10 Best Gun Cleaning Patches [To Clean Your Guns Fast]

best gun cleaning patches

Are you looking to get your old guns clean? If so, investing in a quality gun cleaning cloth patch is a necessity.

Though it’s small and may not seem like much, you’ll have a hard time cleaning your gun without one.

Whether you are a new or an existing gun owner, it’s important that you understand the effect these patches can have on the cleanliness and effectiveness of your weapon.

This review will look at everything you need to know about gun cleaning patches so you can make the most informed decision when it comes time to clean your gun.

What Are Gun Cleaning Patches?

Let’s start with the basic most question: what is a gun cleaning patch?

If you’ve never cleaned your gun before or don’t yet own a gun cleaning kit, you might not have come across one.

Generally speaking, gun cleaning patches are small cotton patches that are used to clean the bore of your gun.

While most of these patches are made from 100% cotton (so that it can easily absorb all the oils, solvent and dampness when cleaning your firearms) you may also find a few synthetic patches as well in the market.

Specifically, gun cleaning patches are used to wipe the barrel clean, apply a liquid solvent, absorb fouling, and to apply the oil.

As such, these cloth patches are some of the most versatile pieces of gun cleaning accessories on the market.

Why Is Gun Cleaning Patch Important?

It’s like you may ask, “Is cleaning my gun really that important?” The answer is “absolutely yes.”

If you don’t clean your gun regularly using proper kit or patches, residue leftover from fired ammunition, known as fouling, will build up in the barrel of the gun.

As you might imagine, this build-up can lead to severe accuracy issues when it comes to your weapon.

Cleaning your gun regularly helps avoid any firing mishaps and keep you shooting safely and accurately.

Knowing this, it’s easy to understand why gun cleaning patches are so important.

Because it is the patch that will ultimately clear away fouling from the barrel of your gun, it’s safe to say that you can’t get your gun clean without a patch – at least not quickly, conveniently, or safely.

For this reason, it’s crucial that you invest in a quality gun cleaning patch for your weapon.

10 Best Gun Cleaning Patches

Just in case you are planning to buy the best cleaning patch for your guns, rifles or pistols here are few options you can rely on…

1- Pro Shot Patches


  • Pro-Shot 100% cotton Flannel patches
  • Easy to use, good in shape and texture
  • Famous worldwide for its amazing cleaning ability and absorbance

If you are in search of such amazing cleaning patches then you have 500 Pro-Shot patches in a single package to apply to use till the last piece.

These Pro-Shot 3 Inches Square patches are considered the best for the cleaning project.

Available in .38-.45 caliber firearms and 410-20 gauge shotguns, it is best to apply to work and complete the cleaning task.

As these are weaved and holds a lot of absorbency, it is a perfect choice in the form of little cotton patches to use with cleaning solution.

2- Hoppes Patches


  • Includes 500 in a single pack
  • Available in a perfect size and shape
  • Designed for the use of .22 to .270 caliber
  • Provides consistent performance in every use

Whether it is an intensive warfare environment or for other hunting and shooting tasks, this cleaning patch defiantly fits the use and the lifestyle of the users.

Available in a pre-cut design and handy size, Hoppes No.9 cleaning patches are designed and tested to go through the hard and toughest environments and situations.

These Hoppes cleaning patches in 22- 270 calibers are the best cleaning patches with ultra-absorbent technology.

It’s the uniform woven feature and lintless quality is what lets people use it in cleaning tasks with solutions.

These Hoppes cleaning patches help to remove unwanted substances in an efficient way. Also, it keeps gun free from fouling and troublesome functions.

3- Southern Bloomer Patches


  • Fits to use on hard surfaces
  • Best for universal Rifle-Pistol
  • Fits 357, 38, 45 cal and 9mm & 10mm
  • Made of cotton knit and are lint-free

These Southern Bloomer cotton cleaning patches are the perfect patches for military use, sports and outdoor gears in any of the situations.

They are more effective, absorbent, thicker and more durable. By attaching to the standard bore brush, it quickly cleans the neglected area for smooth and easy functions.

Its 100% cotton material and quality is a perfect choice for the sniper rifles and guns to apply to cleaning-task and get them new in condition and best in functions.

4- Outers Bulk Patches


  • Bulk bagged for extra and long term use
  • Synthetic material for durability and absorbency
  • Available in a re-sealable bag for extra convenience

Outers is the name that lets you trust and choose the best for all your firearm cleaning needs.

The Outer 30 Caliber Bagged Patches are manufactured by Outers and are the most popular patches in cotton to take in bulk.

These patches precisely measures and sized to make sure about the complete bore coverage on certain calibers

Overall, Outers offers the best gun cleaning wipes that help to enhance the use of arms in every cleaning project and prove the right product to carry to any shop, field or to a range to perform the cleaning task.

5- Otis Cleaning Patches


  • Available 100 in a pack
  • Over 40 firearm specific cleaning components in a nylon case
  • 23 Bronze bore brushes wipe the copper deposits and other fouling

The Otis technology All Caliber Cleaning patches are the perfect and excellent cleaning patches that function well and suitable for any size weapon.

These Otis gun cleaning patches are designed to fit a certain quality shotgun, rifles, and handguns.

Above all, technology is developed in the form of patches to fit every gauge and caliber firearms which range from .22 caliber rifles to 10 gauge shotguns.

You can clean these caliber guns with this Otis Technology which offers 360 degrees cleaning coverage and holds the ability to attach to any of the handy cleaning rods with a slotted tip.

So why not check these Otis cleaning pads online and get them now.

6- Gunslick Cotton Patches


  • Fantastic absorbency for the right work
  • Effectively removes lead, plastic, and copper
  • Keeps free form scratches on the metal surfaces
  • Presents long-lasting and durable patches in 500 pack

By understanding your requirements, you are presented with Gunslick patches which enhances your weapons and firearms in the right way.

Available in a range of caliber and measure sizes these Gunslick patches are outstanding and top of the line product to purchase in bulk.

Available in cotton and designed in the right size for optimal cleaning enhances the use of your firearms and its functions.

7- Thompson Center Patches


  • Works smoothly on tough stains and hard metals
  • Helps to follow on a range of gauges and calibers
  • Are 2.5 inches in diameter and ideal for .45 to .58 caliber rifles and weapons

Thompson Center patches for handgun are the perfect product with top quality material that suits to the cleaning of outdoor and sports accessories and gears in any situation and place.

The Thompson Center Pre Saturated Cleaning patches are the best non-toxic and all-natural bore cleaning patch that maintains the integrity and functions of your firearm.

Available in a jar to use conveniently and made up of 100% cotton, it is a number 13 bore cleaner designed to clean the dirt and fouling from the muzzleloaders.

8- Allen Company Patches


  • Designed for the roughest and toughest users
  • Is quality tested and readily absorbs the oils and solvents
  • 500 knit cotton cleaning patches available in resealable zip bags

The Allen Company Patches provides quality outdoor and sports accessories to use in every situation.

No matter whether you are in a warfare exhaustive environment or in any situation, this Allen cleaning patches perfectly fits your use and lifestyle.

Being quality tested, approved and recommended as a top performance product, Use these cleaning patches to clean the areas in a fast and safe way.

9- Skyline Center Patches


  • Available in 1 ¾ inches cleaning patches
  • Double Napped and are 100% cotton
  • Available in a high-grade material to clear the settles dirt, fouling, and grime

No matter whether you are in a military field or in an intensive environment, these cleaning patches that for sure will fit every use.

These Skyline Stack Pack patches are the best for exceptional absorption and cleaning process.

These are 100% designed cotton flannel patches and are packaged in a re-sealable bag for convenient use.

As it is convenient to carry to any place, field or to pack for transportation, many consider these patches as perfect for cleaning 7mm-.38/.357 caliber firearms.

10- Butch’s Gun Cleaning Patches


  • Clears every piece of lint in small areas
  • Twill pattern to clean the oiled areas in a better way
  • Special fabric applied to use in cleanrooms and laboratories

Designed to provide the superior performance Butch’s patches are best to treat the most soiled areas.

These patches are considered the best as they hold more quantity of liquid and remove fouling in a fast way than as compared with the other low quality and ordinary cotton flannel patches.

These are quality tested and are performance driven to apply to rifles and handgun cleaning tasks and achieve good use and functions.

How To Use Gun Cleaning Patches? (Video)

How To Make A Gun Cleaning Patch? (Video)

Different Types of Gun Cleaning Cloth

Choosing the best gun cleaning cloths/patches is what can ease your gun cleaning task. But before you plan to buy the best gun cleaning cloths lets discuss their types available in the market.

1- Rags

The gun cleaning rags are a different material made typically from microfibers because they can absorb and attract dust and dirt like a magnet.

Gun cleaning rags are mainly used for clearing dust and also ideal for light cleaning and a not great idea for cleaning oily/greasy effect on the gun, this is due to the fact that the ragged material is too soft for heavy cleaning.

However, they are great for clearing up firearms, cannons and removing dust, dirt, and fingerprints.

2- Towels

The towel is known to be much larger than rags. With towels, you can clean large guns such as rifles after hunting or shooting.

Cleaning your guns with a towel prevents oil. This protects everything that you clean with your gun and prevents the round parts from rolling and getting lost.

Use light towels and do not use a black towel.

3- Cloth or flannel

The patches are very useful in the gun cleaning field, especially for me. When I am short on time, it is super quick and easy for me to pick one up and wipe the weapon.

While gun cleaning cloths and patches are made up of similar material (absorbent, lint-free as well as durable) these differ only in size.

Most of the time, I start with a gun cleaning towel and as it gets older or as I require, I cut them into pieces to convert it into the small handy patches.

How To Clean and Take Care of Patches?

Many people just think, why they should clean their patches when it’s available at such a dirt-cheap price.

But believe me – cleaning the patches at home, if done properly, can save you a good amount of money in a year frequently.

Plus, as it will last for years you don’t need to invest more in buying the rags pack.

No doubt there are ways by which you can take care of them without investing much of your time. So, let’s go into it…

  • First of all, clean the patches in a washing machine or wash them gently by hand
  • Let them air dry. Do not use a dryer to dry them fast as it can ruin your gun patches
  • After drying, you can iron the patches for removing the wrinkles, if you really feel the need to it
  • Be careful while ironing, particularly if your gun cleaning patches have a Velcro or sew done with a thread
  • Now when you have washed and ironed your gun cloth, you can store them carefully to use for the next time
Gun cleaning with a patch or cloth

Things To Check When Buying Cleaning Patches

There is a multitude of factors one must consider before purchasing gun cleaning patches online.

Many of these factors have to do with the type of patch or equipment necessary to clean your individual weapon, while some have to do with the makeup and material of your potential pouch.

Let’s look at these factors, in turn, to better understand which gun cleaning patch is right for your weapon.

1- Composition:

In general, gun cleaning patches are made of thick cotton. These patches are sturdy and easily soak up fouling left in your barrel.

Not all patches are created equal, however. If you have purchased a gun cleaning kit and notice thin, see-through patches in it, you already know this.

Typically, these see-through patches aren’t strong enough to clean the fouling from your gun, nor are they suitable for applying solvent or oil.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you stay away from cheaper patches.

Common in many discount cleaning kits, these patches should be avoided in favor of sturdier, more high-quality options.

You may also consider buying wool patches or patches made from synthetic material. While there is a market for such materials, keep in mind that patches made from this type of material generally aren’t as efficient as cotton patches.

Wool patches, for instance, tend to scratch your barrel and/or leave residue behind inside your weapon. Other materials, while largely fine, don’t have the same absorbency than cotton does.

2- Caliber of Your Weapon:

The size of the patch you buy is determined by the caliber of your weapon. It’s important that you use the right-size patch to give your weapon an optimal clean.

In addition to this, the cleaning tools you use along with your patch may also be caliber-specific.

For instance, if you plan on a higher-end cleaning jag (which is available either in bronze or in plastic), you must find a jag that is specific to your caliber of weapon.

Gun owners routinely insist that these jags are the easiest option available for cleaning their guns.

This is partly because they don’t require a specifically-sized gun patch. Instead, you simply need a patch large enough to cover the jag and be run through the barrel of your weapon.

You can also opt for lower end slotted tips, which are universal cleaning weapons that aren’t directly tied to your weapon’s caliber.

Keep in mind that these slotted tips generally don’t provide the same level of clean. In addition to this, gun owners tend to find them more difficult (and expensive).

This is because these materials tend to work only with thinner, rounder patches that must be carefully fitted to the tip and dug through the barrel of the gun to work.

In general, this method of cleaning takes more time and effort than using a regular cleaning jag.

3- Price:

Like with any other product, more expensive options tend to be higher quality, as well. You might want to play around with different gun cleaning patch brands to see which one offers the best clean for your barrel.

Gun cleaning patches can range from anywhere from two dollars to nearly twenty dollars a pack.

It’s best to avoid the lower-priced options if you are looking for a quality patch that can remove fouling from your weapon and properly apply solvent and oil.

Keep in mind that the price of your patch may depend on the caliber of your weapon.

Additionally, as gun cleaning patch packs can contain as many as five hundred to one thousand pouches per pack, you should consider the number of items provided when you are making your purchase.

What Size Gun Cleaning Cloth Patch Should You Choose?

As mentioned before, choosing the right size gun cleaning patch is essential to achieve the level of cleaning and lubrication you desire to get.

If you happen to choose a patch that is too small, it may not offer enough contact with the bore while cleaning. On the other hand, if the patch is too large, it may be difficult to pass through the bore and can even jam the bore when cleaning.

As a general thumb rule, you should be matching the caliber/gauge and size of the patches to the bore diameter of your valued firearm. You may refer to the chart below for getting an idea of what size patch should you choose for what gun calibers.

[table id=10 /]

Round vs square gun cleaning patches?

Using round or square patches doesn’t make much difference for me. While square ones offer you comparatively more surface area per patch, round wipes can be easier and quicker to deal with.

What ever you try, just make sure it offers you better absorbency and cleaning power.

Can you clean your gun with paper towels?

For me, I would not go with paper towels. In fact, I don’t prefer anything other than 100{d799102113befe5f00641dbd8355ff06280f998e9b228af4e2361de436b17aaf} cotton for my gun cleaning task.

While paper towels would be fine if you just want to lay the gun parts on them while cleaning, I usually not recommend using them for polishing as many of these are recycled and may have some abrasive materials such as metal filings that can be harmful for your firearm finishing.

Are there any other gun cleaning patches alternative?

As a better alternative to gun cleaning patches I would recommend using white cotton flannel or a cotton cloth roll. You can buy a few yards of these dirt-cheap cloth online and it can last for lifetime.

However, whenever you need to use them you will want to cut these oil cloth for gun cleaning into the proper size according to the type of gun/bore you are cleaning.

The Bottom Line

It’s this simple: gun cleaning patches are essential for proper gun maintenance.

By following the information presented in this guide, you can gain a better understanding of what a gun cleaning patch is, how to use it on your weapon, and the benefits it can have for your gun.

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