LEE Loadmaster Review – Should You Buy It?

There are various reloading kits that you can find in the market nowadays. Indeed, it is hard to find one that fits your needs, especially that some may offer similar features.

Today, the lee loadmaster kit is one of the most prominent options for both pros and hobbyists. Though it is not the cheapest choice, it provides incredible speed.

In this Lee Loadmaster review, you will understand more about the kit- its features, pros, and cons. Let us also have a quick overview of the company to better understand its products. Our main goals are to help you decide whether or not you should buy this item and give you some ideas if this is worth buying.

Our Pick
Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit
  • Load Master Reloading Pistol Kit
  • Cast Aluminum
  • 7/8"x 14
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03/08/2024 08:58 am GMT

About Lee Precision

For more than 50 years, Lee Precision is considered as the top manufacturer of reloading equipment, including reloading dies, reloading presses, bullet casting, and more parts. It just started with a loader for shotgun shells, followed by loaders for pistol and rifle ammunition.

Through the years, more and more economical and effective tools related to reloading are introduced. But Lee generally aims for one, and that is to provide only the best reloading tools while saving money.

Today, Lee offers several high-quality products such as scales, priming tools, crimpers, presses, dies, lubricants, bullet sizers, melters, bullet molds, trimmers, turrets, powder measures and many more. In fact, these items are invested by Lee but are imitated by other companies.

Before you decide that reloading ammunition, it is worth considering some precautionary measures since this can be dangerous if not done properly, much worse can lead to injury or even death. Read the instructions very well to ensure the safety of everybody.

Lee Loadmaster Review

Indeed, there are many loadmaster kits available in the market. But, the Lee Precision Loadmaster is one of the most prominent and widely used kits today. Let us find out why!


  • This is made in the USA thereby ensuring quality
  • Comes with 5 spaces to produce 5 bullets at the same time
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can fit in even the largest case of magnum rifle
  • This is ideal for speedy reloading of bullets
  • This kit includes most items


  • The stand is not included
  • It is quite expensive


With its 1 ¾ inch diameter ram plus the size of its stroke clearance, even the largest cases of your magnum rifle can fit in. Having the Lee Loadmaster can allow you to reload different rounds so that you can make bullets with various sizes.

Progressive Instead of Single Stage Press

This Lee Loadmaster progressive press also functions as a single-stage reloading press, so this is a good idea for both neophytes and pros. If you want to learn how to hand-load your ammunition or perform volume reloading, the lee precision loadmaster is a perfect fit.

It contains five stations that give in to prominent reloading dies as well as a detachable turret responsible for holding them. Since it functions more as a progressive press, you can reload more rounds at once.


Weighing only 13.8 pounds for shipping, the kit already includes a priming system, powder measure, case feeder, and #19 shell plate, to name a few. This makes it a perfect choice if you want to reload numbers of rounds quickly- even thousands!

Because the Lee Precision Loadmaster 9mm comes with everything that you need for efficient use, you no longer have to buy more parts. Perhaps, the only thing that you may need to purchase is a stand, although it is not necessary since you can mount this anywhere.

Speed of Reloading

The biggest advantage of this Lee Autoloader is the speed of reloading. As mentioned earlier, it has five stations, which means five spaces in a rotating shell plate that can make — obviously five bullets at the same time.

However, these advantages come with major drawbacks. Although you can save a lot when you reload by yourself, the initial investment may be very expensive, especially for starters. This may not be a good option if you don’t need hundreds or thousands of bullets.

Our Pick
Lee Precision Load Master 45 Reloading Pistol Kit
  • Load Master Reloading Pistol Kit
  • Cast Aluminum
  • 7/8"x 14
Buy Now
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
03/08/2024 08:58 am GMT

Setting up Lee Loadmaster

The first thing that you should do is to read the manual first, specifically the instructions, then fine-tune it until your reloading press is ready to use. You should be cautious about setting up a Lee Loadmaster.

Again, don’t worry about additional requirements because the kit already comes with parts that you need. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, you will certainly realize how easy it is to use this item.

Check the complete shotshell reloading guide if you are a complete beginner.

Here’s a video on it:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this ideal for beginners?

This requires a huge investment for a neophyte, although, in the long run, you can save more money once you have set up the reloading press. This is easy to operate too, so it is not a big problem for beginners.

However, if you are not really into mass production of bullets, such as if you don’t need hundreds or thousands, you can try having a single stage press that is cheaper and easier to operate.

Check this detailed article before choosing a reloading kit for beginners.

  1. Is this worth the price?

This is expensive but comes with great benefits. It depends on your purpose. If you need reloading hundreds and thousands of rounds easily and quickly, having this item is worth it.

  1. Does this work on Corbin Swaging die?

This reloading press works on different reloading dies, so yes. The only requisite is that it should have the standard thread size. Other brands such as RCBS, Redding, Lyman, and Hornady work with this too.

  1. Should I choose a progressive instead of a single-stage press?

It depends upon your purpose. If you need to fill a lot of rounds, then you may need a progressive reloading press. But if you rarely need reloading or if you only require a few sometimes, you may acquire a single stage press.

Final Verdict

The Lee Precision Reloading Pistol Kit already comes with a complete set, so you will no longer need to buy more. Plus, it can reload many rounds, thereby making it easier and less costly for you to produce bullets.

I hope after you have read the Lee Loadmaster review, you have already decided if it is worth buying it. If you are looking for some more options read this article on shotshell reloader reviews.

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