How To Use Hornady Ultrasonic Cleaner for Gun Cleaning?

After shooting, your gun and its parts require proper cleaning.

Using the Hornady Ultrasonic cleaner machine helps to clean them in very less time.

The machine utilizes high-frequency ultrasonic waves and cavitation action.

This helps in cleaning all the carbon residue and accumulated debris from your cartridge cases and gun parts very efficiently.

One of the best benefits of using Hornady ultrasonic cleaner for gun parts is it’s excellent unmatched power that has been designed specifically for cleaning the guns.

No wonder, if you want you can also use the device for cleaning other items like jewelry, carburetors, or other metal objects.

Hornady Ultrasonic Cleaner Instructions

Using your  device is pretty easy with all the instructions and guides you are provided with the machine when you buy it online.

However, to get you an idea and make things easier, below are the basic guidelines and steps on how you need to operate the machine for gun cleaning and parts like brass cartridges.

  • Initially, take out the magazine and make sure that the gun is clear without any rounds.
  • Remove the major components and spray the Frog lube solvent all over the parts. Leave it for 3-5 minutes.
  • Now put a jar of water in the Hornady ultrasonic cleaner machine and place the sprayed product for 3-5 minutes arranged in a proper way.
  • Use some magic cleaning solutions like Hornady sonic cleaner solution which works best on the product during the cleaning process.
  • Cover the lid and run the machine to a maximum temperature of 140 degrees for about 20 minutes.
  • Open the lid and take out the parts to blow out the water completely.

Confidentially, now the gun is cleaned with an amazing cleaning method using an ultrasonic technology!

If you want you can also use Dawn or iSonic as a cleaning solution in place of Hornady sonic cleaner solution

The video below explains the interesting ways to follow while using the ultrasonic cleaner for guns.

Check this out just in case you are using your Hornady ultrasonic cleaner machine for the first time.

Hornady Sonic Cleaner Not Working: What To Do?

As with any other machine or a technological device, with Hornady Sonic Cleaner you may sometimes face certain issues.

But worry not the customer service offered by the manufacturer is simply excellent and your business will never need to suffer any loss if you get in contact with their team.

According to the manufacturers, your unit may not be working due to the following two reasons:

  • Break down of cleaning transducers
  • Break down of ultrasonic generators

Due to obvious reasons, troubleshooting or repairing your broken Hornady cleaner is not recommended by an authorized manufacturer.

Especially when the machine is under the period of guarantee you should never try your hands on them.

Just get in contact with an authorized service center or a store that deals in servicing of large-sized ultrasonic cleaners.

Hornady Sonic Cleaner Vs Lyman Vs Harbor Freight

Although there are many others in the market, personally, I love using Hornady and can’t recommend this thing highly enough for cleaning brass and other parts.

Specifically designed Hornady ultrasonic cleaners for a gun have a huge advantage over others.

And to be true the devices offered by the manufacturers like Lyman, Harbor Freight and RCBs come nowhere close to Hornady ultrasonic cleaner when it comes to cleaning the guns.

No wonder, if you want to clean other metal parts, tools or dirty carbs in the garage, a cheaper machine (like from Harbor Freight or Lyman) can do a good job.

But believe me, these are not good enough to fit loads of empty brass or your big rifle barrel.

Also due to features like power, design, 9L tank capacity, and timer, Hornady is one of the best machines you will ever find for cleaning large rifles, pistols, magazines, and other parts.

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