5 Best Powder Measures for Reloading-A Helpful Review

To professional reloaders, the accuracy of putting powder in bullets is a serious matter.

A low amount of powder doesn’t allow the bullet to travel the desired distance. On the other hand, if you put too much powder, it will damage your bullets.

Therefore, to make your reloading work more precise and accurate, it’s worth considering the best powder measure for reloading. This not only ensures you put the exact amount of powder that the bullets require but also saves your time and effort.

In this article, I will review the top 5 powder measures from well-reputable brands that you can rely on.

Why Get a Powder Measure?

I’m pretty much sure that if you have come here randomly, you are already thinking, why do I even need a good powder measure for reloading? Does the investment worth or add any value to my work? Well, here are the reasons why getting such a piece of equipment is a must if you are a professional in this field.

  • Accuracy

The first and foremost reason that you should get one of these powder measures is because of the reloading accuracy. In the world of reloading and stuff, you know how important it is to precisely put the powder in bullets. You can insert a certain amount of powder according to what the bullet requires.

  • Versatile Load Sizes

Some of the powder dispensers allow you to perform bigger measures as well. For smaller measures, it ensures efficiency; as far as the bigger ones go, it enhances your reloading experience.

  • Time Efficient

You can reload even more rounds than before once you have the right measuring tool for you. It will save you a huge amount of time, which you can spend reloading more bullets.

  • Ease of Use

I’m not talking about a complicated tool; it’s very easy and straight-forward to get your work done right away. From its installation to measuring, all the steps will be accomplished with minimal effort.

5 Best Powder Measure for Reloading

The given list of products is based on the key aspects that make a powder measure both efficient and effective. You will certainly find the most accurate powder measure for reloading.

1. Lee Precision Perfect Powder Measurer (Red)


For those who are looking for a good powder measurer within their budget without compromising the fundamental requirements, Lee Perfect Powder Measurer offers great specs along with exciting features.


  • Very accurate and consistent while throwing powders
  • Takes minimum effort to setup
  • Ease of use
  • Works great for rifle cases
  • Unbeatable price


  • Finer grains leak through its chassis

This tool can take care of your delicate measuring requirement from two grains. If your reloading projects require you to measure this amount of powder precisely, you can rely on it. A project like reloading for pistol cases can be done without much stress concerning the lower amount of powder.

Furthermore, the equipment also comes in handy for measuring powder up to 100 grains. So, you have both options for reloading smaller and larger amounts of powder to the bullets. If you regularly have to reload more amount of powder, it can be the best powder measure for rifle cases within a tight budget.

To keep the installation simple, the manufacturer included a mountable bench stand that throws off lots of hassle from your shoulder. Just mount it on your reloading table, and get right to the work; no complication whatsoever.

If you are to use this measurer in conjunction, its charging die with loadmaster will come handy for that.

Due to the plastic hopper, you might have been wondering how durable it is. However, it seems good enough to handle most reloading tasks.

It provides excellent accuracy and stays very consistent at measuring. Once you dial the volume, it stays and delivers the right amount of powder. You can throw powder at a constant rate without putting much effort.

Reloading at a smaller scale was never so easy and convenient before. If you previously have been reloading bullets without using such equipment, you will find it very useful.

2. Hornady 050069 Lock-N-Load Powder Measure


This powder measure from Hornady allows you to operate it with many conveniences and offers versatile usage. It handles precise reloading tasks very effectively without putting much effort.


  • Ability to handle finer grains without leaking
  • Charges versatile powders
  • Easy to push the release button
  • Convenient mounting options
  • Durable construction


  • Plastic hopper
  • Doesn’t work with stick powders

Once you get an appropriate insert and rotor for your reloading project, the measurer can throw powder from 0.5 to 265 grains.

So, whether your work requires you to load small pistol or larger cartridges and magnums, you can conveniently execute the task. Loading pistol cartridges of 50 BMG caliber isn’t an issue for this one.

The equipment features a push-button that makes it pretty easy to change your metering inserts. You need to simply push the button, and within a blink of an eye, it will change to another metering insert.

In addition to that, you can also fill the hopper to reload the cartridges quickly. The hopper allows you to add more powder compared to a conventional one to make the reloading process seamless.

As far as the accuracy is concerned, it can handle more beautiful grains without leaving a trace of leaking. With the right rotor, the powder measure can throw charges very accurately. You can rely on this loader for most powders except the stick powders.

The lock-N-load measurer is made of high-quality steel material, which seems pretty durable and reliable as well for most reloading tasks. It will surely last you for years. For initial use, you need to de-grease the tool using soap and water, as it comes with oil to prevent rust while shipping.

This powder measure offers multiple mounting options for your convenience. You will get a mounting plate that is very easy to mount on a bench. A standard lock-N-load metering insert is also included in the package.

3. Lyman Powder Measure


Like the rest of the measure dispensers on the list, this one from Lyman can charge powder with much accuracy. However, the unit features some useful features that distinguish it from the competitors.


  • Consistent and high accuracy even with more delicate powder
  • Adjustable width and depth measures
  • 2400 grain Reservoir protects the powder from UV rays
  • Smokeless operation
  • Well-constructed


  • Hard to adjust
  • The set screw isn’t that good

The powder measure features a unique three slide adjustable cavity that throws powder accurately and consistently even with finer powder. It also offers convenient adjustments for customizing width and depth for extra fine powder to maintain that consistency level.

Even if you are to double-check the powder, you will find impressive results every time. With this unit, you can cut your reloading time by ¼.

The reservoir can hold up to 2400 grains without an issue. In addition to that, the tube got chemical resistant protector that protects the powder from UV rays and light. So, it doesn’t only assure you of accurate charges; it also takes care of your powder.

Most conventional powder measures create smoke while you charge the powder. With this one, you can continue reloading without facing any smoke whatsoever. What can be the best way to measure powder for reloading than this one? You will hardly find another one that offers great features like this one.

Compatible with versatile calibers, this one allows you to measure with high accuracy regardless of the type of powder. You can even use finer powder similar to H110 and Red Dot without any issue. An attached knocker is also there to make sure it perfectly completes charging every time.

As far as the durability goes, the Lyman Powder Measure is made of heavy-duty, durable materials that can easily handle intensive applications. The metal components got an extra coat for added protection.

You can easily mount this unit on your reloading bench or turret press. The unit comes with all necessary thread adapter for stand and press mounting.

4. RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure


If you are a professional reloader, you must have heard about RCBS. They are an industry-leading reloading equipment manufacturer for over 75 years. Till today, their products are providing excellent service to the customers. This powder measure is one of its most popular products.


  • Accurate charges
  • Maintains consistency
  • Reloads for both pistols and rifles
  • No overloading or clogging issue
  • Measures versatile powder


  • Doesn’t work well with stick powder
  • The stand isn’t included

When your work requires you to reload after reload, you can rely on this powder dispenser. Every time you will find – it charges accurately.

If you previously used any conventional measurer, you might come across with the overloading issue that clogs the charge when you dump the powder. This unit throws the powder uniformly into the brass from the cylinder to prevent the overload issue from happening.

When you are in a situation that requires you to change the charge, you can conveniently change it; there is no need to empty the hopper. There is a numbered measuring screw that can be used if you want to retrieve the information about the given charge at a specific date.

To make sure the reloading operates more efficiently, the cylinder got slides and precision ground surfaces, ensuring a more precise fit.

The powder measure allows you to charge from ½ to 50 grains. You can conveniently meter various smokeless powder as the adapters support both large and small case mouths. Therefore, reloading for both pistols and rifles is quite easy once you have the tool.

You will get a stand plate, and easily mount it on the reloading bench or under a die lock ring. However, the stand isn’t included with the package, so you have to get it separately.

5. Lyman Products Brass Smith Reloading Powder Measure


The product on the list is from Lyman again. Although I listed it in the last position, it comes with all the features and specs that are found in the best electronic powder measure for reloading.


  • Reloads with great accuracy every time
  • Ability to deal with various types of powders
  • Easy adjustment
  • Solid construction
  • Convenient for both right and left-handed persons


  • Tough to cut long pellets
  • Difficult to dial

For convenience, the unit comes with a couple of metering cylinders that can accommodate various types of cases. If you have to deal with versatile cases, it will make things a lot easier for you.

Equipped with 7/8” x 14, the threads can fit pretty much all powder stands as well as presses. You can efficiently throw powder from 1 to 130 grains. So, whether you are to reload for pistols or rifles, this powder measure is all you need.

Adjusting was never so simpler before; all you need is to pull the single slide out for finer adjustment, micrometer-style sliding comes very conveniently.

You can smoothly operate this tool, especially the handle as if you are dealing with roller bearings. No matter how accurate and precise reloading you want, it can deliver you exactly that.

If you replace a conventional powder measure with this one, you will see the difference. Even if you are to reload over 1000 rounds, the charge will not change a bit whatsoever.

Unlike cheaper measurers, this one doesn’t leak powder while loading. No matter which powder you decide to reload, it will not bind the tool.

The durability of this layman powder measure is up to the mark. Its housing and parts seem very sturdy and solid. It will easily last you years, even if you use it for heavy-duty reloading works.

Where most powder measures within this price range don’t perform well when it comes to charging stick powder, this one outperforms them all. You can conveniently charge both ball and stick powders with this one.

How to Use Your Powder Measure?

Charging powder using a measure is easier than how it sounds. Once you get the unit, assemble it first. There will be instructions in the user manual that you can follow. When you are done, head on to the following steps –

  • Set the powder measure to the maximum. You need to run 1 lb. powder so that the deposit can flow the powder smoothly.
  • To throw a charge, you need to lift the handle and tap to its end. Similarly, do it once more, and this time do it in the opposite direction, lower the handle while taping the end.
  • When you raise and lower the handle, it will throw charge. Now, place the charges in a scale pan.
  • If you find the charge is too light, consider setting the measuring screw to a bit higher that suits your requirement. You need to adjust the screw to a lower number if the charge is too heavy.
  • Once you are getting the charge correctly, note down this correct screw setting. However, you can also change the setting anytime.

Key Considerations Before Buying

Usually, a good quality powder measure would last you for decades. So, it’s an investment that is going to serve you for years. Here is a list of few things to consider while you make the final purchase –


These tools are of two types; mechanical and manual. If you are a beginner in this reloading industry or reloads casually, a manual measurer will suffice your needs.

However, mechanical powder measurers are for those who have to typically deal with hundreds of rounds.


The primary reason why people consider buying a powder measure is to charge powder more precisely. If your tool doesn’t maintain consistency while charging, it will not meet the purpose whatsoever.

You can go through the review section of products to know whether they deliver accurate results all the time or not.

Charge Capacity

In order to reload more efficiently, you must consider the charge capacity of a powder measure. The capacity should be up to a hundred grains or even more. If you get a high capacity tool, it will surely increase your productivity.

Powder Support

You know what type of powder you regularly have to deal with. Most powder measures are okay with rifle and pistol powders; you can easily charge them.

However, there are some powder types that average models cannot deal with, such as black powder, stick powder. So, if these two powders are your concern, be sure to check whether the equipment support charging these powders or not.


Professional reloaders have to deal with bullets of various sizes. That’s why they need a powder measure that offers versatile adjustment options. Some models don’t come with the metering tool, so you have to get this separately.


These equipment are made of various types of materials. Some have all-metal construction, while some have plastic and metal combination. Depending on the intensity of your work, you need to decide which one to go for.

If you are professional and have to reload hundreds of rounds, consider getting a heavy-duty powder measure. For casual reloading and staff, a slightly lower grade or plastic-metal combination one will be more than enough.

Ease of Use

You might find different powder dispenser work with different mechanisms. If you are looking for an entry-level or best powder measure for beginners, don’t make it too complicated; go for an easier one. However, don’t compromise with the performance.

The tool should be easy enough for you to operate while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your reloading projects.

Which Reputed Brands to Trust in?

A number of people always ask in different reloading and ammunition forums about who makes the best powder measure for reloading? If you have a similar query, here are top brands that you can rely on.

  1. RCBS

To professionals, RCBS isn’t a new name. It’s a subsidiary concern of ATK that manufacturers military-grade weapons.

RCBS powder measures are made of top-grade materials. Their tools can provide you with accurate and consistent charge regardless of the condition. Many professional reloaders are using RCBS measurers for decades.

  1. Lyman

Lyman is a popular name since rifle sights came out. Later in 1920, they started manufacturing various types of reloading accessories.

Professionals, along with beginners, are impressed by the accuracy that their powder measure delivers. Apart from the accuracy, their products also offer great features and specs that will surely enhance your reloading experience.

  1. Lee Precision

They are one of the dominating manufacturers for reloading accessories today. Although Lee Precision started their journey with shotgun shells, later on, they came up with different kinds of reloading supplies.

Lee Precision Powder Measurer can handle stick powder that most measurers are unable to charge. This tells you the reliability of their product.

  1. Hornady

Hornady is one of the industry-leading bullets and reloading supplies manufacturers. Their products have gained trust among veterans, hunters, enforcers, gun enthusiasts, and shooters.

The powder measure of this brand provides excellent functionality, along with exciting features to make your reloading easier.

  1. Redding

Redding reloading equipment has reliability among its users since 1940. Their products are built to last years. The user reviews of their powder measure seemed promising to me, and that’s why I listed Redding in number 5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who makes the best powder measure for reloading?

Pretty much all brands will claim their product to be one of the best in the market. However, only a few seem to keep their promises when it comes to maintaining accuracy, product quality, and ease of use.

If you are looking for a brand suggestion, you can pick one from RCBS, Lyman or Lee Precision. As far as black powder is concerned, go with Lee Precision without giving a second thought.

  1. How is gunpowder measured?

Gunpowder is measured by both volume and weight. There are several ways to measure the powder charge. Electric scale, manual beam-type scale, powder dispenser, and dipper scale all are very reliable for precise measurement.

  1. What is H110 powder suitable for?

H110 powder delivers great velocities at maximum accuracy for 410 bore shotguns, which is usually used by silhouette shooters.

  1. Is the grain indicated on the box for the bullet or powder?

People often get confused with bullet weights and powder charges, as they both are measured in grains. The numbers you see on the box indicate bullet weight, not about the powder. Whereas, the powder charge usually weights around 5 grains.

  1. What is a reloading scale?

A reloading scale is used generally for weighing powder, rounds, cases, and cartridges. This scale has a very accurate load cell that gives precise measurements.

Final Words

Although some still prefer the old way of reloading powder, having the best powder measure for reloading makes it a lot easier and saves your time, especially if you are a professional.

No matter which one you go for, make sure it supports powders of various kinds so that you don’t run out of options when the client demands.

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