Best Gun Safe Magazine Holder- Top Picks By Experts

A Gun safe magazine holder is an accessory specially designed for storing magazines at home or on the go. Whether you own one handgun or multiple firearms, getting special storage for your ammo can be a smart choice.

These holders enable you to keep your ammunition in one place so you don’t have search for hours before finding them. They are important for de-cluttering your safe and keeping your stuff super organized.

Almost every gun owners appreciate the importance of having a magazine holder for gun safes. The problem is that there are thousands of different models on the market at any point in time.

The sheer number available can be making choosing the right option a daunting task. If you are feeling that way right now, you are not alone.

Our aim is to make sure you gain the necessary insights into what the top models have to offer so you can make the right choice. This is why we have compiled a comparison table of the best 5 models on the market.

Just compare and contrast to find that special model for your needs.

Best Gun Safe Magazine Holder​ : Quick Comparison





Mag Storage Solutions AR-15 5.56 .223 MagHolder Magazine Holder Storage Rack Magpul AR15
Mag Storage Solutions AR-15 5.56 .223 MagHolder Magazine Holder Storage Rack Magpul AR15 is seen here

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.50 Cal Ammo Can 24 Pistol Magazine Holder Foam
.50 Cal Ammo Can 24 Pistol Magazine Holder Foam on display here

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G.P.S. Hook/Loop Universal Magazine Holder, Grey
image showing the G.P.S. Hook-Loop Universal Magazine Holder

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EZ Magazine Holder
the EZ Magazine Holder seen here is one of the best gun safe magazine holder models on the market

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Top 5 Models You Should Consider Buying

There are hundreds of gun safe magazine holder models online and offline. however, our team of experts have determined that these are the top 4 models worth buying right now.

​We will update our list if any awesome models are introduced on the market.

Mag Storage Solutions AR-15 5.56 .223 MagHolder Magazine Holder Storage Rack Magpul AR15

Mag Storage Solutions AR-15 5.56 .223 MagHolder Magazine Holder Storage Rack Magpul AR15 is seen here

The Mag Storage Solutions AR-15 Magholder is perfectly designed to meet the magazine storage needs of AR-15 gun owners. If you have extra magazines lying around, you should get this awesome gun safe magazine rack.

It is manufactured from 100% ABS plastic which keeps your ammo safe, secured, and organized in one place. You wouldn’t want to be fumbling to get ammunition when you run out while shooting at the gun range, would you?

Accidental damage is one of the main problems during storage of magazines.

Thankfully, this holder is designed to snap in/out to ensure all magazines are kept in their original condition for many years.

This magholder is also designed for easy mounting in your gun safe, ammo room, or ammo locker. It is compatible with most .223 and .556 caliber magazines on the market today.


  • Designed for 30-round AR-15 magazines
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty ABS plastic
  • Protects your magazines from damage with its snap in/out design
  • Keeps your mags organized and all at the same place
  • Multiple easy mounting options for your gun cabinet or safe


  • It’s a little costly when compared with other models

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G.P.S. Hook/Loop Universal Magazine Holder, Grey

image of the G.P.S. Hook-Loop Universal Magazine Holder

The G.P.S. Hook/Loop Universal Magazine Holder gives more storage room for gun safes and cabinets of all sizes. With so many rifles, pistols, and other items to store, gun owners are increasingly struggling with storage space.

This universal magazine holder allows you to store more magazines than you could ever imagine. It is manufactured with a hook and line backing directly sewn on the backside to keep your ammo in position.

This feature also prevents damage from the magazines inserted into this holder.

Additionally, it is also suitable for magazine storage at any areas with carpeting on the inside doors or inner wall.

Many gun owners get stunned at the number of magazines they are able to store in their seemingly full gun safes with the G.P.S. Hook/Loop Universal Magazine Holder.

This gun safe door magazine holder can also be easily mounted on any area of your firearm safe shelf. You just have to be a little creative during this and you will be fine.

An effective tactic is to put magnets on its Velcro strips to hold the weight of your magazine.


  • Well constructed magazine holder meant to keep your mags in place
  • Hook and loop backing directly sewn at the backside to hold up the weight of your mags
  • Perfectly mounted in any area


  • The pouches could have been larger

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.50 Cal Ammo Can 24 Pistol Magazine Holder Foam

.50 Cal Ammo Can 24 Pistol Magazine Holder Foam on display here

The .50 Cal Ammo Can is a 24-pistol magazine holder foam recommended for gun owners with large magazine stashes. If you need to carry more rounds of ammo, this gun safe magnetic magazine holder could come in really handy.

This is a foam kit built specifically for standard 50 Cal Steel Ammo Can (M2A1). It comes with 3 pieces of foam in 24-cut outs so you can store 24 magazines at a go. This foam covers the base piece, top piece, and main insert.

The foam is manufactured with the highest standards on the market so you can expect it to last long. It fits all kinds of magazines on the market from those designed for Glock 19 handguns to long rifles.

This magazine rack keeps your ammo safe from harsh weather elements and other conditions which could damage them.


  • High quality foam kit with 24 cutouts to carry 24 different magazines on the go
  • Perfect for all kinds of magazines
  • Suitable for hunting trips and range visits which require a huge quantity of ammo


  • The steel can has to be purchased separately

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EZ Magazine Holder

the EZ Magazine Holder seen here is one of the best gun safe magazine holder models on the market

The EZ Magazine Holder is a must-have magazine rack for any gun owner interested in maximizing storage. It gives you the flexibility to hold as many magazines as possible in your safe even if it has little room.

It comes in a sleek design which gives your magazines heavy-duty protection without sacrificing elegance.

Looking for a magazine holder for a carpeted gun safe? No need to look further because the EZ Holder has got your back. It is designed with sewn-in Velcro strips which stick flawlessly on all carpeted surfaces.

What happens to gun owners whose safes are not carpeted? The EZ Magazine Holder also ships with adhesive Velcro strips which can be easily attached to any non-carpeted surface.

This magazine holder gets the job done without giving you any stress. It also ships quicker than you could ever imagine after you order.

What reason could you possibly have to pass up on this model?


  • Heavy-duty construction with a sleek finish
  • Velcro strips which stick to any carpeted surface in your security safe
  • Adhesive Velcro strips for easy fixing on non-carpeted surfaces.


  • Price may be a little steep
  • Find another model if you don’t want anything to do with Velcro

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CONDOR MA52: TRIPLE PISTOL MAG POUCH is another top gun safe magazine holder

The Condor MA52 Triple Pistol Mag Pouch is a must-have for gun owners who need extra magazines on the go. You can be sure of additional rounds of ammo during emergencies even if your gun runs out.

It is designed with a sturdy hook and loop backing that holds three clips with ease. This gives you the ability to carry two clips always to prevent your guns from running out quickly.

What kind of magazines fit into this holder? The Stealth Double Clip features a Spandex Front which is flexible enough to fit magazines of all sizes. It has exceptional stretching abilities without causing damage to your holder.

For gun owners who want concealed carry in bags, tactical vests, and other options, this holder is an awesome choice.

Tired of your gun safe looking cluttered due to throwing magazines on the shelves? This magazine holder allows you to organize your safe so you know where to pick what whenever you open it.


  • Strong hook and loop backed design
  • Perfect for keeping your gun safe organized and concealed carry
  • NTOA certified
  • Fits virtually any size of magazine


  • The bottom corner finish could be improved

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Best Gun Safe Magazine Holder Buying Guide

What are the factors to look for when trying to determine the best magazine holder for your needs? Being clueless about what to look for is just like getting behind the steering while blind-folded. It will only end in disaster.

We have listed the most important features to look in for so you can get the best holder for your gun safe magazines.


If you have kids at home, your magazines should be kept as far away from them as possible. Leaving them lying around in your home could only spell disaster for you and the safety of your kids.

Apart from your kids, burglars may break into your home at any point in time. If you have your magazines lying around then they could be easily stolen away.

What happens if you end up in a shooting match with your adversary who has broken into your home? Would you want them getting access to your extra magazines if they run out.

What if the one whose gun runs out happens to be you? Would you prefer your extra magazines lying where your adversary is currently positioned?


There are thousands of gun models all over the world, if not more. Different guns require different magazines so it is important to know exactly which magazine holder you are going in for.

You wouldn’t want to purchase a gun safe magazine holder which is too small or too large for your mags. Even if you can return it to the retailer or manufacturer, this can be a nightmare.

It is recommended that you find out whether the mag holder you intend to buy will fit your magazines perfectly. This due diligence could save you time and money down the line.

Mounting Capabilities

It is smart to think about where you intend to mount before purchasing a gun safe magazine holder. Sure, these holders are usually built for storage in handgun safes and rifle vaults.

However, there are special models that are innovatively designed for concealed carry in bags and tactical vests. Others are also manufactured to be easily mounted in any surface.

Even if you have a primary place in mind to mount your magazine holder, your preferences could change instantly. You would want to get a model which gives you flexible mounting options.

You will be grateful you did in future.

Additionally, you should find out if the model you have in mind requires screws or any other hardware for mounting. If it does, does it ship with the product or do you have to purchase it separately?

Magazine Capacity

How many extra magazines do you have or intend to purchase? It will be foolish to purchase a gun safe magazine holder which is too small or large for your needs. This is why you have to be decisive and know the capacity you need.

Some magazine holders come in several packs with small capacities each. Others are large enough to carry many magazines in one pack.

It is up to you to decide which option you prefer based on how much space you have in your gun safe.

Typically, the larger the capacity of a gun safe magazine holder, the more you can expect to pay for it. However, there are some stunningly priced models reviewed here.

The Bottom Line

The Mag Storage Solutions AR-15 Magholder is our number one pick and we believe it is the best magazine holder for gun safe.

You may not agree based on your own preferences and go in for another one of the models reviewed above.

What is undisputable is the fact that every gun owner needs to get a magazine holder whether you have a safe or not.

They are very affordable in spite of the numerous benefits you stand to gain. From organizing your safe to carrying extra magazines on the go, magazine holders make your life so much easier.

What’s your reason for not getting one of these?

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