The 5 Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Set Reviews

Gunsmith Screwdriver Sets

With the right gunsmith screwdriver set, field stripping and cleaning your gun can become ten times easier.

Helpful in taking your gun apart safely and securely, these gunsmith screwdriver kits give you the best chance of success.

In this guide, we’ll go over the pros of using one of these kits and examine the five best gunsmith screwdriver sets on the market right now.

We’ll also provide a comprehensive buying guide that will help you make the most educated decision when you go to buy your kit.

By following the information in this guide, you’ll be able to be confident in your selection and likely save money while buying a superior option.

Keep reading to find out which set is right for you!

What Are Specialized Gunsmith Screwdriver Sets?

Let’s start from the beginning: what are specialized gunsmith screwdriver sets?

Simply put, these are sets of screwdrivers that are designed for firearms.

Gun owners use these sets to take apart their firearms for cleaning and other purposes.

Unlike traditional screwdrivers, these items are designed especially for firearms are reduce the chance that you make mistakes during the job.

Knowing this, let us next explore why you need a specialized gunsmith screwdriver set for your firearm.

The simple reality is that the screwdrivers you have lying around the house likely aren’t equipped for use on your firearm.

As you might imagine, taking apart a firearm requires more care and precision—and thus different tools.

More specifically, the screws that hold your firearm into place are shaped differently than standard screws.

This means that using a normal screwdriver likely won’t work.

Even if it does, there’s a higher chance that you won’t get the job done right.

That’s because the wrong screwdriver is more likely to slip, causing you to damage your firearm.

If you don’t want to ruin the finish on your gun—or, even worse, strips the screw-heads of your firearm—you need to make sure that you’re getting a specialized gunsmith screwdriver set that matches your firearm.

The 5 Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Sets

With this buying guide in mind, let’s now take an in-depth look at five of the best gunsmith screwdriver sets.

This list has something for everyone, so make sure to check it out to find the one that will make a perfect addition to your garage!

1- Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set

Whether it’s your first time buying a set or you’re simply looking to upgrade, you can’t go wrong with this Grace set.

With eight standard-size screwdrivers, designed for both comfort and functionality, you’ll be able to use this set for just about any firearm.

A moderately cheap set, this wood handle gunsmith screwdrivers set is completely American-made and boasts superior wooden craftsmanship.

Unlike some of the options on this list, this set is more bare-bones and lacks the variety of bits that you can find in other products.

Still, it’s one of the best budget options we’ve come across and will get the job done the right way every time.

For this reason, make sure to consider it if you’re looking for an option that provides superior functionality without breaking the bank.

2- Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Screwdriver Tool Set

If you’re looking for something a little more intricate, you can’t go wrong with this deluxe set from Weaver.

Perhaps the most comprehensive set on the market, it comes with 88 unique pieces and has everything from magnetic bit drivers to every type of gunsmith screwdriver you can imagine.

Simply put, there’s nothing you can’t do with this detailed set.

The set comes with a comprehensive array of punches and even a two-headed mallet made of brass and plastic.

A bit pricier than entry-level sets, the Weaver Deluxe should be considered a serious option for anyone who owns multiple (or valuable) firearms.

With this kit, you’ll be able to work on just about any gun imaginable, without worrying about the safety and quality finish of your firearm.

3- Weaver Gunsmith Screwdriver Tool Set (Entry Level)

The most affordable option on this list, the entry-level Weaver gunsmith set is a smart option for hunters and other casual gun users.

Though the kit is officially entry-level, it contains a wide variety of screwdrivers and bits that will essentially let you work on any gun you want.

Even if you own a number of firearms, this can be a great starter set if you’re looking to see what gunsmith sets are all about.

Despite the price, you don’t have to worry about quality. Made by industry leader Weaver, this entry-level kit is durable and will hold up for years with the right care.

This means that you can give your gun the attention it deserves without having to shell out big bucks for a more detailed and comprehensive set.

4- Wheeler 89 Piece Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

If entry level’s not for you, you may want to go out with this deluxe 89-piece screwdriver set that literally has everything you need and more.

If you own multiple firearms or a valuable firearm, you’ll likely find this wheeler gunsmith screwdriver set better suited to your purposes.

In total, the set contains 54 unique flat-tips, 15 specialty bits, eight Allen screwdrivers, four Phillips screwdrivers, and two driving handles.

This makes it one of the most comprehensive sets on the market and good for a variety of uses.

One thing’s for sure: you’ll be able to use this set on just about any screw, making it a valuable investment for serious gun owners.

With this screwdriver kit, you’ll be able to service a variety of guns, and it’s likely that you won’t need to buy another any time soon.

5- Chapman MFG USA Made Screwdriver & Ratchet Tools Set

Chapman MFG 9600DT gunsmith screwdriver set is another best quality reliable kit you turn to.

This comes from a most trustworthy brand that uses USA steel for manufacturing the set that’s most precise for firearm usage.

Having been hand-assembled & examined in the USA this set offers you all the insert bits for precision gunsmithing.

And for this reason, these tools are most preferred by all branches on the military including snipers

The good thing is it’s multipurpose. This means you not only can use it for weaponry but also for medical & dental equipment, sewing machines & other tools.

Above all, the complete Chapman gunsmith screwdriver set is packed safely in a nice handsome looking case to keep all your tools protected for long term usage.

Difference Between Gunsmithing and Regular Screwdrivers

When it comes to gunsmithing, you want to be sure you’re using the proper tools along the way.

That means using a gunsmith screwdriver rather than a regular screwdriver, for a very important reason.

It’s all about the power and how well the screwdriver fits into the screw that you’re using it with.

When it’s about differentiating between a regular screwdriver and gunsmithing screwdrivers, all the differences lie in their ground style.

Gunsmith Screwdrivers Vs Regular Screwdrivers

Regular Screwdriver Ground Style

The first thing you’ll notice between a regular screwdriver and a gunsmith version is the ground.

A regular screwdriver has what’s called a taper ground.

That means that it is formed into a wedge and it doesn’t actually fill the entire slot on the top of the screw.

What this means is that you’re not going to get quite the same pressure and you’re definitely going to have damage to the screw threads over time.

These screwdrivers may work, but they’re definitely not going to be the best for your gun.

Gunsmith Screwdriver Ground Style

When it comes to a gunsmith screwdriver, you’ll notice they are actually what’s called hollow ground.

This means that they are designed to fit into the slot at the top of the screw.

They actually have a curve instead of a straight wedge, which allows the screwdriver to actually fit into the entire top of the screw.

This provides a more balanced fit and makes sure that you’re getting even torque.

That also helps to keep your screws in good shape.

You just have to make sure that you use the right one for each type of screw.

If you’re planning to take apart your gun for yourself then the first thing you need to do is make sure that you have gunsmith screwdrivers to take care of it.

You don’t want to end up with stripped screws because you were using the wrong supplies.

Factors To Consider When Buying Gunsmith Screwdrivers Kit

Knowing this, how do you know which gunsmith screwdriver set is right for you?

To answer this, let’s review a comprehensive buying guide that will help you learn more about these sets and find the one that’s best suited to your purposes.

For starters, it’s important to understand the two different types of gunsmith screwdrivers.

In general, there are two main types, each with their own benefits. Let’s take a look:

Fixed-Blade Screwdriver

Fixed-blade screwdrivers are screwdrivers with a single blade and tip.

In other words, they’re the standard screwdrivers that you generally use.

Fixed-blade gunsmith screwdrivers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to work on any number of screws in your firearm.

These screwdrivers tend to be the less expensive of the two options.

Magnetic Tip Screwdriver

Magnetic tip screwdrivers use magnets to retrieve and hold screws so that you don’t lose them.

These screwdrivers make it easier for you to keep all parts of your gun safe and in a single location.

Though they tend to be pricier than fixed-blade options, they’re a great addition for serious gun owners.

It’s also important to understand the different shapes that come with gunsmith screwdrivers.

One of the most popular options is “hollow ground” screwdrivers, which have beveled tips for enhanced precision.

In general, these screwdrivers are a better fit for use on firearms due to their particular shape, though they can be more fragile and should be handled with care.

So, Which is The Best Gunsmith Screwdriver Kit to Buy Online?

With all this information in mind, how do you know which gunsmith screwdriver set is right for you?

If you only own one firearm or don’t use your guns very often, you can certainly get by with a cheaper set like the Grace USA Original Gun Care Screwdriver Set HG8, Gunsmithing, Screwdrivers, 8-piece, Gunsmith Tools & Accessories gunsmith screwdrivers set.

These sets are the USA made and generally have everything you need to get the job done right.

If you own valuable firearms or have an extensive collection, however, you’ll likely want to shell out a bit more money to make sure that you get just the screwdriver and bits you need to handle a variety of screws.

There’s another option to buying a more comprehensive set, as well.

Because these sets have a number of screwdrivers and bits, they’re also handy for other applications around the house.

This means that you won’t be investing in merely a gunsmith set but rather a toolkit that you can use for a variety of tasks around the house.

For this reason, these sets are certainly worth it if you have the money to make the investment.


What are the common gunsmithing tools?

In addition to screwdriver set, a gunsmith may need tools such as ball peen hammer, roll pin starters, punch set, allen keys, torx head drivers, needle nose pliers, armorer’s wrench and more. Depending on your work and budget you can have these tools available in your tool box.

Who makes the best gunsmithing screwdrivers?

There are number of manufacturers out there who makes the best gunsmithing tools. Hence, when buying gunsmithing screwdrivers online, carefully check that the brand you are buying is reliable enough.

In addition to the names we have already mentioned, you may consider gunsmith screwdrivers from Forster, B Square or Winchester. These all manufacture the tools from gunsmithing and are highly trustworthy.

Where to buy the best quality gunsmith screwdriver set?

Gunsmithing tools are available at your local sporting store or at online gun stores such as Brownells. You can also find wide variety of them at Amazon, eBay and Walmart where they sell all the popular brands at an affordable price range.

The Bottom Line

The right specialized gunsmith screwdriver set makes it easier than ever for you to safely take apart your firearm.

If you’re looking for a better way to clean your gun, you’ll want to invest in a new screwdriver set.

Doing so will provide you with a litany of benefits, including safer and a better finish.

Depending on your set, you’ll also be able to use your specialized kit for other tasks as well.

In this guide, we covered five of the best gunsmith screwdrivers sets out there.

Among these superior options, you’re sure to find something you love!

Use this guide as your ultimate reference for finding the screwdriver set that works best for you.

Doing so can help you save time, money, and strain as you get an option that’s both low cost and superior quality.

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