How to Clean an M&P Shield Gun (Few Essential Tips)

How to Clean an M&P Shield

The M&P shield is a favorite pistol weapon for thousands of people which is known for its reliability.

Introduced back in 2005, The Smith & Wesson Military and Police (M&P) pistol offers professional-grade features along with reliable performance any time you need (whether day or night).

Being easy to conceal and operate, the Smith and Wesson M&P pistol is therefore not only used for professional purposes but also as a gun for personal protection, recreation, and competition.

Since the handgun is like an expensive property for you it is important for you to clean and maintain your handgun at regular intervals.

In fact, when it comes to the cleaning of the M&P shield, you should be cleaning them every time it has been fired.

This will ensure that it stays in a functional condition for a long time and gives you an improved shooting experience.

Cleaning Tips for S&W M&P Shield

Every M&P enthusiast knows that a firearm is only as good as how well it is looked after.

Hence, when you are about to clean your M&P make sure that you use a proper kit designed especially for this model.

The M&P cleaning kit does its job 100% and that too at the minimum price range.

Most of the time it offers all the things you will need for cleaning which includes the pads, brushes, rod, jags, solvents and other few cleaning accessories complete in the case.

With this specially designed , you can reach the difficult to reach points of the gun to clean them efficiently with brushes and other devices available with the kit.

Start cleaning from the breech end of the gun so that you can prevent debris from entering into the weapon and clogging it.

Watch the below video to find out how you can easily take care of your M&P Shield pistol that you love.

Use a Cleaning Cloth for A Quick M&P Cleanup

One quick way to clean your S&W M&P is by using a proper cleaning cloth and a bit of solvent.

Make use of a protective mat to avoid the damage that can be caused due to the dripping of liquid while cleaning.

When you talk about M&P gun cleaning cloth, you will come across a lot of options that have been treated with silicone.

It is the most commonly used chemical because of its corrosion-resistant properties.

The only problem with it is that the treatment doesn’t stay forever and it makes the cloth less absorbent.

It is hard for the cloth to wipe out oil and other solvents when it has already absorbed silicone.

Such kind of rags are good for storage and to wipe out fingerprints or to provide a quick wipe-down to your firearms before keeping them back in the safe.

But, if you wish to cut one of these into patches, or use it to soak solvent, then you may have a bad time.

The Ultrasonic Process for Enhanced Reconditioning

Using an Ultrasonic Handgun Cleaning System is another great way to cleaning all your handguns (including M&P) without any hassle.

The ultrasonic waves reach all the hard to reach surfaces of the handgun parts while cleaning and thus provides effective cleaning which is hard to get by just manual hand cleaning.

According to the customer reviews, if you are searching for an ultrasonic cleaning system that provides the best cleaning for your handguns or revolvers, Hornady Gun Cleaner is a great tool that can help.

No other cleaning tool comes even close to this Hornady Sonic Cleaner. Different working cycles are present and anyone among them can be chosen for enhancing the efficiency of cleaning.

These cleaners come with a complete user manual which helps in operating the unit in the most effective way.

You can opt for this device for cleaning all your small gun parts along with the brass cartridges while reloading.

With all the easy tips and guides out there, why no get your M&P cleaned on a regular basis to prolong their life and enjoy the best shooting experience!

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