How To Clean A .22 Rifle for Improved Shooting?

how to clean a 22 rifle

Any firearm owner knows how precious it is to own a rifle, especially when you have a valuable one like Marlin, Ruger, or any other semi-auto bolt action rifle.

However, it has been seen that dust and dirt are always present in the environment which can form a layer on your sophisticated rifle gun.

Also when you fire or shoot a rifle the residue of the gun powder remains in the barrel.

Though the receiver and the chamber are clean, if you run a brush from the muzzle end you will find the gun powder and dirt particles hiding.

And it is no doubt that if you do not remove these minute particles it makes the working of your rifle problematic.

Perhaps this is the major cause of the rifle case being stuck or get into the problems with lever actions, loading and while shooting as well.

Cleaning your .22 rifle at regular intervals is the only solution to this! In fact, regular inspection and cleaning of the rifle can keep it in good working condition for a long time.

But, for any novice, it may feel to be an intimidating task to clean a rifle in a DIY way. At the same time, it is the most important thing you cannot ignore so that you get a smooth operation whenever required.

For making it a bit easier for you, we have listed down some tips and steps by which you can easily clean your rifle at home. Do check them out to save your time, energy and money.

How To Clean A .22 Rifle?

The main aim, while cleaning your .22 rifle, should not be to make it look good or shiny.

The main purpose, however, lies in cleaning your rifle so that it functions smoothly whenever required.

There are several kits, tools, and solutions available on the market to clean a rifle. These can be used for ideal cleaning purposes and to make your job easier and fast.

However, if you are a first time user and are looking for some specific tips on how to clean a rifle for the first time, you may need to do some research and follow strict rules.

These are important so that you get desired results without any damage made to your rifle.

Pre-assembled rifle cleaning kits that specifically satisfy the needs can be used to clean a rifle in the best possible way.

Most of these rifle cleaning kits include:

  • Cleaning rod and patches
  • Bore cleaner snake
  • Cleaning solvent, oil and rust protector
  • Disassembly tools

Steps for Cleaning .22 Rifle Barrel

Cleaning your rifle at home can be an easy task if you follow all the rifle cleaning instructions properly while keeping the safety.

Before going ahead with the cleaning process you actually need to know about the type of rifle (pump action rifle, lever-action rifle, bolt action rifle, etc) you want to clean, the type of tools and solutions you will require for cleaning, steps involved and much more.

Here are some basic steps which can be followed for cleaning your .22 rifle:

  • Ensure that your rifle is completely unloaded before trying to clean
  • Dissembling (partial dissembling recommended) a rifle carefully is the second important step by which gun and its associate should be removed
  • Place and fix your rifle on a flat surface by using a good gun vise
  • Wipe the rifle with a paper towel gently to clean the visible dirt, grime or carbon deposit
  • If required, use some good rifle cleaning solvent on your paper towel or wipes for cleaning stubborn particles
  • Next is the time to clean the barrel using the best rifle bore cleaner, cleaning patch, brushes and cleaning rod. Use quality solvent for cleaning the barrel as well
  • After cleaning the barrel, use a cleaning spray solvent to clean other metal parts such as bolt, magazine, etc. Do not forget to wipe them dry after cleaning
  • After cleaning the metal parts it is good to use a rust protector spray for some of the metal parts. This will not only prevent them from rusting, but also helps in giving them a new shine
  • Lubrication is the second last step which should be done with care and without fail. This is important so that your rifle works smoothly
  • Now its time to reassemble your rifle and start enjoying your shooting

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can also consider buying an ultrasonic gun parts cleaner for cleaning the .22 rifle and its parts at home.

The ultrasonic rifle cleaner is a powerful device that creates tiny bubbles in the tank with the pressure that gets the gun parts thoroughly cleaned. These are excellent devices that give you professional cleaning in minutes.

These ultrasonic cleaners for gun parts and cases are widely available in the market and you can choose brands such as Hornady, Kendal, Lyman and many more that are as per your gun cleaning requirements.

How To Clean A 22 Rifle? (Video)

Few Additional Tips and Things to Care

Disassembling and reassembling the rifle is one of the trickiest steps while cleaning your new rifle for the first time.

It is best to refer to the disassembling and assembling guide that comes with your rifle model. If you do not have that, you may check online if you can get some guide or manual for the same.

Store your .22 rifle properly after each usage so that you do not risk your family members. Use proper gun storage safe where it can be placed securely.

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