Gun Safe Coffee Table Guide – DIY vs Buying

A gun safe coffee table can be a great way to stash your gun in plain sight at home. Relying on this security solution guarantees quick access to guns should you or someone you love ever come under attack.

Within the last couple of years, many Americans are finding innovative ways to store their guns across various points at home.

This has become necessary especially in high crime cities where intruders are constantly finding ways to break into homes, offices, and stores to rob expensive items.

Most traditional firearm safes are built to offer you some protection during these emergencies. So are there any special reasons why hiding weapons in furniture has become so attractive?

Well, the truth is most burglars are wising up to the idea of regular gun safes and this is continuously eliminating the surprise factor out of our defense.

By continuously finding “blind spots” to hide your gun, you can always maintain the element of surprise over your adversary. In most life and death scenarios, this advantage can make a huge difference.

Where Can You Get a Coffee Table Gun Safe?

image showing scoped rifles hidden in a gun safe coffee tableCoffee table gun safes and other security vaults concealed behind common pieces of furniture are available for sale in many departmental stores such as Amazon, Lowe’s, and IKEA.

These safes can range anywhere from $500 to thousands of dollars depending on what type of furniture it is. The quality of the wood and of course size, are other factors that influence the price tag.

However, it is important to take a good look at the quality of the construction as well as space and other constraints in your home before making a purchase.

Buying a Gun Safe Hidden in A Coffee Table

Buying as opposed to building your own concealed gun safe in a coffee table makes a lot of sense. This is especially true for those for those with no interest in carpentry or woodworking,

If you decide to spend some cash on one of the coffee table concealed gun safes available for sale, it is important to take into account these factors so you don’t end up with a useless piece of junk that you will hate yourself for buying every day.

Here are some of the important factors to consider:


The size of the coffee table should be taken into account during shopping. Ending up with a model that is too large for the space in your living room or wherever you intended to place it can be a waste of money and time.

Apart from the size of the table itself, it is also important to know the size of the concealed gun storage cabinet. If you own long guns, it will be foolish to buy a model that gives only enough space for pistols.

How Well Concealed is the Hidden Compartment?

image of a rifle in a hidden tableThe advantages linked with hiding guns flawlessly in plain view is the main reason why many gun owners are interested in coffee table safes. This is why you can’t afford not to purchase one which hides the secret gun compartment well enough.

Remember, most thieves are not stupid and your life could be in real danger if your weapons are discovered while your home is under attack.

The Quality of the Lock

Gun storage cabinets concealed in furniture are designed to make them less obvious. However, if an intruder looks hard enough then there’s always the possibility that they can be discovered.

This is where the quality of the lock comes in.

In our experience, the best gun safes hidden in coffee tables feature mechanical locks. Making sure you choose a model with a foolproof mechanical lock is one of the smartest decisions you could make.

This will ensure a top-notch level of resistance against entry even in the unlikely event that they are discovered.

Your Budget

If you don’t have at least $500 to spend, you have no business looking for any kind of furniture concealed firearms safe.

Even if you find any models lower than 500 bucks, you can reasonably expect that they will be crappy at best.

Making a DIY Coffee Table Gun Safe

freshly constructed DIY coffee table with concealed compartment for gun satorageIf you are an experienced woodworker, we’d recommend that you build your own coffee table pistol or rifle safe from scratch.

These can bring you unrivaled benefits compared to ready-made models available for sale online or in a brick and mortar departmental store.


Custom Specifications

The most attractive reason for going down this route is the freedom to build your own coffee table gun safe. You get to essentially engineer it to your exact tastes and specifications.

A lot of ready-made models may require modifications to meet your individual circumstances. However, these changes usually end up disrupting the physical beauty of your safe.

This defeats the main purpose of getting these safes hidden in everyday furniture in the first place.

Before you begin embarking on your DIY journey, know that there are lots of gun safe coffee table plans available.

Freedom to Integrate Highest Quality Materials

coffee table with hidden compartment shown hereThe truth is, many of the gun safe coffee tables available for sale on the market feature below-par materials.

We live in a world where manufacturers are being forced to find ways of cutting production costs as much as possible in order to survive. The higher the amount of savings they make during construction, the wider their profit margins.

Luckily, the aim of every DIYer is to get the best quality gun safe concealed under a coffee table. You should have no issues shopping for only the best components which will expand the lifetime of your end product.

From top-of-the-shelf locks to durable wood, there’s no limit on the quality of your DIY gun safe coffee table.

Nothing can stop you from building it to become super-sturdy to the point where thieves will struggle to break into should they somehow figure out that it is more than a regular coffee table.

Save Money

Even after spending more money on quality-grade components, you still make considerable savings at the end of the day. In our experience, the cost of building a quality coffee table safe is around half its price tag when placed on the retailer’s shelf.


The sense of accomplishment you get from building any wood working project from scratch can’t be rivaled. It is a great hobby for relaxing and taking your mind off other areas of your life.

Plus the sense of pride in your friends and family members’ faces will be priceless after your complete this project.

Stay Fit

Working on your little coffee table concealed pistol or rifle safe project can be a great way to burn some calories and stay fit.

This could be a perfect way to get your heart beating faster especially if going to the gym has always been a struggle for you.


If you think building a gun safe coffee table at home is a bed of roses, you better think again. There can be some real challenges and it’s important to know what you are getting yourself into even before beginning.

The first thing to know is that building it to perfection can be extremely challenging if you have zero carpentry or woodworking experience.

Sure, there are some great hidden coffee table gun safe plans available online and elsewhere. But if you have little experience, make sure you choose one with detailed step by step diagrams you understand completely.

Otherwise, you may need to call in a favor from an experienced wood worker buddy halfway through the project. Or worse still, hire a carpenter to finish the job at extra cost.

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