Gun Lockers vs Gun Safes: The Best Option For You

The Gun lockers vs gun safes debate is not ending anytime soon. If you are a gun owner, this uncertainty may pop up in your mind at some point when looking for storage for your firearms.

The right to bear arms is a basic constitutional right that is granted by the United States Constitution. Once you exercise your second amendment right by purchasing a gun, the next logical step is to find a suitable place for storage.

Many gun owners find themselves having to choose between a gun locker and gun safe depending on their personal preferences. There are millions of others who own both gun safes and lockers because it makes sense to them.

So which option is the most suitable for storing your guns? And why should you choose one type over the other.

What is A Gun Locker or Cabinet?

gun lockers vs gun safes-picture showing a wooden locker for gunsA Gun cabinet is a specific cabinet designed for storing firearms such as shotguns, handguns, rifles, and tactical weapons.

This cabinet is typically made from attractive wood such as solid wood, oak, and pine. These models feature glass doors which may be lockable to ensure that your gun collection can be displayed to anyone without actually opening the safe.

So why would anyone invest in a gun locker? Well, gun collection has been one of the most popular hobbies in North America in the last century. After spending a fortune in your lifetime to amass a collection of vintage, expensive and powerful guns, most owners love to show them off.

A Gun cabinet enables you to show off your firearms to your friends and visitors when they come over. It also protects against dust and other unsuitable weather elements that can be detrimental to your guns.

What is A Gun Safe?

picture of a typical steel gun safeGun safes are another great way to store your firearms and ammunition. Safes are different from lockers due to the high level security features integrated into them to ensure unauthorized access.

There are several types of safes available for storing your guns ranging from electronic to combination lock as well as biometric and keyed locks. Other safes employ other advanced technologies such as RFID to enhance the security of its contents.

Side By Side Comparisons: Gun Lockers vs Gun Safes

let’s take a look at how gun lockers stack up against gun safes when various qualities are considered in detail.


When it comes to storage space there is no grave difference between gun lockers and safes. Gun lockers come in all sizes so whether you own a single rifle or 50 you will find a suitable one that will store and display your valuables.

Gun safes also come in various sizes. Some of them are specifically made for storing only handguns. Other larger safes give you enough space for storing a collection of guns of different sizes.


Gun lockers are available from around 100 dollars for smaller sizes and can rise into thousands as the size increases. The price of these cabinets depends on the size as well as the quality of the wood used in construction.

If you are looking for a gun locker manufactured from premium wood such as oak or pine you should be prepared to pay top dollar.

Whatever your budget size, you can find a suitable gun safe to secure your valuables. Firearm safes on Amazon start from as low as under $50 to several thousand depending on the quality of the steel, size, and type of lock.

Specialized gun safes such as those which are waterproof or fireproof are available at slightly higher prices than generic ones of comparable size and material.


In terms of security, gun safes give you a significant edge over their locker counterparts. Don’t forget that while safes are built to specifically protect your guns and ammo from your kids, and intruders, the same cannot be said for lockers.

Gun safes come with sophisticated locking systems ranging from electronic to combination locks as well as biometric and RFID locks. Even the most sophisticated burglars with high-end tools could struggle to break into some of these safes.

Additionally, live bolting locks and anti-prying hinges are integrated into the manufacture of home safes for gun storage to make them stronger.

Gun lockers are just built to specifically display your gun collection to your pals and visitors. While some cabinets come with decent locks, burglars could have a field day when they breach into your home or office.

Keep in mind that the glass door can easily be broken into by even the laziest thieves.

Material Used

Wood is the most predominant material used in the manufacture of gun lockers. From oak to other solid woods, there are a myriad of options in the gun locker industry.

Apart from wood, some of the latest gun lockers available today come with all-steel construction. This is meant to improve aesthetics as well as increase the durability of your locker.

Gun safes are usually manufactured from solid steel. The most expensive models tend to be made with higher grade steel to prevent prying, drilling and other break-in attempts.

A few gun safe models introduced into the market in recent times are built with aluminum.

Waterproof & Fire Resistance

Finding a gun cabinet with waterproof and fire resistance qualities are rare. Remember, the main aim of these types of lockers is to help avid gun collectors display their possessions to their family and pals.

If you are looking for a storage option to protect your firearms should fire or flooding occur, gun lockers may not be the best option for you.

On the other hand, finding a waterproof and or fire-rated gun safe should not be a problem as long as you have a couple of hundreds of dollars to spend. There some pretty decent fire-rated models even in the $100-$200 price range.


California, New York and lots of other US states have stringent guidelines for the storage of firearms. Failure to follow these guidelines can lead to criminal and financial penalties should an incident occur which involves your gun.

Gun locker manufacturers typically don’t worry too much about meeting these guidelines. But many of the gun safes from the $300 price point are built and certified to meet legal requirements.


Gun lockers are a firearm collector’s dream. They give you a full avenue to proudly display a lifetime of guns and ammo.

You get the ability to showcase your guns, ammo, knifes and any other items you want others to see.

A gun safe is’t meant to showcase your guns. if you want someone to see your stash, you will have to go through the hassle of opening your safe.

The Bottom Line

There’s no universal winner in the gun lockers vs gun safes debate. The right option depends on your needs and preferences as a gun owner. A gun locker is the right option for you if you just want to display your gun collection proudly to those who come to your home.

On the other hand, if you would rather keep your pistols, rifles and other guns safe than display them then you should absolutely invest in a gun safe. The best options at every price range are here so you don’t have to hustle to find what you need.

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