How to Clean Rust off Gun Metal?

clean gunmetal

Gunmetal (also called red brass in the US), is basically an alloy of copper, tin, and zinc (popularly known as bronze) where the major component is copper.

Traditionally this grey colored metal was mainly used for making guns which have presently replaced by stainless steel.

The main reason why gunmetal was used to make the guns is its capacity to resist the corrosion from steam and salt water.

When it comes to cleaning, effective care of gunmetal includes the tending of the metallic part of the weapon.

Removing the rust which has formed on the gunmetal parts of your firearms is simple, provided you do it in the right way.

While cleaning gunmetal make sure you don’t scratch the surface.

Removing the oxidation first

Unload your weapon as safety is the topmost priority. If your gun has a safety, switch it on. Now your main aim is to remove the oxidation.

Make sure you do it without affecting the finish of the gun. Scrub the rust spots with right abrasive material and rub with an easy to go substance until the rust completely gets dissolved.

Do not use a material like sandpaper as it may damage your gun’s finish. You can use a steel wool pad to remove rust. It is simple to use and soft on the gun.

Some of the things to keep in mind while cleaning is:

  1. Try to keep the work area clean and steady
  2. Keep the gun steadily and avoid pointing and using it
  3. Do not rub a lot with steel wool pad or it may damage the finish of the gun

Lubrication after cleaning rust off gunmetal

Lubrication plays a vital role in rust removal. You can use any kind of oil to remove the rust off your gun metal. You have several oils designed for firearms.

Even cooking oil can serve your purpose well. Use or tissue paper and rub it on the rust spots till the rust gets removed and no stains are visible.

Wipe out the extra solvent with the help of tissue paper and allow the gun to dry. If you find dust on the gun, brush it off.

Now repeat the procedure again with a fresh chamois cloth and little oil and wipe the gunmetal. It will bring shine to your gun and work as a barrier to rust.

Some of the things to keep in mind while oiling is:

  • Use only a few drops of oil unless required
  • Apply more oil to the affected areas with the aim to wipe out the rust while keeping its primary finish intact
  • If you find some rust still on the gun, repeat the oiling procedure again and give another coating of lubrication to your gun

Once finished, reassemble your gun and store it safely at a secured place which is out of reach of children.

You can generally keep your guns and statues made of gunmetal rust free by cleaning it periodically.

Make sure that you do it right and by using proper tools that are meant for cleaning your specific weapon!

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