How To Clean A Gun Magazine?

how to clean gun magazine

Usage of autoloading rifles and handguns, as a general type of firearm, is increasing day after day.

However, for people using them, it is more essential to give attention to its maintenance along with the cleaning of the gun magazine after they have tried various shots and targets.

The magazine is a storage area or a feeding device of the ammunition. This is attached to the gun or rifle and operates automatically when the gun is fired.

Its function is to relocate the stored cartridges to the chamber location where it is needed to fire again.

For every rifle and the handgun, the magazine is found to be the most important component. Sad to note that these are often ignored by many when it comes to maintaining it.

Well, keeping the magazine clean is as important as cleaning the barrel of the firearm.

If you haven’t cleaned it for awhile, then here are a few simple steps to go through. You may go through them and perform the cleaning action according to it.

Instruction On How To Clean A Gun Magazine

As a very first step, press the magazine release button available on the receiver of the gun to remove the magazine. Make sure that it is unloaded; take out if any rounds are present in it.

Lower the lock plate button. Take special care as there is a large spring in the magazine, which drives up on the “floor plate”. Follow in a slow way to prevent damage or any mishap.

Move the floor plate from the gun magazine body and remove the “follower”, “Lockplate” and “spring” and set these parts on a spread out the cotton cloth.

Now clean the individual parts and magazine body. Make use of gun scrubber spray (can also use the gun solvent with a ) only if the magazine is heavily dirty.

After finishing it, lubricate all the metal surfaces with a thin coat of lubricant oil. If you are unsure about the usage of lubricating oil on the gun magazine make sure you check with your manufacturer or brand for the recommended lubrication oil.

Now, reassemble every part in the reverse order and take caution when reinserting the spring back into the body of the magazine.

After assembling every part completely, test its functions to make sure that the magazine operates correctly in the way you want.

Can I Clean My Gun Magazine In Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Sounds a bit interesting!

But if you have a stainless steel gun magazine to be cleaned, you can do this for sure without any risk.

Even placing the magazine in an ultrasonic gun cleaner without dissembling can work, provided you dry it completely for a few days and lubricate properly before using it again.

Cleaning other metals may be a bit risky as the metal can chemically react with the salt present in the ultrasonic gun cleaning solution.

This can build up rust or another salt inside the magazine and springs which may further interfere with your shooting performance.

Overall, A well-cleaned magazine makes the pistol work like an offender on its third strike and bad maintenance of the gun will make it strangle like a flabby partner who is consuming down his lunch too fast in between the calls.

Though it is tough to perform the job of cleaning gun magazines with special tools and equipment, you need to wipe the dirt and grime.

Now following this can jam the working system of the gun.

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