Best Car Gun Safe – 5 Top Picks for the Road

A car gun safe gives you an avenue to store your handgun securely while away from home. Why do you have to spend extra cash on a security safe for your vehicle when you have a glove compartment? Well, lots of people in movies just shove their naked pistols under the car seats or in the glove compartment area. But this is actually one of the most vulnerable areas for storing your handguns.

A thief can easily break into your car window and walk away with your gun if it’s just lying unsecured in the glove compartment or under the seat. So how do you ensure utmost security for your pistol in your car? Well, the smartest option is to mount a safe specifically designed for vehicles. The best vehicle gun safes ship with pre-drilled anchor holes for easy mounting in your car via a security cable.

This prevents burglars from stealing not just your gun but the whole safe and its contents.

Best In-Car Gun Safes : Quick Comparison





Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE
the Sentry Safe QAP1BE in all of its glory


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The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box
The club lb200 pictured here is the best car gun safe for many owners



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Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock
image of the Stack-On PDS500 DRAWER SAFE



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First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe
First Alert 5200 DF Portable safe is one of the best vehicle gun safes



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Hornady Security TriPoint Lock Box
Hornady Manufacturing (HRN98152) Hornady TriPoint Lock Box pictured here


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Top 5 Gun Safes Perfect for Car Trunks and Center Consoles

There are thousands of handgun safes for cars on the market at the moment. However, only a few are worth your money and time.

You can either go through all of them to decide on your own or let us guide you. Let’s see which models are recommended by our team of experts.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

the Sentry Safe QAP1BE in all of its glory

The Sentry Safe QAP1BE takes bragging rights as our number one pick for the best in-car gun safe. This safe has practically everything thing you need in a security safe built for all kinds vehicles.

The exterior is one of the strongest on the market right now, thanks to the super-strong steel construction. It comes in an innovative top lid design crafted with superior levels of pry resistance.

With an impressive internal storage capacity, it enables you to store two full-size semi-automatic handguns or revolvers, extra magazines, and some cash.

It also gives you single-handed access. That is a feature that can be really important if you need to drive and shoot at the same time.

The Pistol Safe sports a reliable biometric scanner and combo key so you have two options to access your gun.

How can you go wrong with this awesome gun safe? In addition, the hardware is designed to be whisper quiet. This means you can easily open it to draw your gun without alerting your adversary.

Can you imagine how stunned he or she will look when you draw your handgun?

PROS • Super rugged solid steel exterior construction • Biometric and combination access • One-handed access • Whisper-quiet hardware that allows you to open your safe without alerting your adversary


• Not the cheapest out there

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The Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box

The club lb200 pictured here is the best car gun safe for owners

The Club LB200 Personal Vault is the best car gun safe for those who prefer keeping guns under their seats.

It is distinctly designed to attach to the seat mounts under your car effortlessly.Keeping your guns under your car seat gives you unrivaled speed when you need to draw your gun.

The good news is the Club LB200 fits under the seats of most vehicle models on the market today.

This makes it perfect for keeping your guns, cash, and other personal effects on the road. It can also come in handy for secured firearm storage in camp sites, RVs, or even offices. A strong security cable ships with this vehicle gun safe for easy mounting under the seats. Even after smashing the window of your car, a thief will require multiple minutes in order to be able to disband the cable. It comes with a keyed lock mechanism and 2 factory keys for you to gain access. Your cash, Smartphones, digital cameras, and other gadgets will stay intact when stored in this safe.

PROS • Fits effortlessly under the car seat studs in most vehicles • Strong body that can’t be easily broken into • Perfect for storing cash, Smartphones, and other gadgets • Strong key lock mechanism with 2 factory shipped keys

CONS • Definitely not the quickest access gun safe

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Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock

image of the Stack-On PDS500 DRAWER SAFE

The Stack-On PDS-500 can be a great option if you prefer a slightly bigger model for securing pistols on the go. It remains one of the most popular on Amazon today.

This vehicle safe is made from premium grade steel to give you the level of toughness you crave. It also comes with pry-resistant steel plate doors which are engineered to withstand hours of prying attacks.

The Stack-On car gun safe ships with a safety override key that grants quick access into the safe to enable easy configuration of the electronic lock.

It simply means anyone can easily setup and use this safe without calling for extra help.

After 3 incorrect combination attempts, the safe automatically times out. Children or burglars are therefore barred from trying to guess your pass code for entry without your permission.

It ships with pre-drilled holes so mounting it in your car or any other surface you prefer will never be a problem.

PROS • Premium grade steel construction with strong steel plates which are pry resistant • Safety override key for easy access • Easy to program digital key • Meets California Department of Justice Firearm storage standards

CONS • Manufacturer’s customer service leaves much to be desired.

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First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe

pic of the First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe

The First Alert 5200DF gives you an impressive speed of access rarely seen in other car mounted gun safes.For concealed firearm permit holders, it remains one of those safes that just can’t be ignored.

The exterior is manufactured from strong 18-gauge steel to prevent various forms of brute force attacks.It is powered by a “no see” keypad which allows you to program a unique 3-8 digit pass code.

The locking mechanism is effective and backed by an open/close enclosure loaded with spring. This keeps your safe locked once closed and also makes it easy for you to open with a single hand.

The First Alert 5200DF is easy to mount in the trunk of your car or another area you want. It ships with a strong steel cable for flexible mounting.

The manufacturer also pre-drills it with anchor holes so you can effortlessly bolt it down on the floor or elsewhere.

PROS • Strong 18-gauge steel body to withstand brute force attacks • Easy to program digital locking mechanism • Strong steel cable for easy mounting in your car • 5 year warranty

CONS • Not enough space to hold 2 guns

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Hornady Security TriPoint Lock Box

Hornady Manufacturing (HRN98152) Hornady TriPoint Lock Box pictured here

The Hornady Security TriPoint is a durable gun safe for car trunk, center console, or under seat.

Keeping your firearm within arm’s reach while on the road comes with benefits we can’t afford to ignore as gun owners.Additionally, it meets TSA’s deadlines for firearm transport on a plane so there should be no concerns if you fly regularly.

It is one of the strongest portable gun safes ever made thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction. This gives you extra security because you know thieves will be unsuccessful if they try to force open it.

Additionally, the Tri-locking design gives you 3 points of contact which makes it even harder to break into. This safe is adequately designed to be childproof. In fact, it meets the ASTM standards for child resistance and protection from forced entry.

This Hornady vehicle safe features quality key locking system that only gives access to someone with the key. You get two keys from the manufacturer when it ships.

It also comes with a security cable for easy mounting in your car.

PROS • Heavy Duty exterior • 3-point locking system for added security • Meets ASTM child-proof standards • 2 keys for access

CONS • You have to get a stronger security cable because the one it ships with is a dud • Not suitable for you if you want electronic access

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What Are the Benefits of Mounting Gun Safes in Cars?

Storing a gun securely in your car gives you the peace of mind to travel. Even if you have to drive on the highway in the middle of the night, you won’t be too worried. There’s always a probability that you may get attacked on the road and having your gun can be lifesaving. The knowledge that you have a gun a few seconds away will help you relax even if you live in a low crime area. Remember, a secured gun safe can also help move around with cash, jewelry, and other personal items on the go.

Once your safe is mounted, you can leave these valuable personal effects in your car without worrying while running errands.

Car Mounted Gun Safe Buying Guide

The fact that you’re here right now only means you have seen the magical effects of vehicle firearms safe and decided you want in.

But, how do you ensure you get the perfect one for your needs and don’t end up wasting your money? There are lots of factors to evaluate in order to find the best model for your needs. You may probably know a few of them but let’s check them individually and see how it goes. As long as you follow these factors, you will hardly put a foot wrong when shopping.

Quality of Construction

Vehicle gun safes are the smallest models on the market in terms of size. Unfortunately, many of the units available are built with either low-grade materials or come with structural defects. This makes them susceptible to forced-entry attacks such as prying and drilling. What’s the point of spending your hard-earned cash on a product that can be easily broken into with a screwdriver? This is why you have to choose a model with rugged steel that makes it hard for anyone to break in.

Failure to adhere to this when shopping for an in-car gun safe could only lead to heartache down the line. A good tip is to target a model manufactured with at least 16-gauge steel.

Locking Mechanism

There’s no point buying a vehicle gun safe with rugged steel body if the integrated locking mechanism is weak and vulnerable. This is because most thieves tackle the lock first when trying to break into your safe.

They only begin looking for alternative ways of forcing their way in after failing to pick the lock. Car pistol safes come with a variety of locking mechanisms from keyed to combination as well as biometric and digital keypad. Electronic locks such as biometric and digital keypads give you quick entry so you should target one of those if that is your priority. However, majority of those models may be susceptible to break-ins so keep that in mind during the search. Mechanical lock gun safes featuring either keyed or combo locks are usually the most reliable in terms of security. However, they can be relatively slower than their electronic counterparts.


The size of your in-car gun safe should also be on your mind during shopping. Take into the account the dimensions of your handgun and choose a model that fits perfectly.It is always a good idea to find one with enough capacity to hold one pistol and an extra magazine at least.

Also, don’t forget that your vehicle doesn’t have unlimited space. Therefore, choose a model that can fit nicely in your glove compartment, under your car seat, or wherever you want to anchor it.

Mounting Options

A mobile pistol safe will remain vulnerable unless you mount it somewhere in your car. Leaving just lying anywhere in your car can be a recipe for disaster. Remember, a thief won’t think twice about walking away with the whole safe to open it at their convenience later. The million dollar question you should ask yourself during search is what mounting options are available by each model? Always try to find one that comes with extra strong security cable so you can have your peace of mind. In our experience, a lot of the handgun safes for cars out there come with flimsy cables. What do you do when you come across one that meets your needs but with a dud cable? Well, we’d recommend that go with your preferred model but spend a few dollars to upgrade the cable to enhance your security.


It’s always a good idea to find a gun safe for car console that comes with some warranty.Make sure any safe you intend to purchase gives you at least 1 year warranty.

The Bottom Line

We are glad you have taken the time to go through the best car gun safe models on the market today.Now, there’s no excuse not to find that special model for your vehicle.The Sentry Safe QAP1BE is our number one pick if you want an awesome safe for the road and can afford it.On the other hand, the  Club LB200 Personal Vault Security Lock Box could be a stunning choice if money is tight.

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