What is the Best Gun Safe Light Kit? We Just Found It!

The importance of a gun safe light kit to your security cannot be overemphasized if you are a gun owner.

Unless you purchase a security safe that already comes lit by the manufacturer, it is important to get one of these as soon as you find the right security safe for your guns.

When your home has just been breached by an intruder, fumbling in the dark for your handgun or pistol doesn’t seem like a very smart idea. Sure, you can rely on a flashlight for illumination. But what if your flashlight is located is nowhere to be found?

Investing in a suitable safe to protect your guns from unauthorized access is one of the wisest decisions you can make as a gun owner. However, getting effective lighting for your safe makes you look even smarter because it could surely come in handy in the near future.

Best Gun Safe Light Kit : Quick Comparison



Motion Switch



EShine 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting, with IR Sensor!
the Eshine 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit pictured here


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Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security / Gun Safe Light
image showing the Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security



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Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting Dimmable Warm White
Pictured here is the Albrillo gun safe light kit


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Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit – w/ Motion Switch
image of the Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit



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Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit – w/ Motion Switch
see the beauty of the Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit With Motion Sensor



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Gun Safe Light kit: The Best 5 Options

The suspense is over; it’s now time to check out the best light kits for gun safes worth buying today. These models are not just loved by us but by tens of thousands of other gun owners.

EShine 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting, with IR Sensor! Hand Wave Activated

the Eshine 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit pictured hereThe Eshine 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit is for tech savvy gun owners. It is one of the few quality gun safe lighting kits which incorporate fancy technology. Can you imagine waving your hand magically to a well-lit gun safe?

Powered by a sensitive IR sensor, this unit turns your safe’s lights on and off with a simple hand wave. How cool is that?

The LED lights are power efficient and consume only 12 W of power. They are therefore not just economically friendly but also help you save money on your utility bills.

The Eshine gun safe lights take elegance to another level thanks to their high quality sturdy and sleek build. They are available in two colors i.e. Warm White (3000K) and Cold White (6000K).

Eshine is super confident that this model will meet your needs and offers a 100% no questions asked refund guarantee. You will get a full refund with no questions asked if you regret your purchase for any reason.


  • Elegant LED lights which switch on and off with a wave of your hands
  • High energy conservation that is great for the environment and minimizes your utility costs
  • Available in Warm White (3000K) and Cold White (6000K) colors
  • Easy to install with screws or 3M adhesive sticker
  • 100% refund guarantee with no questions asked


  • The 5ft cord it ships with may not be long enough if you have a fairly large gun safe. You can get a cheap extension cable for it.

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Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security / Gun Safe Light

pic of the Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED SecurityThe Stack-On SPAL-300 is a battery-operated motion sensitive gun safe light kit that illuminates your safe in the dark.

You get to pick up the right firearms even when an intruder trips down the power grid in your home. With so many lighting options available, how does this model stand out?

First of all, the Stack-On Lighting Kit is designed with 3 light heads containing 4 LED bulbs each. Built with independent pivots, these bulbs enable directional lighting so every area of your gun safe ends up adequately lit.

Unlike the other models, this firearm lighting kit is battery-operated so you won’t go through the hassle of connecting wires and switches. Just insert 6AAA batteries into the right compartment and they are good to go.

You can choose to switch the motion detector feature on or off. Once turned on, your rifle or pistol safe lights up automatically when any of its doors are opened.


  • Extremely affordable firearm lighting kit with optional motion detection capabilities
  • 3 light heads with 4 LED bulbs featuring independent pivoting so no dark areas exist in your safe
  • Powered by batteries and requires no wires or connectors
  • Easy to install and use


  • You have to check on the batteries regularly and get replacements when they die

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Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting Dimmable Warm White

check out the Under Cabinet 21 LED Light Set. a great gun safe light kitThe Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting Dimmable Warm White breathes a new lease of life into your safe without breaking the bank.

This kit features the most popular light temperature in the market today. It gives bright illumination whenever you open your security safe so your guns and ammo can glow in the dark.

It comes with premium quality LED bulbs extensively tested and certified with an estimated lifetime of over 10 years.

Yes! They are manufactured to really last that long!

These light kits are specially designed to be low profile and discreet. That is the reason for their slim size and absence of covers.

You don’t need to be an experienced DIYer to install them because they require no complicated steps. Their backs are sticky so you can easily fix them on any surface.

If you would rather have this model screwed inside your gun safe walls, the two holes at the back will come in very handy.


  • Quality LED lights with a lifetime of over 100,000 hours
  • Discreet and low profile lights to give your security safe that beautiful ambience
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to install thanks to sticky backs and screw holes at the back
  • Comes with a switch, connectors, power supply, and other hardware for easy plug and play. Also plugs into regular outlets


  • If you are looking for a replacement for halogen lights, this isn’t it
  • No motion switch

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Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit – w/ Motion Switch

the Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit shown hereThe Executive Gun Safe Lighting Kit is an awesome choice for gun owners looking for quality lighting for their firearms. We love the fact that it comes with a motion sensing switch.

This model ships with 5 20-inch LED lighting bars which are extremely bright. They are suitable for even the largest gun safe models available for sale today.

It is custom-built to ensure that anyone can install it without the need for any additional tools or hardware. It features the necessary male-female wire extensions for easy installation.

This model ships with pre-cut Velcro strips lined with 3M adhesive for easing mounting in your security safe.

The LED bulbs are super attractive, well-made, and sleek.

Don’t be surprised if you get addicted to opening your safe regularly just to savor the lighting.


  • Super sleek lights that will make you fall in love with your security safe
  • Comes with pre-cut Velcro strips lined with powerful adhesive to ensure secured mounting anywhere in your gun safe
  • Requires a maximum of 10 minutes for anyone to install
  • Motion sensing ensures automatic on/off switching of your lights when the safe’s door is opened or closed


  • Definitely not the cheapest out there

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Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit – w/ Motion Switch

see the beauty of the Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit With Motion Sensor The Deluxe Gun Safe Lighting Kit With Motion Sensor is the best firearm safe lighting solution on the market today. If you have invested a considerable amount in a premium gun safe, you deserve only the best lighting.

This unit comes in three 20-inch extra bright lighting bars which can be separately fixed in different areas of your security safe or gun cabinet no matter how large it may be.

It is custom designed for any brand of gun safe on the market and powered by an AC adapter. It comes with clear wires, power adapter, and the necessary hardware to ensure a smooth installation.

Mounting it anywhere in your safe is easy thanks to the pre-cut Velcro strips lined with adhesive. No matter which mounting option you choose, this model requires no extra hardware.

If you want the lights to turn on automatically whenever the safe is opened, you just have to switch on the motion detection switch.


  • Three 20-inch LED lighting bars to install in multiple areas of your gun safe
  • Automatically turn on your gun safe lights with the motion switch
  • Compatible with any firearm safe model in the world
  • Manufacturer gives you a lifetime warranty


  • If you prefer a battery-powered light kit, this isn’t your model

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What is A Light Kit For Gun Safe?

This is a kit that contains a set of bulbs, wires, screws, and other hardware. It typically comes with everything you need to install lights in your firearm safe. Although they arrive in the mail disassembled, the included instruction manuals can be followed by everyone for quick setup.

What if you have never assembled anything in your life? That means you have to hire a professional to do it for you at a fee right? Well, the truth is while hiring a third-party will always remain an option, assembling these kits should be very easy.

Most lighting kit user manuals feature step by step instructions with clear diagrams to follow. It makes assembly a breeze no matter your age or technical ability.

Now we all agree that a light kit for gun safe is a must-have for every gun owner. The million dollar question is what do you look out for during shopping to ensure you find the perfect model?

Buying A Gun Safe Light Kit? Factors to Consider

There are loads of factors to consider when buying a light kit for your gun safe. This is why it is important to take a look at your individual circumstance and preferences to decide which features are negotiable for you or not

LED vs CFL Bulbs

Security safe light kits typically come with two main types of bulbs i.e. LED bulbs versus CFL bulbs.

LED bulbs are more energy-efficient and therefore last longer than other types on the market. However, the technology used in the manufacture of these bulbs makes them more expensive than their peers.

CFL bulbs on the other hand are just a small version of the fluorescent bulbs we all grew up with. They are typically cheaper to make but are less energy efficient and do not last as long.

Source of Power

The next factor to consider is power source of the light kit you intend to install in your safe . Does it run on AC or DC power?

AC power is the same power source that runs home appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, and microwave ovens.

DC power on the other hand is the power source generated from batteries.

Motion Sensing / Switch

What type of gun safe light switch do you prefer for switching lights on and off? Some models require manual pressing of a switch when a safe is opened to turn on lights.

If you buy one of those then make sure you never forget to switch the lights off to preserve the bulb’s life and save energy before the safe is closed.

Advanced safe lighting kit models feature motion sensing abilities. They automatically switch on the light bulbs as soon as the safe’s door is opened.

A couple of seconds after the door is closed, these advanced lighting kits automatically switch off the bulb to conserve energy and enhance bulb life.

The Bottom Line

Finding the best gun safe light kit requires you to conduct extensive research lasting hours upon hours. Unless you come across a comprehensive buying guide like this, you are more likely to get it wrong than right.

We have revealed the best options you can spend money on right now.

The EShine 3 Panels LED Under Cabinet Lighting, with IR Sensor! and Stack-On SPAL-300 are our 1st and 2nd top picks respectively.

In fact, any of these would be a great addition to getting your firearm safe well-lit and ready for emergencies.

Hopefully, you won’t ever find yourself in a position where you need quick access to your guns. But if you ever do, it pays to be ready!

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