Best Gun Safe Magnets Every Gun Owner Needs

Gun safe magnets are a must-have for every gun owner whether you own 5 guns or 50. You are required by law to purchase a gun safe for organizing your guns. This is the best way to keep your guns organized and in one place.

A gun safe also helps keeps your guns from the hands of your children and burglars. Most gun owners are continuously adding to their collection. If you are an avid collector, you may have to buy a bigger safe every couple of years.

Alternatively, you can use gun magnets and other innovative ways to save space and gain maximum use of space. These magnets come in several forms and can be used in a myriad of ways.

Magnetic Rifle/Shotgun Holders

Rifle holders are one of the most popular uses of gun safe magnets. These are magnets which can be easily fixed anywhere in your safe. It allows you to store as many rifles and shotguns as possible.

One of the main problems with large rifle safes is the fact that manufacturers typically exaggerate their holding capacities. It’s not uncommon to purchase a factory labeled 22-gun rifle safe only to realize that it has enough capacity for 16 guns.

Apart from the internal area of your safe, magnetic rifle holders also allow you to mount guns in areas such as behind or under your car seat, under your drawer or anywhere else you want.

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The best magnetic rifle holders are easy to use and easy to mount in your preferred areas. They also save you precious time by giving you quick access to your guns whenever you need to draw them.

Magnetic Pistol Holders

image showing a typical magnetic pistol holder

If you own handguns or revolvers, a magnetic pistol holder can make your life so much easier. These holders allow you to store pistols literally anywhere from inside your safe to under your drawer and bedside.

The best magnetic handgun holders come with dual magnetic sides so they can be mounted in wooden gun cabinets. This feature also makes it easy to mount in any surface you can think of.

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Magazine Holders

Everyone knows that a gun is practically useless without enough magazines. Magnetic magazine holders are specifically designed to hold magazines of all sizes for handguns, rifles, shotguns and revolvers. They give you the flexibility to store your magazines in your safe.

It saves you lots of time when you are going hunting or anywhere else with your gun.

The magnetic nature of your magazine holder makes it easy to keep your magazines firmly in one place. If your home ever comes under attack, you know exactly where to reach for to get your gun reloaded.

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Your extra magazines and your gun safe at large will never be the same.

Magnetic Burglary Warnings

magnetic gun safe warning pictured here

Gun safes should successfully intimidate a kid or would-be burglar enough not to even attempt breaking in. Thieves will always attempt to forcefully enter the sturdiest safe in the world if it looks weak from the outside.

There are magnets designed to be placed at the front door of firearm safes to warn thieves from breaking in. Some of the best ones on the market come with warning and danger symbols in conspicuous colors to deter thieves.

Most of them feature scary warnings including “this gun safe contains materials that can cause injury during an attempted break-in” or that the safe “features a silent wireless alarm that activates when a break-in is attempted.”

You will be amazed at how many thieves will ignore your guns totally even after successfully getting into your home.

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Advantages of Gun Safe Magnets

The advantages of this gun safe accessory are enormous. As long as you own guns and a security safe, they can come in handy for you.

Save space

Space is one of the greatest problems faced by gun safe owners with an ever-expanding stash. As long as you own more than one gun you should take advantage of the various solutions available.

This will ensure that you get the best bang for your buck and not have to be buying a bigger gun safe every couple of years.

Your firearm safe can also be used for storing any valuable items you may own. From jewelry to vital legal documents, the best place to keep them at home is your safe.

If you own multiple passports or substantial cash amounts, it will be foolish not to store them in your highly secured rifle safe.

Mount Guns Wherever You Want

Gun safe magnets allow you to store guns wherever you want in your home. Prefer to keep guns in your drawer, kitchen cabinet, or another part of your home? These magnets can give you an awesome platform for that.

Just decide where you want your guns stored and get the right magnet for it. You will be glad you did.

Easy to Use

Gun safe magnets can be used by anyone even if you don’t have a single mechanical gene in your body. They require no instructions so anyone can quickly set it up.

Even if you are 80 years old, mounting anything gun or accessory with a magnetic holder shouldn’t be a problem.


Rifle holders, magazine holders, and other types of gun safe magnets are very inexpensive. They can be used by anyone because they are very affordable.

These holders typically cost anywhere from $10-$20.

Quick Access to Your Guns

When your home or store comes under attack, speed can be the difference between getting robbed or not.

Gun safe magnets give you lots of mounting options for your guns. Just determine where to place your gun for the quickest access so you won’t get overwhelmed when someone gets inside your home.

Keep Your Guns and Ammo In One Place

Magnetic holders allow you to keep your weapons super organized. Instead of your gun safe getting cluttered with guns and ammo everywhere, these holders keep them in one place.

This keeps your safe elegant and saves you time whenever you are looking for anything.

The Bottom Line

The use of magnets in gun safes has made our lives easier as gun owners. Whether you are an experienced collector or just fallen in love with guns, you should take advantage of this innovation.

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