Eotech 512 Review-A65 (Holographic Reflex Sight Honest Opinion)

If you often or regularly visit gun and optic sight-related forums, then you probably know that the 512 is one of those sights that has a huge number of fans, as well as haters.

When you look at its specs and features, you will surely be going to fall for this optic, especially considering the price it comes at. But then why are there some people that don’t like it? Is it still worth considering? Or would you have to regret later?

Within the next 10 to 15 minutes, this Eotech 512 review is going to give you a clear idea about the optic and help you decide whether to pursue this or not.

Eotech 512 Review in a Nutshell

Considering the quality and specs that you are getting for this price, you cannot deny the fact that you will not find a deal like this one for any other models. Eotech 512 weapon sight offers you military-grade standard construction with high precision of shooting, without breaking your bank.

Before proceeding further, let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons that come with this product;


  • Rugged military-grade construction
  • High accuracy shooting performance within 200 yards
  • Shock absorbent and waterproof/fog-proof housing
  • Shatter-proof optic
  • 20 brightness levels
  • Wide window with very clear glass
  • Comfortable eye relief
  • Very responsive while adjusting windage and elevation
  • A very common type of battery


  • No night vision
  • Relatively low battery life
  • Backside buttons are a bit complicated to control
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  • Side Button Operation - Ideal for use with a G33 Magnifier
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Features as the First Impression

Eotech ships this dope looking holographic sight in an impressive package. The gear comes sealed in a well-protected polymer box.

You will get an instruction manual and lens cloth, which is pretty basic with all the sights. The optic feels pretty well-constructed out of the box.

But first, I suggest you read the proper way to use a reflex sight.

Design and Built

The Eotech reticle is an extremely durable optic. If you mostly prefer rugged optic to suit your tough shooting and hunting missions, it has everything you need. Regardless of the abuses, the gear will withstand perfectly. Due to its rugged built, many law enforcement officers, along with military personnel, rely on this sight.


The accuracy is also one of the reasons why most shooters and military personnel praise this holographic sight. You can take down your targets with high accuracy and precision. Its 68 MOA outer circle handles both close and extended ranges shots quite well.

For close distance encounters, you will find these optics very simple to use. This optic allows you to precisely shoot rounds at a particular target for seconds. You can use the sight even with both eyes opened; in fact, it works best in this state. But be sure to fill its 68 MOA outer circle to your target correctly.

You might find bullets hit the lower portion of the circle, but if the reticle is smaller, you can hardly complain regarding this issue. For more delicate targets, you can make the outer circle even smaller to make sure you hit exactly where you want, but this method only applies to short-range targets.

As far as shooting on a bright sunny day is concerned, you can adjust the brightness as per the condition demands. Even if you decide to shoot on a bright sunny day in Florida, you don’t have to struggle to see the reticle.

If you are in a situation that the sight window has mud or snow on it, or it’s partially shattered, still this optic functions well and provides you pinpoint precision.

With that being said, hopefully, you get that the gear is made for handling harshest survival conditions. That’s the reason why the sight is very trustworthy in the most hostile and extreme environments among the pro shooters, special forces, as well as military personnel.

One of the weaknesses of most reflex sights is the magnification issue. Most models tend to magnify the dot that profoundly influences on precise shooting.

With this one, even if you magnify the target, the ring, as well as the dot, will not expand whatsoever. Both magnification and pinpoint precision will significantly increase your shooting effectiveness.

Apart from all these, the sight also provides you with the least amount of zero shift, the least amount of parallax shift to further improve your shooting skill and experience.

Still, confused? Read this EOTech 512 vs 518 comparisons.

Shooting with Different Range

As far as effective shooting range is concerned, the Eotech 512 comes very accurately when it’s about shooting within 200-yards of range. It further enhances accuracy as you get closer to the target. You will find its 1 MOA inner dot very efficient at estimating shots at the further edge within the range.

If you need to shoot at targets around 300 yards, you will find the optic manages to reach to the target pretty much where you want. So, basically, within 200 yards, this optic shows stunning performance. To hit 300 yards or beyond, you need to consider the wind and other tricky factors.

You can even find this optic performs decently at hitting targets within 400 yards and beyond if you are a skilled shooter who knows how to adjust the settings to be able to hit the target.

For those who are looking for a high-quality holographic reflex sight that offers excellent versatility, accuracy, and uncompromised performance, this can be the best deal to go with. You may check the detailed review of reflex sights here.

 Eotech 512 Problems

A perfect sight optic is something that doesn’t exist. No matter how top specs an optic has, there will still be some people complaining about the sight. Despite having all these advantages that I have mentioned above, there are some drawbacks of 512 optics as well.

  • Lack of Night Vision

There is no night vision; yes, you heard me right. This high spec and feature dense optic aren’t compatible with night mode. So, if you have to hunt during nights, it’s not worth considering buying. There is an upgraded version of this model with night vision compatibility; you can get that.

  • Battery Run-Time

Battery life is another factor that might discourage you from going for it. Compared to high-end optics, it provides less battery run-time. But I think it isn’t a big issue, as it requires two double-A batteries that are widely available no matter where you go. You can buy and insert batteries without much trouble.

If you use it in a high brightness setting, it will last you about 600 hours. You will get 1000 hours of run-time on a low brightness setting. So, it wouldn’t be a wise thing to compromise this high-end budget optic for a simple battery issue that isn’t an issue at all if you consider battery availability and price point.


Final Thoughts

Having such a holographic sight will significantly enhance your shooting experience. You no longer need to worry about severe outdoor conditions. The optic is rugged enough to outstand high abuses, water, and shock. With its comprehensive window view, you can comfortably aim and take down targets with precision.

Hopefully, this Eotech 512 review answered all your queries and cleared all the confusion that came to your mind from many gun forums. Many military personnel, as well as professional shooters and enthusiast, highly recommend this great piece of sight to take your shooting to the next level.

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