10 Must-Have Gun Safe Accessories You Should Know

What are the best gun safe accessories that can be integrated into your safe to ensure ultimate protection for your guns?

Ok so you have finally snagged that huge rifle safe that you have been dreaming about for the last couple of months. The shipment has arrived and your safe looks and feels really great.

Well, congratulations on your purchase. However, no matter the size and security features integrated into the safe, it is important to get the necessary accessories.

These items can enhance the level of protection available to the guns while also increasing storage capacity.

Purchasing the right accessories for your safe can also give you more convenience and even increase the time it takes to access your guns during emergency situations.

10 Best Gun Safe Accessories

Now that we know that importance of these accessories, here are the top 7 that can be used to pimp your safe.

1. Lighting Kits

image showing the Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Security

Lighting is one of the most important accessories that can be used to improve the overall look and feel of your safe.

Lighting illuminates the internal areas of your safe so you can easily see where every item is located. During life-threatening scenarios, you wouldn’t want to be fumbling for your gun in the dark, would you?

Many top of the range firearm safes come with standard lights. Unfortunately, these lights tend not to be the brightest. With the addition of more guns and other valuables, seeing every inch of your safe in the dark becomes a huge problem.

There are lots of awesome gun safe LED lights available on the market which can be purchased separately. These lights are usually designed with Velcro patches or other sticky materials which makes them easy to attach to any area of your safe.

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The LED lights come with two main power sources: battery-powered and AC-Powered models. The smallest lights operate run on batteries which will require changing once or twice every year.

However, full-blown lighting kits run on AC power source so make sure your safe has a working electrical outlet.

Exterior lighting should also be taken into consideration if your safe is anchored in a dim room. Without adequate lighting, safes powered by combination locks can be difficult to operate.

The right exterior lights allow quick access to your guns without having to switch on multiple lights to alert potential burglars.

2. Rifle Rods

Storage is one of the major problems we all face as gun owners. With increasing guns comes with the need to find increasing storage. You may purchase a specific model thinking its capacity will last a lifetime.

However, as long as you keep investing in more guns, a time will come when the safe starts struggling to store more guns.

Rifle rods can be a great addition to your safe when you are struggling for space. The good news is that the right rods can help you store at least 25 percent more rifles that its current capacity.

How incredible is that?

3. Pistol Hangers

image of our number one gun safe pistol rack. USA GunClub Easy Use Gun Hanger Pack of 4 Original Handgun Hangers

Pistol hangers come in the form of metallic rods that can be easily hanged inside your safe to store more handguns.

There are several variations of these hangers available on the market for you to choose from. These accessories can hold anywhere from 3 to 12 pistols.

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4. Pistol Stands

Pistol stands are another option for small gun safe owners who want increased capacity to store more handguns. It gives you a simplified way to fit more pistols in a small amount of space without stacking them up.

This reduces the risk of damage to each other. Standard pistol stands give you the capacity to store 4 or 6 handguns at the same time.

5. Door Organizer

the Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer is one of the best gun safe door panel organizers available

Door organizers are becoming more popular among gun owners with medium to large rifle safes. They are designed to ensure that the space directly behind a safe’s door is not left unused.

Standard door panels feature lots of pockets and compartments for storing pistols, ammo, jewelry, and valuable documents.

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6. Magazine Mounts

The bottom is one of the most wasted areas of firearm safes. Most people just stack their gun magazines in the floor area of the bottom of their safes.

Magazine mounts come in the form of a magnetic plate that can be anchored under a shelf for sticking magazines. In the worst case scenario, these mounts can be easily anchored even outside your safe.

7. Dehumidifiers

pictured here is the GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier. the best gun safe heater on the market

Dehumidifiers provide controlled amounts of heat inside firearm safes. This expands cold air inside the safe and drives out moisture to safeguard your guns from the effects of condensation.

It protects not just guns but other valuables with metallic parts from rusting and corrosion.

No matter the type of safe you own, a dehumidifier is a must-have accessory if you want your guns completely protected from environment effects.

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8. Desiccants

Love canister desiccants? check out this one from Dry Packs

Desiccants are an alternative heating solution for guns and gives you all the awesome benefits of dehumidifiers. The only difference is that these accessories require recharging from time to time in order to work effectively.

Desiccants are extremely effective in keeping your safes dry and battling humidity. They are usually cheaper when compared to traditional dehumidifiers.

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9. Alarms

An alarm system is a great way to be alerted whenever an unauthorized person tries to tamper with your safe. Some alarm systems actually trigger alerts as soon as someone tries to get into your safe.

This essentially means you get notified while the forced-entry attack is in progress.

10. Fire Bags

picture of a firebag shown here

You may own a quality gun safe with an impressive fire rating designed to withstand fires for a sustainable period. However, sensitive documents such as birth or marriage certificates, property deeds, and titles may be susceptible during fires.

Firebags are a great way to give premium protection for such documents. The bags keep these documents extremely cool even during fires to prevent charring and other forms of physical damage.

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