What is the Best Gun Safe Carpet Liner?

A Gun safe liner is one of the most important safe accessories but most often overlooked item when you need the ultimate protection for your guns. Regardless of the size of guns, you can’t afford to have just any kind of liner in your safe.

If you are buying your first gun safe, have a custom gun cabinet or one of our recommended cheap gun safe alternatives without any sort of lining, you are doing your guns a disservice.

Neoprene Toolbox Liner or Polymat are well known as the best gun safe liners. They are both easy to work with and provide excellent protection for your firearms and gun accessories. The latex backing of the Polymat helps keep the liner in place and Neoprene is naturally anti-slip. They are perfect gun safe liner options and here’s why we think that.

Advantages of Gun Safe Carpet or Neoprene Liners

There are lots of benefits of getting a liner for a firearm safe if the model you bought didn’t already have one. Here are some of the most obvious reasons why you need to get one of these.

Protection from Scratches

image of rolling mat perfect for your gun cabinetSo you have bought your first gun and very proud of it or currently own lots of them.

It’s great that you are living your American dream and exercising your second amendment rights. However, 5-star firearm safes are manufactured from premium-grade steel to prevent unauthorized access.

The rugged nature of this steel material means your guns will always be at risk of scratching when they come into contact with it.

Would you rather have your guns stay in mint condition for a lifetime or leave them to slowly scratch over time?

The right lining material can protect your weapons and important valuables such as jewelry from all forms of scratching.

This will keep them in their original condition so that you can retain their aesthetic and monetary value.

Neoprene foam or polychloroprene is a great material that can be used to line up your safe to provide cushion against scratches. Another solid option is non-woven felt carpeting (think of the carpet they put on speaker boxes or some other automotive applications – like this roll of Polymat we found on Amazon).

It should cost you just around $20 to get enough liner for a 40-gun capacity safe completely and optimally. This is pocket change compared to the cost of your guns so this shouldn’t stand in your way from getting a great cushion.

A rubber mat is another effective option that can give your guns the right level of cushion against scratches. It is easily available online or from brick and mortar retailers such as Wal-Mart.

Here’s a great neoprene liner on Amazon to show you what we’re talking about.

Gun Safe Liners Help Control Moisture

 a flooring mat is a perfect gun safe liner.Moisture is one of the main problems suffered by gun owners. Even the most sophisticated gun safes on the market do not come with the automatic ability to battle moisture.

If you live in a tropic region then it is even more imperative that you get quality material for lining your safe. These regions experience significantly higher levels of humidity than other areas of the country.

Getting an efficient liner for your security safe should be one of your first concerns once the shipment arrives in your home.

Sure, you can invest in a quality heating device for your safe. However, if the safe is not appropriately lined then your battle against humidity will be sufficiently constrained.

The first thing is to stay away from any type of material manufactured from cotton fabric. They retain high amounts of moisture so using them in your safe will be counterproductive in your quest to obtain low humidity levels.

Don’t forget that excess moisture can cause condensation on your firearms which will corrode and rust them eventually.

A carpet runner can be another great option if you want your guns and other valuables to stay dry.

Other gun owners go in for tool chest drawer liners coupled with a 3M mounting tape for lining their gun cabinets.

Another effective material for most security safes is automotive headliner material. This is great for keeping your safe dry to complement the efforts of your dehumidifier.

How to Line a Gun Safe for Fire Resistance

Lots of gun owners typically look for protection for their rifles, handguns, and ammo should their homes catch fire.

Fire insurance is one of the best ways to ensure your weapons are hedged against household fires.

It guarantees FINANCIAL security for your guns in the event of an accidental fire. However, you should be prepared to pay some expensive premiums.

Over an extended period, you realize that the amount spent on insurance is twice the value of your whole gun collection.

This is why lots of gun owners are investing in gun safe models certified with fire-resistant properties.

This is always a great option to fireproof your guns and give them some security. However, the good news is that some lining materials can also enhance the fire-resistance of your guns.

Sheetrock is one of the best gun safe lining materials for giving your guns protection from fires. Lining the exterior of your safe with a layer of this material will offer considerable protection to your guns in the event of a fire.

Depending on the size of your gun cabinet, you can line portions of the interior of your safe with multiple layers of ½-inch sheetrock. Then you just cover it with Polymat or Neoprene liner. For the exterior, tape or paint it like a wall to make it look nice.

Professional Look for Your Safe

professional looking interior of a safe with proper liningWhether you have bought a brand new or used gun safe, it is important for it to look cool when opened.

A great liner gives your firearm safe that professional and elegant look it deserves. It also gives you the confidence to place anything of value without freaking out over scratching it.

An auto carpet can give you that beautiful and professional-looking gun safe interior you can be proud to show someone. If you decide on this option, make sure you get one that is about ¼-inch thick so you can easily cut through with scissors.

Your safe will look great upon completion and oh, the rifles and pistols will love it too!

The Bottom Line

A quality gun safe liner is a no-brainer for gun collectors from all walks of life. We have outlined some of the best materials used for carpeting gun safes. These materials have been tried and tested over the years by millions of gun owners.

So you can be sure that your guns will get the needed protection. These materials are readily available on Amazon and other online retailers.

You can also walk into your local Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, or any other retailer near you. Most of them have these materials on their shelves so you should have no issues getting one.

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