Master Lock Padlock 2 Pack Solid Brass Lock 140T Review

Master Lock 140T (Set of 2) Padlock Review


Let’s be honest, a lock is a lock. It’s not too hard to buy something to secure your gun case or range bag. However, if you want a lock that will work in almost any condition and will fit most cases on the market, then you want to check out the set of 140T Master Locks.

Rating: We’ve given the Master Lock Padlock 2 Pack Solid Brass Lock 140T a 5 star rating. These locks perform well and are very consistent. They meet the TSA requirements for “locks” – you just have to make sure your cases meet the requirements as well! They work and they do it every time.

Why did we rate this what we did? What did our reviewers think of it & how did they test it out? Continue to read the complete review, or check out the link below to take you directly to the item.

Master Lock 140T Solid Brass Padlock with Key, 2 Pack, 2 Count

Features & Benefits

Material & Security

Featuring solid brass and chrome construction, these locks are incredibly durable and strong. Brass and chrome both wear well indoors and outdoors and will still be working long in the future. The shackle for the 140T is made of hardened steel which is incredibly strong and difficult to cut. This offers more security than some lower grade steels that use cheap materials. This pair of locks have a 4-pin cylinder which will give you a solid feel and are a little more difficult to pick. Obviously you want something that is made of high-quality materials if you want it to protect something that is of value – like your guns.


The 140T is 1-9/16 inches wide and the shackle is about ¼” in diameter and has a 7/8” height (just shy of an inch). This makes it so it fits in most hard pistol cases and rifle cases. If you have a hole for locks on your case then chances are this lock will fit.


Master Lock made it rather convenient by offering these locks in pairs or 4 packs which are all keyed the same. However either set (2-pack or 4-pack) only comes with 2 keys so you need to pay attention where you keep the keys and / or make extra copies so you don’t lose them.

This is a quick overview of the different things you should consider when purchasing Gun Locks & Padlocks. If you want more information check out our extensive Gun Locks & Padlocks Buying Guide where you will find all the things you should consider when making a purchase.

These are the benefits, but how do you know if it’s right for you?

Testing the Master Lock Padlock 2 Pack Solid Brass Lock 140T

What should you look for in a set of locks for securing your weapons? When buying locks you want to make sure that they do their job – namely securely keeping unwanted hands from getting your weapons. You want them to do this with as much consistency as possible. This means that you want to be able to lock your belongings, leave them there, come back to them and be able to unlock the locks without any issues.

There are countless times when a lock has gotten moisture or sand in the cylinders and become corroded and frozen. Several times in my life I’ve had locks get stuck in just an overnight trip and I wasn’t able to unlock them without some time & effort. The Master Lock 140T locks don’t have a history of leaving you stranded or frustrated. We’ve had one on an outdoor gate for more than 2 years and there isn’t any negative impact on performance.

It may sound obvious to some, but you want to make sure you get the correct size lock for your application. The 140T locks have a shackle that’s smaller than an inch. If what you’re locking up has an area bigger than this then you’ll have to look for another lockset. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using a lock that’s big enough to accomplish your goals. If you are locking a large storage chest where you you’re your weapons, the 140T may be too small for your needs. Keep that in mind.

Another thing you want to watch for is that the locks aren’t easily cut, broken, tampered with or picked. The internet abounds with videos, tutorials and how-to articles on how to circumvent the security of a padlock. You want the locks to deter from being an “easy target”.

Finally, you want to have a company that stands behind their product. How easy is it to get replacement locks, keys or get help when needed. How is the company’s Customer Service?

Master Lock 140T Solid Brass Padlock with Key, 2 Pack, 2 Count

Our Findings & Rating

PROS: Brass & Chrome construction, history of security, customer support, economical, keyed-alike, TSA compliant, secure
CONS: Small, max quantity of 4 keyed alike, only 2 keys

We spent a few days researching, testing and flogging the Master Lock 140T padlocks to see just what they were capable of. As for security, these locks hold up to their promises & expectations. We locked and unlocked these things a few hundred times each and they worked flawlessly each time. We’re not sure if they use some sort of graphene or dry lubricant internally but they seemed to remain smooth after repeated use. The locks also fit every case we tried them on.

They are a bit heavy being that they’re solid brass but that not only helps their durability, but it also tells the world “we’re strong”. When used on a pistol case you can lock each port and know that small hands or people with nefarious plans can’t get into your case without much effort. Given that the shackle is only 7/8” tall there isn’t much room to try and open a case and pry from there. Which is good news. It’s also really nice to have the same key work on multiple locks (if you want more than 4 locks that share the same key you need to check out the Master Lock Padlock KEYED-Alike BR 1-9/16") which should be keyed-alike and you can buy them in multiples).

The 4-pin cylinder prevents picking and the dual locking levers provide resistance against prying and hammering. I would consider myself an amateur “hobbyist” locksmith at best and after 30 minutes I wasn’t able to pick these locks. I have a small lockpick set and, while I’m not very good still, I can usually pick locks. These weren’t easy for me but my brother who is a locksmith was able to pick them in less than 5 minutes.

One thing that is important for our readers is whether or not these locks are TSA compliant. They aren’t sold as “TSA Gun Locks” however not many locks are any longer. TSA requires that when flying with firearms they are stored in a hardened case that is lockable. You will open the case at the check-in counter, lock it in front of the agent and you are the only person with the keys. They shouldn’t have any reason to unlock the case while in flight. In a few instances, we’ve heard of TSA agents requesting a case be opened before boarding but they usually won’t just open it unless they cannot contact you. Some reviewers said you could put a note with your name & number on your case that says “if you need this opened please call…” this seemed to work.

Finally, we found that in a few, very rare, cases there were manufacturing defects in the locks themselves and one, or both may ship defective. This should be expected. In any production (mass production) scenario there are bound to be a few bad outputs. If you get one it should be easily remedied. In our research, we found that Master Lock stands behind their products wholeheartedly. However, with the “keyed-alike” locks you may have to push a little bit to get what you want (replacing both locks if only one is defective). These locks come with a limited lifetime warranty which is proof that they stand behind their products.

Who should get this?

Who should get the Master Lock Padlock 2 Pack Solid Brass Lock 140T? Someone who has a hard case or a set of hard cases. It should be clear that these locks are perfect for someone who has one, or several, gun cases they want to secure. These locks are great for that application. They’re strong, durable and work. That’s what you need.

Who should avoid it?

Anyone who needs a bigger lock or more than 4 that are keyed the same.

Have you tested it out? Add your rating and comments below!

This is an individual product review for the Master Lock Padlock 2 Pack Solid Brass Lock 140T, if you want to see more Gun Locks & Padlocks articles you can check them out here.

About Master Lock:

Master Lock is a worldwide company that is recognized as the authentic, enduring name in padlocks and all things security. Founded in 1921, they have worked diligently to earn, and maintain, the trust of their customers by delivering security through strength and quality. Find more information about Master Lock here

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