Most Secure Gun Safe – A – Z Guide For Finding it!

What is the most secure gun safe in the world? We wish we could give you a straight answer so you can just log onto Amazon and purchase it right now.

Well, we guess you are a smart cookie and already know that the answer is complicated. Still it would be foolish not to ask yourself that question anyway.

Only a few gun safes are well-built with enough security features to keep out burglars until they give up and move on. The rest of the others on the market are only pretenders extremely vulnerable to most forced-entry attacks.

Most Secure Gun Safe​ : Quick Comparison





Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5″ Pistol Sock
can you see the distinct lock of the Fort Knox PB4 shown here?

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Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 45 Minutes AMSW592216-BLK
The Steelwater 16 Long gun is the most secure gun safe for rifles


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Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor
image showing the Verifi Smart Safe. one of the most secure gun safe



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Artemis Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe
The Artemis quick access biometric pictured here with its iconic design



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Stealth Portable Handgun Safe PS1210EZ Pistol Box + Free 13.5″ Dean Safe Pistol Sock
image of stealth's flagship under bed safe



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5 Most Secure Gun Safe Options for You

We can guess by now how much the security of your guns mean to you. We have come up with 5 great options which have been designed to meet the most stringent specifications.

Let’s take a look at them one by one and determine which one is right for you.

Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 + Free Dean Safe 13.5″ Pistol Sock

can you see the distinct lock of the Fort Knox PB4 shown here?Most of us heard about the legendary Fort Knox even before purchasing our first guns. This is a great American manufacturer with top-level safes you can trust. If you are looking for a model with top security features, it better be a Fort Knox!

The Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 is built from ultra-strong 10 gauge steel uni-body. Its doors measure 3/16 inches and designed to be resistant to various forms of tampering.

It is powered by a Simplex mechanical lock with a stunning 1,081 combinations so no one can break into easily. The lock is easy to operate and gives you fast access to your guns if you ever need it.

The PB4 has enough capacity to store 1-2 handguns and ammo as well as a few small personal items.

It has a simple antique look with its durable textured coat finish.


  • 10-gauge extreme strength steel uni-body construction with 3/16-inch tamper-resistant doors
  • Powerful Simplex style combination lock with 1,081 unique combinations
  • Carpet lined inside to protect your valuables
  • Lifetime Warranty with your purchase
  • Proudly made in the USA


  • Storage capacity is limited to 2 pistols
  • Price tag is quite high

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Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection for 45 Minutes AMSW592216-BLK

The Steelwater 16 Long gun is the most secure gun safe for riflesThe Steelwater Heavy Duty AMSW592216-BLK is a model endowed with impressive features to protect long guns from fire and burglary.

It is constructed with 12-gauge solid steel body that keeps your rifles and shotguns intact if your home is burgled. It also features a 12-gauge steel composite style door to ensure resistance to prying and other forced-entry attacks.

Additionally, this safe has a Gear Drive Locking system that guarantees protection from punching, prying, and drilling attacks.

The spring loaded re-locking bolt kicks in when the lock is removed during a robbery.

This Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun safe features a sturdy electronic lock which is EMP Proof. For additional security when mounted, the safe features a ¼-inch steel re-enforced bolt down hole.

With a depth of 16 inches, this model has 8x more hard plate than comparable units from competitors.

With an average capacity of about 10 guns, this safe comes with a fire-rating of 45 minutes for temperatures of up to 1550 degrees F.


  • 12-gauge steel construction with super-strong 12-gauge steel composite doors
  • Gear drive locking system which gives resistance against prying, punching, and drilling
  • 1-inch solid steel locking bolts and spring-loaded re-locking mechanism
  • Fire-rating of 45 minutes for up to 1550 degrees F
  • Hard steel plate that is 8x stronger


  • 16-gun capacity may be insufficient for those with a larger collection
  • Capacity is actually quite exaggerated

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Verifi Smart Safe Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

pic of the Verifi Smart Safe. one of the most secure gun safe The Verifi Smart Safe should be considered when in the market for the best biometric security for handguns.

It is powered by a sophisticated fingerprint sensor built to meet the FBI and Homeland’s specifications. The sensor is integrated with 3D imaging which allows your hands to be verified every single time.

Thankfully, it’s nothing like the cheap sensors in rival safes which can be a nightmare when your fingers are wet and/or dirty.

It is available in a rugged steel construction that keeps its contents secured from intruders. The motor-actuated locking bolts prevent break-ins and keep your stuff safe.

The AutoLock feature automatically kicks in when your door is shut to ensure complete security. Once opened, the NiteLite technology discreetly illuminates the safe so finding your gun doesn’t become a struggle.


  • Solid steel construction with 2 lock bolts to protect against intrusion
  • Powerful biometric scanner with 3D imaging certified by the FBI and Homeland which opens every single time
  • Tamper Alerts system beeps to notify you of attempts by kids and visitors to break into your safe
  • LED NiteLite keeps your safe illuminated once opened


  • Not suitable for storing rifles and other large guns
  • Not the cheapest biometric model available

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Artemis Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

The Artemis quick access biometric pictured here with its iconic designLooking for a burglar-proof portable gun safe that gives you protection on the go? You can’t go wrong with this model which continues to get the most raving reviews.

The Artemis Quick Access is a compact safe built with a weapons-grade polycarbonate polymer. You can trust that your child or intruder will not be able to break into it to play with your gun.

The biometric scanner is powerful and reliable. It is easy to program and register fingerprints even if you are new to this.

If someone tries to break into it 5 times in a row, the built-in Tamper Alerts system starts beeping. The beeps will only stop when a registered finger is placed on the scanner.

This feature alone ends up scaring away a child or intruder.

The interior has been largely padded to accommodate 1911 style and other larger pistols. It is easy to mount anywhere with its pre-drilled 4 mounting holes.

It ships with a highly secure tubular style key and security cable which helps keep your valuables intact.


  • Weapons-grade Polycarbonate polymer construction makes it burglarproof and childproof
  • Tamper alerts system that beeps loudly when someone tries to gain access to your gun without your permission
  • High-end biometric scanner stores up to 200 different fingerprints.
  • Well-padded interior ensures easy accommodation for larger handguns


  • Not the cheapest compact gun safe in the world
  • opens with your fingerprints only

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Stealth Portable Handgun Safe PS1210EZ Pistol Box + Free 13.5″ Dean Safe Pistol Sock

image of stealth's flagship under bed safeStealth is the only manufacturer that matches Fort Knox boot for boot in terms of the quality of its products.

The manufacturer touts this model as the toughest and most reliable pistol safe ever made.

You know what? They couldn’t be far from right when you look at the quality of its construction.

The Stealth Portable Handgun features a 10-gauge body steel construction with a wrap-around door measuring 3/16 inches. It comes with an extremely thick Brass Locking Bolt and two Solid Steel Dead-bars which makes it an absolute fortress.

Additional resistance to prying is achieved by the double 3/8-inch steel lugs and welded continuous hinge.

The Simplex locking mechanism comes with 1,081 unique combinations to prevent being picked by a thief. The lock is also encased in hard steel to prevent intrusion via the popular punching method.

You can easily carry it around with its special designed chrome plated carrying handle.

How many safes come close to what this model has to offer?


  • 10-gauge elite-grade solid steel body with 3/16-inch strong wrap-around door
  • 2 steel dead-bars, thicker brass bolts, and 3/8-inch Steel Lugs
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-year warranty


  • Expensive price tag
  • Limited space for storing lots of pistols

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Secure Gun Safe Buying Guide

There are loads of critical features to look out for in your search in order to avoid a vulnerable safe. Paying attention to these features will ensure that you can end up with a fortress to store your guns safely.

Keeping your guns secure from thieves should be a primary reason to get a safe. Even if you live in a secured neighborhood with minimal risk of robbery, protecting your firearms from kids should be a priority.

Here are the most critical features to look out for before you hit the buy button:

Uni-body Construction

The exterior construction should probably be the first feature to look for when searching for a top quality firearm cabinet. Getting this step wrong defeats the whole purpose of getting a safe for your rifles or pistols in the first place.

The best models feature uni-body construction which keeps all external areas sturdy enough to resist various break-in attempts. It should be built with low-gauge steel, which is renowned for standing the test of time.

Composite Doors

Security safes designed with composite doors can effectively keep out most thieves. The truth is, without these types of doors, most of them will likely become susceptible to hand tools used by burglars.

There are lots of features with decent body construction. However, the type of door they come with end up being their number one weakness.

Internal Hinges

Strong internal hinges can work magic when your home is robbed. With enough steel hinges, your safe should be able to withstand prying and other forms of intrusion attacks.

Since thieves are usually hard pressed for time during the robbery process, there is a high probability that they’ll give up trying to open your security safe.

UL Listed Locks

These locks have been independently tested and verified by Underwriters laboratories to withstand break-ins for specified periods. Whether you opt for a home safe with a electronic or mechanical lock, it should be designed to keep out burglars.

Hard-plate Lock Protectors

Most thieves will try to destroy your lock when they fail to pick it successfully. If you choose a safe with a hard-lock protector, that option is effectively taken off the table during an intrusion.

Bolt Locking System

No matter the size of your gun safe and the type of locking mechanism integrated into it, additional bolt locks will only give more security to your firearms.

A highly secure safe should feature a combination of live and dead bolts to make your gun more burglar-proof.

Re-locking Systems

Re-locking systems kick into effect after your handgun or rifle safe is shut. They provide an additional line of defense when someone tries to break into your weapons cabinet.

Anti-Prying Features

Prying is one of the most common ways thieves break into safes. Make sure you look out for anti-prying features during your search and you will glad down the line.

This feature alone can enhance the security of your gun safe to a greater degree.


If you choose a rifle safe with a handle, ensure that it is sure-tight and can’t be readily broken.

You wouldn’t want to come home to find your guns and valuables stolen due to vulnerabilities in the handle design.

Locking Mechanism

Whether you prefer a combination, key lock, or biometric gun safe, the locking mechanism should be absolutely foolproof.

A combination lock should have at least 1,000 unique combinations to prevent thieves from opening your safe by guessing the right pattern.

A magnetic key lock should be strong enough to prevent break-ins. It should only open with its designated magnetic key.

You have to look out for an EMP-Proof model if you decide to go in for a rifle or pistol safe manufactured with an electronic lock.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the most secure gun safe for your needs, these are 5 great options.

You may have noticed that the models we have reviewed aren’t the cheapest on the market. This is because they deliver real protection unlike cheaper models that only pretend to do so.

Every single one of them comes equipped with a lot of those important features you need in a safe and much more.

If your budget is low, there are alternatives out there that do not require you to rob a bank.

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