Stainless Steel Vs Blued Guns: Which Is Better?

Stainless Steel Vs Blued Guns

Whether you are a professional shooter or an amateur like me, you already know the importance of bluing a gun.

Part of the safety of the gunmetal is keeping it clean and protected all the time if not it can build up and affect the performance. And that’s where bluing comes handy.

Due to the fact that bluing to home is not easy and may require professional help, many people consider stainless steel pistols over other materials that may require bluing.

If you are new to all these bluing techniques and stainless steel, you may have questions like what is the difference between blued and stainless steel? And which is better – stainless steel or blued guns?

Since I have tried both of them before, let me try to simplify further. And hopefully through my article you get more information about which will be a better option between bluing and stainless steel.

Let’s start with knowing both of these in brief.

What is Bluing?

Bluing of gun is basically a technique that is used for enhancing the appearance and metallic shine of firearms.

The process creates a thin protective shell around the metal part of your gun (particularly the barrel) which helps in protecting the metal finish from getting dull, rusted or scratched.

This protective coating can be applied using a gun bluing kit on a regular basis on most of the gun types regardless of the material.

Bluing is also been used to protect seasoning cast-iron cookware, that helps them provide better protection from rust, cooking oils and water.

What is Stainless Steel?

Unlike bluing, stainless steel isn’t a finish or a temporary coating. It is the stainless material that is present all through, without any kind of applied surface finish.

Most of the avid shooters and professional gun owners choose stainless steel material for their pistols and rifles because it requires comparatively less maintenance.

In fact, a stainless gun is considered to be much more durable and rust proof. The wear and scratches on it are far less noticeable than on other material even when its blued.

What’s the Difference Between Blued and Stainless Steel?

The key difference between blued and stainless-steel guns lies in the finishing and material used.

While a blued gun carries a thin oxide coating for protection, stainless guns are completely made of stainless material which makes them corrosion free and highly durable.

Unlike blued steel or carbon steel rifle barrels that require regular bluing, stainless guns do not need any protective coating and are less prone to rust.

So, Which One Is Better – Stainless Steel or Blued Guns?

Well, the answer will depend on your personal preference and you may need to consider various factors before deciding.

If you love to have that unique kind of shine and finish on your guns and pistols, you will definitely love the blued guns.

However, if you do not care much for extra shine but need to have a much durable option that needs less maintenance, stainless steel guns may be the best option for you.

Why are guns blued?

Although stainless guns and pistols are more resistant to rust and scratches, blued guns are mostly preferred due to its superior looks.

Believe me, blued guns look much better and if you are more into getting the nice shine, you will need to prefer blued gun rather than stainless.

Can stainless steel be blued?

As such there are many solutions and techniques (hot bluing, cold bluing, niter bluing, etc.) that can be used to blue the guns. However, for bluing stainless steel you simply can’t blue it at home the way you like, due to its unique properties.

Most of the time, stainless steel can only be hot blued and need professional service as it can only be treated through only a few kinds of chemicals.

Is blued steel on gun prone to rust?

Yes, blued guns are still prone to get the rust but comparatively lesser than unblued ones. For this reason, it is good to properly apply the oil over the bluing.

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