Making A Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent: Is It Really Worth?

Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent

While gun cleaning seems to be a very simple job, it is not really as easy as it sounds to be.

In fact, you need to be pretty careful with the kind of materials that goes into gun cleaning.

Usage of proper tools along with the right ingredients is always required to clean your gun so that you get the best cleaning results and accuracy in shots.

Gun solvent is one important element that cannot be ignored while cleaning your guns or antique firearms.

Ignoring such special needs can permanently leave a scar on your gun and cause irreplaceable damage when you do not use them with proper care.

Below we provide you important details about what gun cleaning solvent is, how to use it properly and how to make it at home.

What Is A Gun Solvent?

In simple terms, a gun solvent is a substance that is able to clean dry your gun and remove the metal foul smell with minimal efforts from your side.

The ultimate purpose of having a good is to dissolve or loosen the carbon or metal fouling bore from the gun so that you wipe dry the gun efficiently.

This will make ready your firearm for the next usage whenever you require them.

Why Are Gun Cleaning Solvents Important?

As only a clean gun can guarantee accuracy and great performance, gun cleaning solvent or agents should be readily available in stock with you at home.

In case you are planning to clean your gun quickly within no time, it can be done via bore snake by using a dab of CLP (Cleaner, lubricant, and Preservative).

However, if your purpose is to clean your firearm completely, you will need different oils and cleaning solvents to make the task efficient.

In most cases when your gun becomes nonoperational due to one of the various factors (like moisture, condensation, rust, snow, high smoke or carbon deposit, etc), using a good gun cleaning solvent is one of the best things you can do for their maintenance.

Most of the gun cleaning kits on the market do not include gun cleaning solvent and for this reason, you will need to buy it separately or try making it at home.

As each solvent available in the market is designed to work differently and to perform specific things, you need to research and buy them carefully so that it suits your purpose well and good.

However, if you are one of the DIYers like me, you will probably be interested in making a homemade cleaning solvent for your gun. You can try the below-mentioned steps out for sure and make your job easier.

How To Make Homemade Gun Cleaning Solvent?

Buying gun solvents/oils from the market every time you require a cleaning process can be tricky as well as time and money consuming.

Instead, you can think about making gun solvents by yourself in your home.

Making a gun cleaning solvent right in your home is an easy task and does not require you to break your head in the creation process.

But you need to really careful when it comes to buying the right ingredient and the right mix of quality for your gun cleaning solvent substitute.

What are the basic ingredients you will need to make your own gun oil?

  • Firstly, buy automatic transmission fluid that is available in the market. You can go with choosing the cheaper ones in the store
  • Next is to have a ready store of kerosene that needs to be combined with ATF purchased
  • Along with ATF and kerosene, you will also need a good amount of odorless mineral spirit and acetone

Once you have all the gun cleaning solvent ingredients in place, go ahead with mixing it together in a metal bucket.

After the mixing process, wait for the chemical to set in and move the contents to a separate container. Choose the label for the container and keep your best household nontoxic gun cleaning solvent away from normal reach.

As a gun lover, you need to ensure that only you have access to this mixture solution and that no one else uses this mixture in your home.

With this homemade gun cleaning solvent, you can enjoy the benefit of cleaning your favorite weapon without any high cost.

Precautions To Take while Making The Cleaning Solvent

When you have got all the gun cleaning solvent ingredients and you have decided to go ahead with making the process, it is important for you to take certain precautions:

  • Work on a well-ventilated space and flat surface
  • Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses as chemicals could cause harm to skin and eyes
  • Ensure chemicals are kept away from fire and is stored in a safe container

Also, make sure to keep the ready solvent away from wooden surfaces. Try staying away from wooden furniture or surface during your cleaning process.

All the above-mentioned contents are highly flammable and you need to be really careful in the making process.

Overall, making and using the gun cleaning solvent at home is not a tough job (for DIYers) when you have followed all the steps carefully.

But if you are not passionate about DIY jobs, we strongly recommend not to try making these solvents at home.

Instead, buy one for your firearms and keep them safe all the time from the unwanted damage caused.

We have listed some of the best gun cleaning solvent and oil brands here to choose from in the market (just in case you do not wish to make them at home).

Check them out before you make or buy them at the market.

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