The 5 Best Gun Oil Substitutes for Quick Lubrication

gun oil substitute

If you’re looking to lubricate your gun but are not sure you want to use gun oil you’re in luck.

At present, there are many kinds of substitutes for oil available that you could be using instead.

These gun oil substitutes will also work for cleaning and protection purposes, just like the oil you’ve probably been using.

And when it comes to using a gun oil alternative product, you don’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing a lot just to save a few dollars (okay, more than a few dollars).

You can still get high quality at a lower price if you know what you’re looking for.

5 Best Gun Oil Substitutes

No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to specific products, you will want to have some type of gun oil alternatives at the ready.

Before you pick, you want to be sure that you will have something high quality that will keep your gun in the best possible shape.

Below are my top 5 products that I love to use when I don’t have oil in my cleaning box.

1- Froglube

This one is possibly the original oil alternative that was both high quality and inexpensive.

It’s also been sticking around for a long time because of just that, it really does work.

It’s actually a type of paste but works as a cleaner and a lubricant that can be used safely and easily with your gun.

You’re getting a non-toxic and non-flammable product with a low flashpoint.

This is actually going to make it safer than oil in many cases because it’s not going to smoke as much.

It’s also non-hazardous, so you don’t have to worry about exposing yourself to it.

What’s really great about this product is that it helps to get rid of rust and carbon that can start to build upon your gun.

This means you’re going to have better protection and your gun is going to last a whole lot longer.

There’s no reason to worry about how you use this product either because it can actually be used on wood, metal, plastic and even nylon.

There’s definitely a reason that this product has continued to be popular and the fact that it can clean and protect while still being non-toxic and safe for you is definitely high on the list.

You’ll also love the fact that it smells great, which is going to make your guns and your safe smell pretty great at the same time.

2- Slip 2000 EWL

This is a high-quality lube that’s really going to get the job done.

It’s not really designed for your standard gun but rather for belt-fed machine guns, and that should tell you that it’s really going to work well as a lubricant.

It’s able to deal with high heat and high levels of friction simultaneously, and it offers a low flash point, which means you’ll have less smoke than with oils.

It’s also advertised to stay wet for up to 5 times as long as a standard lubricant and it’s fully synthetic.

You can use this lubricant on metal, wood, nylon or basically anything you want, which means it’s safe for all components of your gun.

Also, you can save a whole lot of money because you’re not going to need much of this each time you use it.

When using this gun oil substitute, your gun is going to be well lubricated with just a small amount (just about anything will slide right off).

And as it helps to protect against corrosion and dirt you’re definitely on the right track with this product for your guns.

3- Otis Technologies Dry Lube

Here you’re going to have a company that’s quite well known for gun products, including oils, cleaning kits, and other lubricants.

This one is actually a dry lube that’s designed to just spray directly onto your gun.

That’s going to make it much faster to use because there’s no real process involved.

You just spray it on and you’re ready to get back to it.

Now, if you’re out on the range or are actually using your gun at the moment (rather than just getting it clean and prepped), this is a great way to go.

Because you don’t have to worry about messy lubricants getting all over everything or having to clean off the excess before you get back to shooting.

It’s able to set quickly and you’re not going to have to worry about that whole process.

You’re also going to still get all the features you’re looking for, including faster cleaning and protection from moisture and rust.

Plus, because it sprays on, you’ll get it even further into the components of your gun.

4- AmazonBasics 5W-30 Motor Oil

If you’re looking to really save money and go as basic as you can there’s always a motor oil.

AmazonBasics 5W-30 synthetic motor oil is going to be super inexpensive and it’s going to give you a whole lot of quick remedy.

Now, you’ll need to be careful about cleaning this one off of your gun once you’ve applied it.

With this, you’ll want even more ventilation than normal because it definitely doesn’t smell very good. But you can absolutely get the job done.

Many gun owners also use engine oils like 5W-30 or even WD-40. Although it’s not very effective, you will still have the lubricant you’re looking for.

5- Plant-Based Vegetable Oils like Olive Oil

Vegetable Oil for Gun

Although household vegetable oils like EEOV olive oil, grapeseed oil, Canova oil or mustard oil can be used in a pinch it’s a poor choice, at least for me.

I don’t recommend using them as an alternative to oil for your gun and for good reason.

Firstly, as these are highly viscous, these tend to thicken and become rancid after using on your firearms.

Secondly, with these oils on your pistol, it will more likely attract flies and even bacteria. Also, it may foul very quickly.

Finally, with all the gun oil substitutes mentioned above, we have come to the end of our list.

These products seem to make it super simple to lubricate your gun in a pinch without worrying about investing tons of money.

Believe me, with any of the other oil alternatives (as many recommend sperm whale oil) or with standard gun oil, you’re not going to have the cleaning capabilities or the protection that you would desire to get.

It’s all about what you actually need for your gun’s safety at this point.

So, make sure that you look for non-toxic and non-hazardous products that will help you with your gun, keep you safer and healthier and even help the planet.

Those non-hazardous products will be a whole lot better for your entire family to be around. And they’re going to work just as well as the other.

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