Best Budget Gun Safes- 7 Top Models Worth Buying

The best budget gun safe model is the one that meets your price, space, and capacity needs. We all wish there was one specific unit that could be universally accepted as number one but that can’t be the case.

This is due to the fact that each gun owner has his or her own storage needs as well as unique preferences.

The good news is that we have taken the time to conduct extensive tests and receive feedback from current owners. The result is a compilation of the best gun safe models for different areas of the market.

Finally, ending up with a fantastic unit that gives you true value for money is within reach.

What is the Best Budget Gun Safe for Walls?

If you want to mount a firearm safe in your wall, it is important to choose one specially built for that purpose. Here are our two top picks if you need secured wall storage for your guns and ammunition.

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet

the AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet pictured here

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is the most popular gun safe in the world by a wide margin. This is evidenced by the fact that it remains the number one bestselling firearm safe on and other online retail sites several months after making its debut.

The capacity of 0.5 cubic feet enables the storage of a few pistols and ammo. While it may not be waterproof or fireproof, the unit is constructed from heavy-duty steel material.

The safe is designed with multiple hinges intentionally hidden to prevent anyone from successfully breaking into it with ease. The presence of 2 live-door bolts gives even further protection for your valuables.

It also features quality interior carpet to keep sensitive valuables from scratching or denting in any form. Owners get an easily programmable digital lock to prevent intrusions.

The door is made from strong steel and measures an impressive 2 inches so anyone can’t just break into it.

After all of the top features unveiled above, can you believe this unit sells for under $50 at the moment?


  • 0.5 cubic feet capacity to secured storage of a few handguns and ammunition
  • Carpeted floor to protect sensitive materials from getting scratched by the steel body
  • Strong steel doors with impressive locking bolts and concealed hinges
  • Available at an awesome price


  • No fire protection
  • Doesn’t offer additional protection for contents against water

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Stack-On GCB-500 Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet, Black

Stack-On GCB 500 in full view

The Stack-on GCB-500 is another great model that immediately comes to mind when shopping for the best low budget gun safe. You get to choose between the Black or Hunter green color option to safely store guns in your wall.

Top wall gun safes are supposed to give you enough space to store more than one pistol. This model delivers flawlessly on that front with its capacity to hold multiple pistols, ammo, and documents.

It is powered by a mechanical key locking mechanism infused with the latest technologies in the industry. Breaking into this safe is extremely difficult for 3rd parties once it is locked and the keys are well-kept.

The Stack-on GCB-500 also features pre-mounting holes for easy attachment to your wall. If you have another place in mind such as your floor or ceiling, mounting there should pose no problems too.

The fact that the package ships with complete fastening hardware means quick mounting is virtually guaranteed.


  • Strong mechanical key lock which passes through steel
  • Ships with pre-dilled anchor holes for easy mounting in your wall, floor, or ceiling
  • Bottom is padded with foam to safeguard the physical condition of delicate items such as jewelry


  • Getting extra keys for your safe can be cumbersome
  • Would be great if it offered fire protection

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Best Budget Gun Safe for Drawers

One of the favorite places for storing guns is under tables or inside drawers. Most gun owners also have a thing for placing their weapons on nightstands.

The benefit of these storage areas is to give you quick access to your guns during an attack.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that keeping a gun close by can be a shrewd move if you live in a crime-prone area with a history of robberies.

There are hundreds of drawer gun safes online for you to choose from. However, most of them are pure junk built from interior products. Luckily, there are a few models which really stand out in terms of security and design.

Let’s take a look at our top-rated cheapest budget gun safe for your drawer, table, or nightstand.

GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

the best low budget gun safe list will be incomplete without the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

The GunVault SVB500 SpeedVault is probably the most intuitively designed pistol safe ever made. It comes in a quick-activation drop-down design which makes it unique and gives you a real advantage during emergencies.

The combination lock is our recommended version if you are on a tight budget. However, consumers can opt for the fingerprint version of this safe as long as they have about $100 more to spend.

Whichever version you opt for, you can trust the 18-gauge steel construction to guard against break-ins. With a protective foam-lined interior, this model is perfect for storing not just guns but delicate items like jewelry too.

The SV500 SpeedVault is extremely versatile with regards to mounting. It can be mounted inside your drawer, under your table, or on top of nightstand.

Without a doubt, this makes it the best budget handgun safe for drawers, tables, and nightstands


  • 18-gauge steel external construction to eliminate various forced-entry attempts
  • Protective foam lined inside to keep delicate items in their original condition
  • Flexible mounting options for your convenience
  • Ships with fastening belt and mounting hardware


  • Internal floodlight may be excessively bright for some gun owners
  • Price of the biometric version seems a little steep

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Best Low Budget Pistol Safe for the Road

If you are looking for a pistol safe for the road, it is important to choose one that combines top-level features with a reasonable price. Thankfully, we have found the best options that give you all of that and more.

First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe

the First Alert 5200 is perfect for the road

The First Alert 5200 is not the cheapest portable handgun safe on the market. The truth is, while you can opt for several units which costs less, this gives levels of security the other models can only wish for.

Most gun owners are impressed by the 3-8 digit “concealed key pad” which enables super quick access to your gun. Whether you are at home or on the road, speed can be an effective weapon against your adversary.

This model is constructed from strong 18-guage steel to boost its ability to withstand forced-entry. It sports a quality locking mechanism with a spring-loaded open/close system for easy access to your valuables.

The unit ships with a durable steel cable for stress-free mounting in your car trunk while on the move. This cable equally comes in handy if you prefer to mount in on a shelf or floor at home.


  • Heavy duty exterior to deter burglars and children from trying getting in
  • Quality spring loaded locking mechanism
  • Strong cable with lots of flexible mounting options
  • Keeps you protected while on the go
  • Purchase comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Not fireproof or waterproof
  • Just about enough space for one pistol and an extra magazine

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Best Budget Rifle Safes Worth Buying

Your gun storage needs take a dramatic twist the moment you purchase your first rifle. Even if you already own a quality pistol safe, you have to start looking for a larger unit to accommodate the large sized gun.

However, the number of long guns you own will determine the size of safe you purchase. If you own a few units, the model reviewed below can be perfect for your storage situation.

Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet, Black

the Stack-On GCB-908 8-Gun Steel Security Cabinet, Black is shown here

The Stack-On GCB-908 gives quality storage for gun owners with a stash of 8 rifles or less. It is also great for storing other long firearms with lengths that don’t exceed 54 inches.

The top shelf is adjustable or even removable if you ever need to store more personal effects in the safe. The shelf is tactically positioned to enable the secured storage of firearms at the rear end of the safe.

The GCB-908 is constructed from industry-leading material to give your guns enhanced security from burglars and children. Weighing over 60 pounds, this small rifle safe weighs decently when compared to competitor models with similar price tags.

It is perfect for storing scoped rifles thanks to the manufacturer’s patented non-marring barrel rests. You can choose either the Black or Green color version depending on your personal tastes.


  • Strong steel construction with additional built-in security features
  • Available in Black or Green colors
  • Non-marring barrel rests for storage of tactical guns
  • Weighs just over just over 60 pounds


  • It would be awesome if this unit was water or fire-resistant
  • Easier to fit like 6 rifles instead of the stipulated 8

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Best Medium Sized Low Budget Gun Safe

Gun safes of medium size are built for gun enthusiasts with about 10-20 rifles and shotguns in their collection.

Typically, models within this size range cost about $800-$1500.

Well, What if your budget is considerably lower than that? If you currently find yourself in that situation, today is your lucky day!

We have found the best budget models for medium-sized gun collections for your pleasure. This model gives you optimum storage on a budget without compromising on the security of your guns and other valuables.

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe with Electronic Lock, Matte Black

image of the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun Fully Convertible Security Safe with Electronic Lock, Matte Black. one of the best budget gun safes worth buying

The Stack-On SS-22-MB-E has been widely purchased by lots of gun owners with impressive success. It delivers ample capacity for 22 long guns and extra storage for handguns, documents, and cash.

This model stands out thanks to its Black Epoxy Paint finish enhanced with Chrome Accents. The silk-screen door adds up to the impressive list of aesthetics which can light up any area of your home or office.

It gives you more storage than you can imagine, thanks to the 4 adjustable shelves it ships with. This also allows you to eliminate clutter from your safe so it can look organized.

This 22 Long gun safe is powered by a quality electronic lock which has been vigorously tested to prevent break-ins. Once locked, you can be sure that even thieves with highly sophisticated tools will struggle to get in.

The electronic lock lights up so you can easily enter your pass code to gain access even in the dark.


  • Exterior is constructed with heavy-duty steel
  • Powerful electronic locking mechanism lights up your keypads in the dark
  • 22-gun capacity for rifles and shotguns under 54 inches
  • Fully carpeted interior to protect rifles from scratches


  • Not fireproof or waterproof
  • The advertised 22-long gun capacity may be a stretch. It is easier to fit about 18 long guns

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Best Large Size Gun Safe For Low Budget Consumers

If you own over 20 rifles with an additional stash of pistols and revolvers, a large gun safe will best serve your storage needs.

Unfortunately, the largest safes are the most expensive on the market. Depending on the quality of construction and storage capacity, you should expect to pay thousands of dollars.

What if your budget is under $1,000? Can you still get quality storage for your gun collection?

After many sleepless nights, we have uncovered the best low budget gun safe for a considerably large gun stash. Check it out below and order exceptional protection for your gun lot right now.

Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe, 72x40x27-Inch

picture of the Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe, 72x40x27-Inch. our number one pick for the best budget rifle safe

The Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment 72x40x27 is our number one pick for the best low budget gun safe. If you have a considerable number of guns, no need to worry anymore about getting quality protection at a discount.

This unit gives you space to store a whopping 51 rifles and other long guns. It also provides storage for 8 gun holsters and 5 ammunition pouches. With the addition of a quality security safe door rack, the storage capacity could be boosted even further with ease.

It is manufactured from ultra-strong 12-gauge steel which is probably the strongest material in the rifle safe industry today.

It has been designed to exceed the specifications of the California Department of Justice for the storage of firearms.

The icing on the cake is the fire-protection it gives to your guns and ammo. It comes with a factory-certified rating of 1 hour for temperatures of up to 1700F.

Apart from the fact that it is our number one pick overall, the Blue Dot Safes is also the best budget fireproof gun safe.


  • Constructed from top level 12-gauge steel with additional built-in security features
  • 4-way locking system with 18 large individual bolts
  • Stores up to 51 rifles with additional space for pistols, knives, and other valuables
  • Factory certified 1-hour fire rating within temperatures of up to 1700F


  • It would be awesome if it had waterproof capabilities

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The Bottom Line

These are the best budget gun safe models on the market today. The only thing standing between you and one of these is to determine which kind of storage you need.

Once you know that, this guide will help you select the best model designed specifically for your custom needs.

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