Best Gun Holsters for Women

Gun Holsters for Women: Q&A

Gun holsters for women are creative, concealed and will provide you with the protection that you need whenever you need it. Whether you want a holster on your purse or your person, there is a gun holster that will suit you and your needs just right, so you can be armed at all times and protect yourself when the time comes. As a woman, we should be able to walk around anywhere we want is our country and not be afraid of anything happening to us if we are alone. Many women are growing interest for personal protect and firearms.

Numerous gun holsters will appeal to many women who conceal their weapon. Gun holsters for women are comfortable but like every other product; you must find one that meets your needs and is comfortable for you. Here are a few top picks for gun holsters for women that you may want to consider.

1. What makes gun holsters for women better to justify higher prices?

  • Layers of synthetic materials are skillfully assembled to make the platform of the holster rather than just a piece of leather.
  • 100% custom to the model gun
  • High-quality materials to construct the holster itself
  • Holster that is handmade and takes more time to assemble; have more steps to construct the holster

2. Should your gun holster for women have a warranty?

Yes. Your holster should have a warranty to the original purchaser. This will allow you to use confidently your holster and ensure that if there is any defect to your holster, the manufacturer will do their part in correcting the problem. The warranty should include normal wear and tear of the holster along with manufacture’s error.

3. How do you decide which gun holster for women is best for you?

It is important that you find a holster that will provide you with concealment, comfort and safety features. Your holster should not limit you in any way to fire your gun effectively and quickly. Your holster should provide retention and eliminate the possibility of trigger engagement. The holster you choose should also keep the safety of the gun guarded with no accidental disengagement.

UnderTech Undercover Women’s Concealment Tank Top Single Shirt

186 Customer Reviews

The UnderTech Undercover Concealment Tank Top Single Shirt gun holster for women features two concealment pockets, one on each side, which is perfect for right or left handed users. This ambidextrous holster allows for immediate access to your weapon when wearing a variety of shirts; t-shirts, button down and pullovers. The design of the holster even allows the user to draw the weapon while sitting down. Holsters like these are used by many agencies nationwide; FBI, DEA, Secret Service. This holster can hold handguns, magazines and Tasers. This comfortable design is perfect for everyday use and enables the user to carry and conceal their self defense handgun. This holster has received a 4.4 out of 5-star rating from customers who have purchased and used the holster. Many customers have said that this comfortable holster is so comfortable that they forget they are wearing it. Other customers have said that the holster provides a snug fit to ensure that your weapon does not shift or move around in the holster. Another reason customers have said that they enjoyed the holster was that it was perfect for women who owned and carried a smaller gun. The comfort of the holster and the fact that the gun did not move were pros that were frequently mentioned by customers.

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Hip Hugger Classic- Concealed Carry Holster

207Customer Reviews

When using the Hip Hugger Classic gun holster, you are able to conceal carry up to four compact weapons on your person. This gun holster for women is great because it also allows you to carry other items such as your phone within the holster itself as well as three extra magazines. The military elastic and 3-row hook and eye closure design of the gun holster to allow the wearer to have an adjustable fit for added comfort. The hypoallergenic no-slip grip, will allow your holster to remain in the location on the body that you desire without slipping or slightly moving throughout the day. This gun holster for women also does not bulge. Your concealed carry gun will provide you with the element of surprise in the event you are attacked with deadly force. This holster is ideal for weapons that measure 6.5 inches in length. There are many sizes to choose from when purchasing your new gun holster for women. If you are a woman that likes to have the holster lower on the hips or higher on the torso, you can also purchase size extenders to achieve the comfort and positioning of the holster further. The holster is meant to fit snug in order for the weight of the weapon to be supported evenly throughout the holster.

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Goson Concealed Carry Purse-Leather Locking Gun Bag

116Customer Reviews

If you are a women that does not have the outfit to wear a holster because your dress fits closer to the body, there are other options for you. You can invest in the Goson concealed carry purse to ensure that you are protected whenever you experience an attack. The locking purse will not only allow you to conceal carry your gun, but you will also be able to draw your weapon from the right or the left. The holster itself inside the purse is also removable and allows you to use the holster as a belt holster. The strap of the purse is reinforced and slash-resistant. This will allow you to confidently carry your gun holster purse around without the worry of the purse being taken by anyone unexpected. The leather purse features a locking zipper with a dedicated pocket for your weapon only. The rest of the compartments in the purse will allow you to carry any other necessities that you will need; just like a regular purse. The gun compartment of the purse will allow you to carry weapons of various sizes from pocket autos to Glocks. This means that the purse is ideal for women that possess a regular sized handgun.

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Concealed Carry Purse Holster by Packin’ Neat

21Customer Reviews

Let’s say that you are a women that really likes her fashionable and name brand purses but still want to conceal carry; there is an option for you. With the concealed carry purse holster, you can turn any purse that you own into a concealed carry purse, as long as your purse is big enough for the holster. No matter what larger purse you have, you will be able to convert any of your purses to concealed carry purses anytime that you want. All you have to do is place the holster into your purse and you are good to go. The holster is designed to conceal your weapon in the event that someone is able to see into your purse while you are reaching for other items. This however, does not limit your ability to retrieve your weapon when being attacked. The holster will hold the gun in a vertical position with the muzzle of the gun pointed down. The holster also features multiple pockets so that you can organize the items in your purse. This will make it easier for you to transfer everything from one purse to another in the event that you want to change out your purse to match your outfit.

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Genuine Leather Concealment Purse

23Customer Reviews

There are many different holsters that you can choose from when it comes to housing your pistol, and the concealment leather purse is no different. The leather purse allows you to go about your day, undetected of having a gun in your possession. The purse allows you to retrieve the gun when you need it in a left or right draw. The purse is adjustable and you are able to carry it cross body or over the shoulder. The adjustable strap also features a wire to reinforce the strap to ensure that the strap cannot be cut from the body. The compartment that is dedicated to the gun features a Velcro positioning holster. The cowhide leather purse is full of additional compartments and pockets to ensure that you have enough room to place all of your essential items without compromising the compartment that is dedicated to the gun. The purse is stylish and will compliment whatever you are wearing on a daily basis. The compartments of the purse can be sealed by the sturdy zippers that are attached to the purse and the dedicated compartment is able to lock when the purse is not in use. The purse comes with two keys to unlock this compartment.

Sport Belt Big SheBang

202Customer Reviews

There is many different holsters that women can choose from but how do you know which holster is the best? Well, if you are trying to conceal your firearm, it is important to find a holster design that will work with your everyday lifestyle. The Big SheBang from CanCan Concealment, will provide you with a holster that will perform perfectly for you. This holster has three different holster positions to ensure your comfort and the ability to quickly draw your weapon in the event that you need it. The positions you can carry your weapon include the appendix and two kidney positions. The holster also features additional pockets so that you can carry any other items that you may need. The holster is easy to strap on with the Hook and Lock closing. The edges of the fasteners are covered to improve comfort of the holster. This holster is also perfect for jogging or working out. This is a perfect holster for diversity no matter what you are doing during the day; whether you are walking around town or running the perimeter of the city. You will have confidence in this holster and you will hardly know that you are wearing it because of how comfortable it is when wearing. This is the perfect conceal carry holster for women.

Women’s Concealment Shorts by UnderTech Undercover

94 Customer Reviews

This holster is the perfect way women can carry their gun, concealed, while wearing a skirt or snug-fitting slacks without a belt. The shorts can be worn under anything that you own, from jeans to sweatpants and skirts. The compression concealment shorts holster is custom built and made specifically for women’s bodies. These shorts are extremely comfortable and secure. Each pair of holster shorts features two identical holsters so that whether you are left or right handed, you can effectively utilize this holster. The holster also allows the users to carry spare magazines, handcuffs and a Taser. This holster is very popular with female federal agents and police officers. The compression holster shorts are available in black and white. This holster allows the user to have complete defense and concealment without sacrificing comfort. The compression holster shorts are rated a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Customers say that this holster is very comfortable and perfect for women who love to go on walks or runs. The gun stays with you and does not move even when running or working out. Customers like the fact that this holster can easily be washed in the washing machine, and they are ready to go. Other customers like the fact that you do not need to wear a belt to clip the holster to or the fact that most holster can limit what you are able to wear. This is a highly recommended holster for women.

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Garter Holster- CanCan Concealment Women’s CC Thigh Holster

42Customer Reviews

The Garter Holster by CanCan Concealment is a great gun holster for women. This thigh holster will allow the wearer to conceal carry two guns and one magazine. This holster can also be used to carry pepper spray, Tasers and knives. This holster allows the wearer to draw right, left and cross body. This feature allows the holster to be perfect for whatever your wardrobe. The Garter is secured by rare earth magnets for additional retention of your firearm. The three-row metal Hook and Eye Closure is great for a low profile and no-slip holster for all day wear. The holster also features military-grade elastic to hold the firearms and magazine securely in place. The sizing of the holster is based on the measurements of your body in inches. The firearm that is carried in this holster can be up to 6.5 inches overall and weigh up to approximately 38 ounces. The holster is accented with gorgeous decorative stitching and ribbon. This holster is made by women, for women, in the United States. This holster is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars. Many customers love the fact that the garter is very well at concealing your weapon and very easy to use. The security of the holster has surprised many of the customers as well. The garter will not slip or slide down the leg when fastened correctly.

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