of reloading dies, then go ahead and get the steel ones. They’ll serve you well if you maintain them properly.

  • Caliber

There are some dies that can be used in different calibers and cartridges. Then there are others that are specific to one particular caliber. There are also dies that are match grade, and others are not.

Pistols will need dies that are made for the specific caliber pistol you own. So do you research and find out the kind of die you’ll need for your specific gun.

  • Accessories

Most of the time, dies don’t come with the extra accessories you need like a shell holder or a powder measurer for reloading, so you need to buy them separately. But if it’s important to you that they come with the set, you need to look for sets that do come with these accessories.

Carbide vs. Steel Dies: Which One to Get

One of the most important questions to ask yourself is should you get carbide dies or steel dies. A major difference between them is carbide dies don’t need a lubricant when sizing while for steel dies, you will need to use lubricant every time you operate the die.

Steel dies tend to wear out much quicker. It’s a major issue because if your sizing die wears out, your rounds will not chamber properly.

You also need to check the availability of carbide dies for your specific gun. Carbide dies are usually made for straight wall cases. For pistols, carbide dies are readily available and are relatively cheap. So you’ll be getting well worth your money as carbide dies have better durability.

On the other hand, bottleneck rifle calibers don’t usually have carbide dies. If they are available, you can be sure they’ll be super expensive. So if you’ve got rifles to reload, then steel dies will do the work for you, but make sure to lube generously.

The straight-wall cases usually come in 3-die sets, which include the full-length sizing die, a mouth flaring die, and a seating die with a built-in crimp. For bottleneck calibers, die sets have 2 dies in them: the full-length sizing die and the seating bullet/crimp die.

For more details on this check here.

Who Makes the Best Reloading Dies?

Here are some of the top brands out there that you need to know about.


Lee is a popular name in the industry. They offer a variety of dies of numerous types that are reasonably priced. Following are some of the most popular models by Lee:

  • Lee Precision Reloading Ultimate Rifle Die Set
  • Lee Deluxe Carbide 4-Die Set
  • Lee Precision Pacesetter Dies
  • Lee Precision Carbide 3 Die Set


Hornady introduced the carbide dies, which requires no lube and produces high-quality cartridges. You can’t go wrong with any of the following Hornady dies.

  • Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set
  • Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set
  • Hornady Match Grade New Dimension Bushing 2-Die Set
  • Hornady 544207 Match Grade Die Set


The largest reloading die supplier in the U.S., RCBS, gives you state-of-the-art reloading dies.

  • RCBS Full Length Die Set
  • RCBS Full Length .300 AAC Blackout Die Set
  • RCBS 18212 Series B 3-Die Carbide Roll Crimp Set
  • RCBS FL Die Set, 6.5 Creedmoor

Final Words

Choosing the right reloading dies are essential in giving you the precision, accuracy, and quality of your shot. We’ve listed some of the best reloading dies for great accuracy.

With our extensive buying guide, you can get the perfect reloading die, and you’ll never miss a shot again.

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