The Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Shooting is a great sport for many all over the world. It’s a passion for many. They spend a great time while sporting and having fun with their guns or rifles.

Ultrasonic gun cleaner machine

But as a passionate shooter, you already know how you spend your weekend!

You may need to spend long hours cleaning your guns and its parts manually.

The process is quite hectic and includes the dismantling of the gun, cleaning each part separately, lubricating them and putting them back together.

Isn’t it a time-consuming task?

Of course, it is! And a messy process too.

Besides, if shooters reside in some remote areas, they can’t get the best cleaning oil and lubricants as per their needs.

This is where buying a worthy ultrasonic cleaner for guns comes into the picture.

Ultrasonic cleaning of guns offers a low-cost solution for shooters for cleaning their weapons effectively and efficiently at home.

These devices are also used commercially in gun shops for providing effective services to the customers.

Earlier, these cleaning solutions cost thousands of dollars. But today, these are made affordable by manufacturers and can be easily purchased online.

What is an Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Device?

It’s An Ideal Way For Cleaning Your Weapons Easy and Fast!

If you love to shoot but don’t like spending hours cleaning and oiling your guns, then you will find ultrasonic gun cleaners – a perfect solution.

These automatic gun cleaning systems have been around for long years for professionals, indulged in commercial usage.

But these have now become affordable enough for people to buy for personal use at home.

An ultrasonic gun cleaner is a high-tech gun cleaning machine to help shooters clean their gears efficiently.

The device uses high-frequency sound waves that drive cleaning solution into the small aspects and crannies to give you the best cleaning of your gun and its parts.


The sonic gun cleaning device includes everything a shooter needs to clean and lubricate his guns.

It includes ultrasonic cleaning tanks, lubricating pans, cleaning baskets, ultrasonic cleaning concentrate and lubricating solution to clean and preserve the guns for long.

A smooth scrubbing action is performed by ultrasonic gun cleaners that perfectly remove the petroleum-based pollution, carbon deposits and soil particles from your gun and bore.

Cleaned weapon parts are then rinsed and put in a lubricating bath.

Since the weapons are sonically energized, the lubricant drives into the small crevices and joints of them.

Hence, all the moisture deposits from the cleaning and rinsing cycles are eliminated, ensuring no possibilities of rust.

Why You Need The Machine?

If you are really busy and hardly find time for your shooting activity, cleaning more weapons on hand does not sound good for you!

With a fully functional gun cleaning machine like an ultrasonic gun cleaner, you don’t need to spend half a day on Sunday simply cleaning your guns – after spending a great Saturday at the firing range.

You can simply use an ultrasonic gun cleaner to do a job for you. Most of these ultrasonic gun cleaning machines are of high quality and does its job efficiently without any trouble.

It can serve you lifelong for cleaning your weapons in a very efficient manner.

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Guns Comparison

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Top 10 Best Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Reviews

Finding the best automatic machine for cleaning your guns can be confusing if you are buying it for the first time.

For your convenience, we have already prepared a list of 10 best sonic gun cleaning devices in the market that are top reviewed and best selling.

Just check them out and hopefully you will find your best candidate among these, that suits all your requirement.

1- Hornady Lock N Load Sonic Cleaner II

Quick Features:

  • 2L capacity with 80 watt Ceramic Heater
  • Cleans your brass and small gun parts inside and out
  • Stainless Steel Tank with Tank dimensions 7.25″X6″X3″

Carbon residues on small gun parts and cases are usually very difficult to clean manually.

However, the microjet action of this powerful Hornady sonic gun cleaner when combined with the shot sonic solution can clean all the carbon residue from the cartridge cases powerfully both from inside and outside.

Both the external and internal surfaces of primer pockets can also be cleaned well. Appropriate cycle time can be chosen using the five to thirty-minute timer as per your cleaning needs.

This Hornady sonic cleaner machine (110 Volt) comes with two large-sized stainless steel tanks that can hold up to three hundred .223 cases or one hundred fifty .308 cases.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Sonic Cleaner II also comes with a ceramic heater of eighty watts which makes the cleaning action very effective so that all your gun parts can be cleaned effectively in one round.

2- Hornady Hot Tub Sonic Cleaner 9L

Quick Features:

  • 9L Capacity with 5 Temperature Settings
  • 25.5″ X 7″ X 4″ Interior Dimensions and Integrated Drain Pans
  • Cleans cartridge cases inside and out and accommodates a 16″ AR upper easily

With a 9 liter capacity, this Hornady gun cleaner is long enough to easily accommodate and clean 16-inch AR-15 upper in one go.

External & internal surfaces of primer pockets and cartridge cases can also be cleaned efficiently using this device. Provided heating element along with 4 powerful transducers increases the cleaning efficiency for most stubborn carbon residues.

Hornady Hot Tube Sonic Cleaner has been fortified with the microjet action, Degas function and 5 temperature settings that range from 100 to 140 degrees F.

An inner tank (1.7 qt) can be utilized in the main tank in order to clean smaller batches. The good part being, you can use separate solutions in these tanks at the same time for cleaning different gun parts.

This hot tub sonic cleaner also has integrated drain pans which are present in the lids. The design has added hanging chords which help large objects use the ultrasonic energy fully.

If you are in search of a long large-sized ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning all your gun parts fast, this is the best machine to buy.

Besides the above two models, Hornady sonic cleaner 7L is also available on the online markets. However, this is less popular among the shooters for cleaning gun parts.

3- Lyman Turbo Sonic Case Cleaner

Quick Features:

  • 2.5 L Tank Capacity
  • Clean cases inside and out in less than 10 minutes
  • Comes with Heated tank and plastic basket deliver superior ultrasonic performance
  • Ultrasonic cavitation lifts and dissolves carbon, dirt and any residue left on fired cases

Lyman Turbo Sonic 2500 Case Cleaner offers the most reliable cleaning to users who want to clean their guns and gun parts at home.

This Lyman turbo sonic cleaner (115-Volt) efficiently cleans the cases perfectly from inside and outside in less than ten minutes of time.

The ultrasonic cavitation in Lyman 7631700 works strongly on lifting the carbon and dirt from the fired cases which also helps in cleaning any residue left after firing on cases and primer pockets.

The heated tank is provided along with the plastic basket in this Lyman ultrasonic gun cleaner which makes the cleaning performance much superior.

For getting the best cleaning performance it is recommended to use Lyman’s Turbo Sonic Cleaning Solutions with this Lyman 2500 ultrasonic cleaner device.

4- Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Case Cleaner

Quick Features:

  • Heated tank for optimum cleaning performance
  • Comes with 5 timed cleaning cycles and 2 color LED display
  • Processes up to 1300 9mm cases in less than 15 minutes
  • Large capacity for cleaning handgun and pistol frames

Lyman Turbo Sonic 6000 Case Cleaner is another ideal tool for cleaning various gun parts, cases and other items at home.

Especially when you want to clean the dirty brass cases, this Lyman ultrasonic cleaner 6000 device works great for you.

Featured with 5 timed cleaning cycles, heated tank and two industrial grade ultrasonic transducers it provides optimum cleaning performance of your valuable handgun and pistol frames, every time without fail.

Furthermore this Lyman gun cleaner comes with a large capacity tank (with built-in drain and hose to change the solution easily) that can efficiently process up to 1300 9mm cases in less than 15 minutes.

2 color LED display, large plastic parts basket and convenient handles are also provided with the unit for convenience.

5- iSonic P4810 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Quick Features:

  • 2L Tank Capacity Ideal to Clean Brass Cartridges
  • Can Be Used to Clean Compact Pistols and Gun Parts
  • 110V, 135W, 35,000 Hz, stainless tank Size 7.2″X6″x3″
  • Comes with 30-minute timer, heater, brass cleaning solution concentrate csbc001-1pt

If you want to clean brass cartridges for reloading, in an effective and efficient manner, then the iSonic ultrasonic cleaner is a great machine for you.

Heater (preset at 140F/60C), 30-minute timer (for longer running time) and industrial-grade stack transducer (which is about twice more powerful and more durable than wafer transducers) comes with this power-packed iSonic P4810 gun cleaner for best cleaning performance.

It also comes with brass cleaning solution concentrate csbc001-1pt that can be used to clean compact pistols and gun parts rapidly.

6- iSonic P4820 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Quick Features:

  • Timer Settings: 180, 280, 380, 480, 90 seconds
  • Heater preset at 149F/65C; Cooling fan; Overheat protector
  • Comes with Ultrasonic Frequency 42,000 Hz, 110V 160W and Tank Size 9.8″x5.8″x3.1″

Commercial Ultrasonic cleaner iSonic P4820 is another great gun cleaning machine that can help clean your gun parts and brass cases very efficiently. Also, it can help in cleaning applications related to dental that demands more time for getting cleaned well.

The stainless steel tank is generously proportioned and is perfect for long rifle parts, silver-wear, and dental instruments. Ultrasonic transducers used in it are of industrial grade and are 2 times durable and stronger than wafer transducers.

This 2.5 L device is fortified with a cooling fan that helps it to run for a longer duration. Heater (149F/65C) in this cleaning device runs independently and does not depend on cleaning.

The safety of iSonic ultrasonic cleaner is ensured with the overheat protector. It prevents the device from being overused and in turn prevents overheating.

The device is quieter than many other products available in the market. Timer Settings in the unit ranges from 180, 280, 380, 480, 90 seconds and it also includes an optional wire mesh basket.

Above all, it has safety certifications. Internal certifications for safety (5 of them) including GS for Germany assure the highest quality -as GS is the toughest standard that can be achieved by any product.

7- Mophorn Ultrasonic Cleaner 10L Digital

Quick Features:

  • 10L Tank Capacity Industrial Grade with Heater
  • Stainless steel Body with Tub and Basket
  • Unique Frequency Sweep feature for advanced cleaning
  • Can be used for Cleaning Jewellery, Dental & Tattoo Equipment, Carbs, etc.

Mophorn 10l Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with heater is an awesome device for home use which can clean all your gun parts in addition to jewelry, dental & tattoo equipment, car parts, carbs and much more.

TruSonik offers a built-in automatic frequency micro-adjustment feature or a Frequency Sweep feature helping you get maximum cleaning action in less time.

Having a Frequency Sweep feature simply means that the device adjusts and matches the frequency automatically, no matter what type of cleaning solution you use, so that fluid penetration and cleaning results can be maximized.

Unlike other cleaner models, Mophorn digital ultrasonic cleaner comes with a max cleaning cycle time of 55 minutes, which is 30 minutes in most of the models.

Furthermore, the transducers in the device also allow you to control the temperature of a built-in heater so that the cleaning solution can use can be preheated, thus saving time and energy.

Above all, the device comes with 1 year warranty from the manufacturer and complete after sale customer support so that you can buy your unit with full confidence.

8- Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 2.5 L

Quick Features:

  • 2.5L Capacity Stainless Steel Tank
  • Suitable for Gun Parts and Long Dental Equipment
  • 5 working cycles, heater, digital, and strong transducer

This gun cleaning equipment comes with a large & lengthened stainless steel tank that not only helps in cleaning gun parts but also items like long dental equipment and tube.

Unlike other models that come with metal baskets, its strong plastic basket made up of ABS 757 material offers better water-proof and drop-proof ability.

Furthermore, the highly powerful transducer and built-in heater of the unit offers better cleaning power so that you get the unmatched cleaning results.

The digital heated ultrasonic gun cleaner also comes with unique features like circuit protector, radiator fan and wet-proof PCB for enhanced cleaning, efficiency, and durability.

9- Tek Motion 15L Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Quick Features:

  • Powerful Six Industrial Grade Transducers for enhanced cleaning results
  • Comes with Stainless Steel Construction (along with Wire Baskets, Heater and Timer)

Best for serious shooters, Tek Motion Ultrasonic Cleaning System is a powerful cleaning machine that can effectively help in cleaning your gun and its parts.

With the combination of intense ultrasonic cleaning action, this premium quality sonic gun cleaner device removes all the carbon residues as well as other foreign materials from your gun parts, empty pistol, revolvers, and rifle cases.

This Handgun Cleaning device comes with powerful transducers (6×60 W=360W) to offer you gun cleanings without any hassle.

It also features Timer settings of 1-30 minutes, stainless steel basket and detailed instructions are also provided with the unit for easy, fast and efficient cleaning. This new design also comes with carrying handles for easy transporting and draining.

Above all, the device also includes a limited warranty of 1 year on parts/labor.

10- RCBS Ultrasonic Case Cleaner

Quick Features:

  • Best for Case Cleaning, Case Prep Tools & Accessories
  • Unique Degas function to maximize cleaning performance
  • Sensor indicates when to change out solution
  • Comes with Powerful transducer and heater along with Convenient drain valve and tube

RCBS ultrasonic case cleaner makes the cleaning of brass cases easy for reloading faster. It has a stainless steel tank that can hold a big volume of brass cases in one round.

Within just a few minutes it thoroughly removes all the tarnish and is also effective in removing metal oxides and carbon build-up.

The sensor in the unit helps you in understanding when the solution has to be changed. The tube and drain valve are very convenient and drains water properly out of the machine. Degas function is an advantage in this equipment for getting advanced cleaning results.

Made from the highest quality durable materials, the machine is one of the best for all your gun parts and case cleaning requirement.

How Does Ultrasonic Gun Cleaner Work?

The ultrasonic gun cleaning process includes making strong, high-frequency sound waves inside the tank equipped with water.

Cavitation is generated by the waves produced that scrubs anything you place inside the tank.

The added benefit of ultrasonic cleaner for guns is that it reaches to the parts where you can’t reach with a brush or by using a wire.

It turns every stone and eliminates every small bit of old gun oil, carbon particles and anything else that comes up in the path.

If the object inside the tank is hard like a handgun or your Glock, then the energy generates micro-currents in the water that clean the handgun surface.

One added benefit is that these micro-currents are microscopic to clean out even the smaller holes, parts and crevices in the gun.

These systems do more than a normal sonic gun cleaning solution in just 3 simple steps.

1- You have to just pour the weapons’ lubricate solution into the pan, place the gun and its parts or your brass cases into the pan, and then place the pan into the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2- With a press of the button your cleaning task is started which gets completed within a few minutes. The process is similar to that of cavitation using the cleaning solution to scrub off dirt.

3- The lubricate solution is then used to eliminate any lingering draws of stubborn carbon residues or moisture that are unnoticed during cleaning and rinsing.

When you are done, you will end up with an effectively cleaned and meticulously lubricated handgun. Moreover, you get this without getting your hands dirty!

If you are a shooter with less time to clean your guns, then you should definitely make use of these ultrasonic gun cleaners for the best results.

It can really save you lots of time and money which you can spend elsewhere for more fun.

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Guns Buying Guide

5 Things To Check Before Buying

Ultrasonic cleaning device for your guns, rifles, and weapons comes in a wide range and it often becomes hard to choose the best one for your requirement.

Now when you have checked with all the best gun cleaner brands and models above, you may need to consider a few important factors, before picking up the best ultrasonic gun cleaner for your personal use.

These include:

1- The size of the largest gun part you want to clean: As these devices are available in different sizes you may check this carefully before making a final decision.

It is good to note that you may need to invest more in case you want to get a bigger machine which can clean big parts.

2- Whether the basket is included with the unit or not: It is recommended not to put the parts to be cleaned on the bottom of the tank.

Therefore it is essential for you to get a cleaning basket with the unit which makes the cleaning process easy and efficient.

3- Check whether the cleaning device comes with a heater or not: As not all sonic gun cleaning units come with a heater it is important that you choose a machine with this option.

The dirt, grime, oil, carbon residues, and lubricants are often hard and time-consuming without this option.

4- What ultrasonic frequency you need: Most of the ultrasonic cleaner machines in the market come with the frequency range btw 35-45 kHz.

This is sufficient as long as you do not need very fine, delicate or sensitive cleaning of the parts. If your requirement is to clean some sensitive objects you may need a cleaner with high-frequency range.

5- How much power (watts/gallon or watts/liter) you need: As you need a large volume for cleaning the guns, you may need to have more power.

Although getting a powerful weapon cleaning machine helps you save cleaning time, it may not be suitable for all as regular cleaning may affect the surface finish on soft metal and can also damage sensitive electronic parts.

Getting a machine with an adjustable power can be the best option in this case.

How To Care for Your Defensive Hand Guns?

5 Tips for Easy At-Home Maintenance

Generally, Handguns are used for defensive purposes. These self-defense machines are rugged, reliable and handy to use.

However, for any type of weapons (whether manual or automatic), you need to perform meticulous maintenance activity for its optimum usage and proper functioning.

Hence, periodic and regular maintenance is called for. Improper maintenance may lead to malfunctioning or permanent damage to the guns.

Here we discuss a few tips that will help you in gun maintenance. Check them out…

1- Need for maintenance

The main reason for the malfunction, misfire or damage is improper maintenance of your weapon. In order to keep the handguns in the ready-to-use condition, we need to periodically maintain the arms as laid down in the maintenance/user manual of the handguns.

In the case of regular usage, the guns should be cleaned after every usage or firing. In case of occasional usage, the guns should be cleaned after the firing and should be periodically maintained.

Maybe you can do it every fortnight to ensure no dust or any foreign objects are there inside the barrel.

2- When and how to maintain?

Irrespective of the type of usage of your gun (whether occasional or regular) the maintenance needs to be carried out immediately after the firing of the guns on a regular basis. The maintenance of a gun after firing includes the process of cleaning and lubrication.

The cleaning activity ensures the removal of any foreign objects or burrs stuck inside the barrel.

Lubrication ensures the smooth movement of the moving parts so that you can make your gun ready for the next usage. Lubricants should be used as specified in the user manual.

3- Storage and handling of arms

The guns not only have to be taken care of meticulously for its cleaning; special emphasis is to be given to storage and handling of arms after you have cleaned your gun.

The place of storage should have good wooden racks to keep and secure the arms. The temperature and humidity of the room need to be under control, to ensure that the arms do not get rusted/oxidized due to humidity.

For this, you can try out the best biometric gun safe that is now available online at affordable pricing.

4- Using advanced cleaning technology

Specially formulated powerful and effective lubricating machines and solutions are available for today’s sophisticated handguns. One such is the ultrasonic cleaning system. This includes the usage of a high tech ultrasonic gun cleaning machine and sonic cleaning solution.

It ensures thorough cleaning of your gun or pistol parts without reacting to the metal surfaces of a different material of constructions used for the manufacturing of the gun barrel and its moving parts.

These ultrasonic cleaning materials are Eco-friendly as it does not emit any toxic material. The solutions and lubricants used are completely free from ammonia and is biodegradable.

These solvents are very effective and leave no residual in the cleaning process and are having low co-efficient friction property which ensures the long life of the metal part and smooth operation of the system.

5- Tools and apparatus

Special cleaning materials and tools are prescribed for maintenance of the guns, and this should be kept handy always for keeping the gun in operational condition.

Proper ventilated and clean room should be used for maintenance activity as the lubricants and solvents used are toxic in nature.

It has to be taken care of that only specified tools and cleaning materials should be used as laid down in the user’s manual.

5 Easy Steps For Cleaning Your Gun Manually

US Navy 110815-N-YM590-047 Sailors from the VBSS team clean weaponsEffective gun cleaning includes 5 critical manual steps.

Let’s look at each step in a detailed manner and get a hassle-free gun cleaning!

1- The first and foremost thing is to ensure that the gun is unloaded and aimed in a safe direction. Dismantle the gun while keeping track of all the parts carefully.

2- Go through the owner’s manual to get the right instructions on dissecting the weapon. Take out the Forestock (a wooden part under the barrel) by pushing down on its lever.

Ensure the barrels are not falling off the weapon and to the ground. Once you are done with the dismantling process, you can have 3 unique pieces – the receiver, barrels and the Forestock.

3- Use a solvent to clean the gun and remember to use a bore brush or solvent applied rod with a patch to clean the barrels.

Recommended cleaning is from the gap to the front of barrels. Clean dry patch has to be used to push through the barrels and continue this process with clean patches.

This is an alternative process that you have to do first time with solvent and second without solvent. Continue the process until the patches bring out all dirt.

Place the solvent in a toothbrush and clean other metal parts of the weapon. This is done to take all accumulated residues out.

4- Now its time to clean the surface. Remove all residual solvent from the firearm and other parts because even a little solvent remained on the metal parts is harmful.

So, clean the metal parts using a small coat of oil or rust inhibitor. Use gun oil or lubricants to wipe down the metal parts in order to shield the firearm and also help it work perfectly.

Since a little amount of lubricant or oil will go a long way, use it sparingly. When you store the gun ensure that you don’t leave fingerprints on it.

Though the fingerprints do not cause anything harmful to the function of the weapon, it will look ugly and the lubricant on your hand may pollute the finishing of the metal.

5- Now when you have put all the parts together, check if the weapon is working rightly. Hold the receiver horizontally while keeping the barrels at a 45-degree angle towards the ground.

Move down the barrels into the receiver till the hook underneath the barrels catches in the receiver. Pick the front of the barrels up and get them locked into place. Now you have to reattach the Forestock. Move the forestock into the small latch and smoothly close the latch.

Opening and closing of the breach of the weapon have to be done once again in order to ensure everything was done rightly.

Ensure that all parts of the weapon slide smoothly without using any excess oil or lubricants. Undue force should not be used on the gun as you have the chance of doing something wrong while cleaning the weapon.

Well, manual cleaning is an old traditional method of cleaning your gun and its parts for ages. Today there are brilliant gun cleaning devices – such as ultrasonic gun cleaner – which is available at an affordable price.

You can invest a small amount into it to take care of your gun cleaning task forever. I believe you will not be disappointed with the decision you make.

Based on our research and ultrasonic gun cleaner reviews found online, Hornady is among the best gun cleaner and brand to get your guns perfectly cleaned in no time.

This is not just for army people! But it’s a device for any ordinary man who needs to clean their guns, pistols, revolvers, and rifles that were used for shooting and sporting before.

Check out the videos below to know how these Sonic cleaner devices work for gun cleaning: